Recommended lists for Korean Desserts

Recommended lists of Korean Desserts in Singapore
15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Korean Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!

Top 10 Places for Korean Desserts

Top 10 places for Korean Desserts

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean Desserts

Which ingredient (banana, flakes, shaved ice or the cute bear) would you eat first? .
Where to dine?
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 081007
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Garlic Soy Chicken ($20++)

I've had my fair share of fried chicken from various Korean restaurants, but this easily tops my list. It arrived reallyyyy hot and remained crispy throughout.
I think what easily differentiated this from other Korean Fried Chicken I've had was how light and crunchy the batter was, which made it all the more addictive. What would have sealed the deal was if it came with more sauce, and it would have been perfectttt.

Tokkbokki ($15+$2 Ramyun)

I was deciding between the 'Spicy' (the waitress warned us that many people found it too hot already) or 'Very Spicy' and eventually decided to go for the latter because YOLO right? (but mainly because she reassured me it was below fire noodles.)
Thankfully, the spice level was still manageable for me. The sauce was a tad too sweet but packed wonderful heat, and the slurp-worthy ramyun noodles did a great job of soacking it up. The ricecakes were slightly overcooked and I missed its the chewiness when done right. Still, they were pretty generous with the ingredients, which made it perfect for sharing!

[$14.50] Black Sesame

Although banana tree cafe is now under new management (now called V cafe), everything's pretty much the same. Saddened that their flower pot pudding is off the menu though!

Anyway, this was amazing!!! The black bean soy milk shavings were really fine and had a milder sweetness as compared to other bingsus i've had. The black sesame ice cream was so rich in flavour and the red beans were a nice compliment :) Appreciated that they made an effort to layer the milk shavings and black sesame powder as i always had a bit of both in every mouthful. Almond flakes also adds a different texture to it too!

P.S. they say it's also a healthier option so i guess now i can binge on this without guilt 🙆🏻

Black Sesame


Under a new management, the original Banana Tree Cafe has now become V Cafe. However, the interior, location and the menu is pretty much the same.

This is honestly one of the best Bingsu I've ever eaten in Singapore. The shavings were smooth, fine and slightly milky and I loved how they layered the shavings and powder such that they wouldn't run out even after reaching the bottom of the pan. The ice cream and the red beans paired well with the dish as well. Not a big fan of black sesame, but I'm definitely a fan of this dessert 😋

Don't we all crave for something cold and refreshing during these overheated days?

I chose Green Tea Bingsu from Nunsaram.
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Cheesecake Bingsu

Cheesecake bingsu really caught my eyes as i have not tried cheesecake bingsu yet. So i decided that i should give it a try. It cost $14.90. I'm glad that i did not regret getting this cheesecake bingsu. It's really worth the price!!! 10/10 👍