Recommended lists for Korean Desserts

Recommended lists of Korean Desserts in Singapore
15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Desserts, Korean Desserts 15 Best Korean Desserts in Singapore Korean desserts have been all the rage recently, with everyone flocking to try bingsu – but that's not all there is! We've got your cravings covered with creamy soft serve, fluffy cakes, potted puddings and more. This list will definitely come in handy for satisfying your unyielding sweet tooth!

Top 10 Places for Korean Desserts

Top 10 places for Korean Desserts

Latest Reviews for Korean Desserts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean Desserts

Basically, layers of fruits/ slushie/ cream forms this very instagram worthy Sweet BonBon at Café de Paris (which is equally instagramable) , lovingly created upon order. Definitely good for sharing! The flavoured slushie - scooped out from a box (quite a pity it wasn’t freshly made) - was surprisingly not as sweet as I’d have thought and the cream was pretty light.

I’d think the price is because of the quality and sheer amount of fruits but I personally don’t think this is something I’d come back for at this price point. Maybe an occasionally splurge..?

Drizzled with cupful of espresso that makes the bingsu really solid 👍🏼 Toppings include chocolate mini wafers, choco rice crisps, milo powder, coffee ice cream and rocher.

One for one promotion on Qoo10. Bingsu ice was infused with soya bean milk and sprinkled with various seeds and nuts such as pumpkin, pine nuts and walnut. Finally, topped with red bean mochi. Full of flavour just that the ice was not that finely shaved. But i guess the flavour make up for it? Hahaha

So yummy! 🍄 🍄 😍
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Hot spiced orange latte. Regular size @$7.00.

That's what we like about the dessert cup from the new Cafe De Paris.
It is best known for its Instagram-worthy Sweet BonBon, a dessert drink combination in a large cup, piled with fruit fruits, cream and slushie.

好贵啊! To be fair, it's about the same price as Korea's. The 3 of us @pinkypiggu @iknowhowtoeat all didn't fancy that much cream and the slushie - too sweet and rough.
So how? You liked it or not?

This Injeolmi bingsu from Nun Song Yee used to be our staple. Recent 2 visits, however, have disappointed us with its significant drop in portion and standard. The bowl of bingsu was almost flat when served.

Though a pretty medley of juicy fresh blueberries piled neatly upon one another, layered with light non-diary whipped cream, sweet flavoured slushie and a shower of icing sugar; Cafe de Paris’ Blueberry BonBon was a little hard to swallow with the price set at $17.80 a cup. Hence, sharing might be the answer. The portion luckily was pretty substantial for the cost (good for 2-3 persons). And like a mega-sized parfait, the generous cup was the perfect ending to a meal and a feast for the eyes.

*Do note that the availability of their Fresh Fruit Bon Bons are dependent on the seasons.

This is the place that claimed my virgin bingsu experience years ago and set the bar so high that I've yet to find an equal. Even my elitist Korean BFF - who scoffs at any establishment in Singapore purporting to be aunthentically Korean - had to eat her words and admit that the bingsu served here is just as good (if not better) than those in renowned Korean cafes.

Having patronized O'ma Spoon regularly over the past few years, I've sampled almost the entire bingsu menu and would personally crown the Green Tea Bingsu as champion. Each bowl comes with a mountain of milky shaved ice that melts immediately upon contact with one's tongue. With a generous scoop of creamy matcha ice cream nestled on a bed of azuki paste and topped with a smattering of mixed nuts, this is as impressive as it gets!
I strongly urge all of you to just spam the condensed milk! Don't worry about it dripping over the edge, you can easily get more at the counter!

Though the Injeolmi appears to be the top-seller, it's not really to my liking. Though the lightly salted powder goes well with the sweet icy base, my only gripe is that the soy bean powder gets into my airways constantly, ensuring that I choke and cough violently no less than 3 times per visit. Furthermore, the injeolmi gets a little sickening after the first few bites. And as time passes, the mixture of powder and half-melted ice assumes a viscous clumpy texture that puts one off.

To conclude, there's nothing more satisfying than coming here after an epic shopping sesh around the surrounding boutiques with your girlfriends! That way, each bingsu can be shared (as per the norm), making the experience so much sweeter.

To be honest, as much as the blueberries were juicy and sweet, I found the price tag rather hard to justify. The cup's filled with flavored slushy, cream and loads of fruits of your choice, from mangos, grapes to strawberries, etc. Liked that the cream was light and the very fresh fruits were given generously, but the slushy didn't quite impress - it wasn't the freshly made sort and was a tad too sweet. Overall not really something I'd go back for! Plus side though, the portion's not too bad, one's that good to share for dessert between 2-3.

Quality fruits accompanied by simple cream and granita. That’s what you’re paying for when you get this masssssive dessert that’s good for sharing between 2-4 peeps! Packed with plump, juicy blueberries, fruit lovers will get their fill of their favourites like mango, grapes, strawberries (or brownies if you’re living the #cakelife). Happy to have tried this, but I think once is probably enough due to that hefty price tag.