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Savor YuYu Suan Cai Yu's delightful fish soup with Burpple Beyond's Set deals! Choose from a variety of flavors like Yuyu Original Fish, Tomato Fish, or, for a spicy kick, try the Signature Green Pepper Suan Cai Fish or Hot and Spicy Mala Shui Zhu Fish!

For just $16.90, you will get a Main, Cucumber Salad, Fried Chicken Drumlets, and Ice Lemon Tea. Bring a friend and enjoy the Burpple Set for 2 at $33.90, which includes 2 Mains, Cucumber Salad, Fried Chicken Drumlets, Fried Glutinous Rice Cakes, and 2 Ice Lemon Tea.

This is funny. An upsized inari, featuring beef, egg and spring onion.

A seasonal dish that I wish is permanent. Not cheap for the portion, but cheap for uni.

[Woodlands, Singapore 🇸🇬]
[Coffee Shop]

Check out the Woodlands Claypot Prawn which is located in ula ula Marsiling industrial area. This place is the first to offer charcoal claypot prawn in Singapore 🇸🇬 ! There’s plenty of parking space and it’s FREE! Although it’s a non aircon coffee shop, there’s huge fans to keep the place cooling. Just find a table first, before getting the order sheet from the staff.

The star of the meal - Charcoal Claypot Prawn Speciality Prawn Broth 砂锅虾特色虾汤 (S$32.80) was served in a huge claypot with about 12 to 15 big prawns in broth over charcoal stove. They provide complimentary disposable gloves, so that one will not dirty one’s fingers to peel prawns. Don’t forget to help yourself to the free flow sauce bar (which consisted of Black Pepper Sauce, Hot Chicken Korea Sauce, Raw Garlic, Coriander, Chilli Padi, Soya Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Season Soyabean Paste, and Homemade Chilli sauce) which is non-chargeable. The dark colored broth was full of umami taste.

We also ordered the following side dishes to add into the Claypot.
Empress Clam 贵妃鲍片 (S$8.80)
Fish Roe Fortune Bag 鱼子富贵包 (S$10.80)
Hokkaido Scallop 北海道带子 (S$10.80)
Prawn Paste 虾滑 (S$10.80)
Snow Crab 雪蟹 (S$8.80)
Toman Fish Slice 多曼鱼片 (S$6.80)
Bursting Cheese Balls 爆浆芝士丸 (S$8.80)
Shabu Pork 涮肉 (S$8.80)
Wa Wa Cai 娃娃菜 (S$2.80)
Egg蛋 (S$0.80)
Maggi 快熟面 (S$0.80)

The cheese ball was full of creamy filing. The sliced fish were thick and chunky. You could request for unlimited refillable broth as it’s FREE!

Don’t forget to order Hokkien Mee 福建面 (S$8.80), which surprisingly served with a raw egg on top.

Good News for those staying in the East side! A new outlet will be opening in Tampines from 21 May!

Woodlands Claypot Prawn
Address 🛖 : 10 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 1, # 01-01 Stall # 7, Singapore 🇸🇬 739276
Open 🕰️ : Tue - Sun : 12pm - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Woodlands (NS9/ TE2) North South Line/ Thomson East Coast Line
Note 📝 : Take bus service 903 from Woodlands Bus Interchange and drop off 3 stops later at Blk 18

There was still a little bit of smell but it's very reasonable already. It's got the softest chew, the texture is seriously impressive

Worth a try

Previously he seems like he can't understand English, I repeated 2 things 4 times or sth

Today I spoke loudly in mandarin. He acknowledged with gusto and then gets the wrong order


Glad I gave them another chance. Turns out they're just inconsistent, not lousy

Siobak was quite decent today, and their char siew is not the super tender kind but it's got a nice fatty bite

Very decent

Eggplant, bittergourd, curry veggies
Pretty standard

Nobody said their milk is mint infused. Honestly all I could taste is mint. No body, the coffee is acidic. Didn't enjoy this at all

Omg this sucks. Limp and soggy

Not sure if they sold us yesterday's ones. Jesus christ

In fact the previous time we got it, after 2 hours in the fridge it was soggy. At first I tot maybe it's our fault for putting it in the fridge. Now I think maybe that piece was alr soggy to begin with

One of those weird places without sambal. Also pork belly slices weren't v generous.

A side note idk why the uncle can't understand me at all. Had to repeat multiple times "pork belly" and "sambal"