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Having Mother's Day meal 4pax . It consist of Tahu Telor, Crispy fish with chef chilli sauce, Green curry chicken, Stir Fried Kailan with oyster sauce, Black Olive Rice, Tom Yum Soup and chendol for dessert 😋😋🍗🥘 Love their food and taste so good .Their service is good .The place was crowded today😋 @balithai.singapore
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Specialising in COCOnut water and sugarCANE juice, @cococane is a homegrown brand that offers the best of both worlds - CocoCane! Freshly juiced upon order and prepared fresh daily, it’s 100% natural, with no sugar and preservatives added.👍

Here’s what we enjoyed...😬
👉CocoCane w Fresh Lemon
👉Mango CocoCane
👉Coconut Water w Nata de Coco
👉Coconut Water w Goji Berries
👉Watermelon Lychee Sugarcane

Swipe left👈 to view their full menu and pricing

Be cool and stay hydrated. For now, Mango CocoCane is my top favourite, followed by their CocoCane with Sour Plum.😋

💌Thank you @cococane for these refreshing drinks to pair with our hotpot lunch!😊

Woodlands MRT, Tampines MRT, Waterway Point, Compass1, YewTee Point, City Square Mall, Lot 1

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I loooove ah yi! I usually get their meehoonkueh but I wanted to try their other menu options. The youmian is slurpy and has a bite to it, tossed in a black sauce. It’s quite similar to prince noodles, except that the sauce ends up a wee bit starchier when mixed with the noodles - prince’s sauce is more thin. Comes with minced meat and spinach, plus crunchy fragrant shallots and ikan bilis. Very satisfied! I also like that it’s filling but doesn’t make me SUPER full compared to when eating the mhk.

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I've been to Woodlands plenty of times in the past few months and I never once gave a damn about the new TE2 line because it serves me no purpose anyway. However, the second that I found out that there was a new bakery in the TE2 station, you best believe I ran down there to go check it out. Indeed, nothing gives me more purpose in life than finding new bakeries.

Ngee Ann folk, ya'll may remember the short-lived bakery that opened in Food Club for like 10 seconds. Well guess what? ITS BACK!!! Not at NP but AT WOODLANDS!!!! Here I got the mixed cream puff box consisting of original, chocolate and matcha.

🍦 Original (8/10)
Very milky taste, the texture is slightly on the oily side but I didn't mind it. The cream is super generously filled and the choux puff has a thin layer of cookie crust on top which made the puff a bit sweeter and more fragrant. Unfortunately the choux had gone soft so it wasn't as crisp as I'd like it, but still tasty. Also a bit of TMI but since this came with 2 cream puffs, I ate one only a few days after buying it and it had gone a bit bad and was sourish but I continued to eat it cuz by now I've pumped my body full of junk for years on end that my immune system is basically a god. But like pls eat your cream puffs asap lmao dont risk it

🍫 Chocolate (8.5/10)
My fav, it has many little small chocolate chips inside! Chocolate taste isnt super strong, its quite light but was still fragrant enough and had a slightly malty taste.

🍵 Matcha (8.3/10)
The matcha is quite strong and more on the bitter side. While Beard Papa's matcha cream is milkier and sweeter, this is def not as sweet or milky. Good for matcha lovers to try!

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I don't trust anyone who dislikes mangoes. What's there not to like about them? They're sweet, juicy, refreshing and unbelievably delicious. One of my favourite forms of mango dessert is mango pudding, which is what I got from Swee Heng.

This mango pudding comes with a layer of pudding atop a really soft cake. The pudding is very very creamy, much like a custard as compared to a more jelly-like pudding. It's pretty sweet so paired with the cake, the sugary-ness can get a bit jelak after a while.

A pretty nice dessert but I think I prefer Swee Heng's other cakier options. However a good try if you're into mango or fruity cakes!

⭐ Rating: 7.6/10
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: no
💍 would I marry: no

The chicken was super tender and not dry at all. Not very accessible but its a good hidden gem.

Also tried the laksa pasta and it was literally that - pasta in laksa gravy.

Wanted to try their ice cream but was too full.

Cat & the Fiddle 's Over the moon cheese cake 😋🍰🍰It's smooth and with rich cream cheese and vanilla beans – it is one cake you can’t get bored of. 😋

Now you can order their cheese cake at pickupp app for this coming Mother's Day.

Use my promo code to get $5 off with min spend of $14.😋😋
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Having Apple & Snow Pear Soup with pork rib , fried fu rong egg , eggplant in claypot with minced meat and pumpkin rice. 😋Their pork rib so tender and sweet soup. Love it , eat until dam full 😊😋 @laohuotanggroup
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The Lor mee was ok, the gravy was starchy and thick, light, served with yellow noodle, pork slices, egg and fried fish. The fish was big chunk, batter and deep fried so it’s very crispy.
I added more condiments such as vinegar, garlic and chilli to enhance the flavour.
💰$5.3 (large).
📍Hua Wei Lor Mee.
Blk 785E, Woodlands Rise, Singapore 735785

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🥧 Mixed Fruit Tart
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $4.60

In my previous post about tarts (homemade strawberry tarts), I mentioned how tarts are basically works of art that deserve their very own museum. On that same tangent, if the Tart Museum were comparable to the Louvre, fruit tarts would be the Mona Lisa: the most iconic one of all. Delifrance's fruit tart retains that visually spectacular element with bright popping colours and a shining, glazy surface.

I think the biggest praise I'd have for this tart is the crust. It's super crunchy and not mushy and fragile like other tarts I've had, and the crunchy, firm texture is still present after a day in the refrigerator. While the crust isn't fragrant enough to warrant being eaten on it's own, the creamy custard and juicy fruits add an excellent contrast of textures and flavours. Truly a fantastic tart.

While it's not the best fruit tart I've had, it's certainly a good one, especially for the price, which is pretty reasonable.

⭐ Rating: 8.5/10 louvres
💍 would I marry: ye

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