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If you’re one for Hawaiian Pizza, you should try Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza’s rendition! Theirs come loaded with turkey ham, mozzarella, Edam cheese, and pineapples. Be sure to utilise Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal on the Medium Standard Pizza ($30.90) to get your money’s worth!

I ordered their Thai Kway Chap.
The kway Chap is different from what I used to eat. The soup towards herbal than peppery, served with Thai sausage, meatball, pig skin, pork sliced, rolled up rice sheet (can be thinner) and egg.
📍Tasty Thai
515A Woodlands Drive 14.
Singapore, 731515

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We ordered 2 bowls of seafood soup at $7.50 each and while my counterpart enjoyed the soup, he did not finish it, which was not typical. I personally did not enjoy it as much as the soup came warm, not hot, which was disappointing for any soups served. There were 2 big prawns, generous portions of soup and 3 big chunks of handmade pork ball (minced rolled balls). It's perhaps my personal take that the minced rolled balls were too huge for a soup which is called 'seafood'. Unami flavour was strong, but unfortunately, as mentioned, not hot enough. Me and counterpart have conflicting viewpoints about this soup.

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From nomVnom Xpress
A really cosy corner to enjoy a vegan burger and chilled beverage.
Chosen the Lion’s Xtreme, Nom Nom Nuggets and Pink Guava Boba Oat Mylk.
Highly recommended indeed.


the mhk pieces had a great chewy texture and impressively remained so despite being soaked in the broth for a long time, which automatically puts this bowl at the top of my list of fav mhk 🙌🏻 everything was seasoned perfectly, from the soup to the minced meat, and the crispy ikan bilis and fried shallots provided additional crunch and fragrance 😙 have been returning on a weekly basis and it’s consistently this good. recommend giving it a shot if you’re nearby!

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Bak Kut teh broth was mild herbal (which I prefer) served with a lot ingredients,from pork ribs, intestine,liver, pig stomach and mushroom.
The braised intestine was clean, and the sauce was sweeter than the bak Kut teh.
Price increased fr my last visit.
📍Hong Ji Claypot BKT.
Blk 19, Marsiling Lane #01-329

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Hidden within the unassuming Koufu HQ Coffeeshop at Woodlands, @chitaibaomookata is the ideal place to hit up if you’re a mookata fan!

@chitaibaomookata checks all my requirements for an IDEAL hawker/foodcourt mookata experience:
✅ Super clean, spacious and airy
✅ Affordable and worth your money
✅ Wide variety of offerings with well-marinated meat and good dipping sauces to pair with

They are currently running an Anniversary
Promotion till 31st August:
🥩🥬$28.80 for the Chi Meat Bao and Chi Cai Bao Platter (U.P. $41.90)
🦐🥬$38.80 for the Chi Seafood Bao and Chi Cai Bao platter (U.P. $56.90)
🥩🦐🥬$58.80 for all 3 platters (Meat + Seafood + Vegetables) (U.P. $91.80)

Hurry hit @chitaibaomookata up for a shiok mookata meal in a clean and comfortable environment!

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🍞 Banana Walnut Cake
📍On'Lee Artisan Bakery (@onlee_bakery)
📌 Woodlands MRT TE2
💰 $2.20
🤑 Promo code: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on @pickupp.sg

The way that On'Lee decorates their banana walnut cake is so distinct. My friend posted this cake on her story a while ago and I instantly recognised it. Aint that good branding 👌

Anyways this is a pretty good banana cake but not the best I've had. The cake is a bit on the spongier, slightly kueh-like side, and the banana fragrance isn't as strong as I'd have liked. I prefer cakier banana cakes so this didn't turn me on like a light switch but still good especially for the price!

Get @onlee_bakery 's bakes with free delivery until 30 June on @pickupp.sg , plus $5 off when you use my code 《BREADINOSAUR》with min spend $14!

⭐ Rating: 8/10
🤑 worth the price: sure
🦖 would I buy again: ehh
💍 would I marry: I would date

I always ordered the springy prawn paste ball pao fan, the broth was flavourful and quite thick, served with springy prawn ball, and very generous crispy rice and deep-fried egg floss( served in a separate bowl).
📍Chef Wai’s poached rice.
1 Woodlands Square,#04-01.
Food republic

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The broth was not too peppery, served with
Kidney and liver. The kidney is good, tender with bites and not iron taste at all. The liver was normal.
📍Fu Qiang Pig Organ Soup.
Marsiling Mall, #01-17
Woodlands Street 12

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Never had an Appam before until several years ago when we had made Tekka Centre a lunch destination due to it being near the work ‘hood — ever since then, we have been pretty much on a lookout for the dish all around the island. Thankfully, it does seem that Appam is slowly getting popularised of the late — the most recent opening of a Appam specialty store that is widely-known would be Mr. Appam at Maxwell Food Centre that had pretty much the hype all over social media. Hidden away in the North Food Court of Republic Polytechnic within walking distance from Woodlands North MRT Station along the Thomson-East Coast Line is yet another Appam specialty store named Appam Aunty. There is no denying on how big they are on Appam here — the menu features a wide variety of Appam ranging from classic ones such as the Plain Appam, Cheese Appam and Egg Appam, all the way to inventive ones such as those listed in the “Delights” section of the menu which includes Red Velvet & Sea Salt Caramel Appam, Avocado & Gula Melaka Appam and a Power Berries Appam — just to name a few. Then, there is also the “Local Favourites” section; think items such as Cempedak Appam, MSW Durian Appam, and Nasi Lemak Appam (yes, a savoury flavour), while there are also Kulfi Appams as well. Aside from Appam, Appam Aunty also serves up other dishes such as rice sets and Nasi Lemak sets; probably to cater to the school kids here whom may not appreciate Appam as much as we do over here.

There are really too many flavours of appam to go for here and we found ourselves going for the Mango Sticky Rice Appam since it pretty much stood out for us. We were served pretty quickly here and with good reason; the Appam is the only item that requires preparation, and the other elements for the dish are simply drenched atop. The Mango Sticky Rice Appam sees a generous drizzle of mango sauce, accompanied by a glutinous rice purée atop the Plain Appam that is used as the base here. As far as the Appam goes, we really quite liked the one here — light and crisp sides; all that with a fluffy centre that bears almost the same texture as a Kueh Bingka. It is fluffy, chewy and came with a slight tang in the middle; really went well with the sweet mango sauce that they had decided for it come with over the top. We found the glutinous sticky rice purée to be really interesting of the lot however; the purée was something almost akin to a rice pudding — there is this “rice-y” note going on amidst all the sweetness that attempts to replicate the glutinous rice usually found in the typical Mango Sticky Rice. Overall, a really inventive creation by the folks here that deserves a bit of cred.

As far as it goes, Appam specialty stores do typically carry some special flavours on their own but Appam Aunty does seem to push the limits here quite a fair bit — the flavours offered at Aunty Appam can be said as a more “hipster” offering; something which may appeal to the younger audiences in general which is pretty much probably a consideration since they are located within the food court / canteen of a campus. Some may argue about this being the start of gentrification of traditional fare, but it is possibly necessary after all in order for traditional foods to survive the test of time and remain relevant in the long run. Whatever it is though, Appam Aunty does pretty decent Appam; a rare find considering the lack of such fare within Woodlands, and is a worthy mention for its attempt to bring Appam to a wider audience. Looking forward to be back to give their savoury Appam as well as the Avocado Gula Melaka Appam a try; those items definitely piqued our interest as we were skimming through the items on their menu!