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@cocoboss.sg has launched Singapore's first coconut iced teas with tea infused with coconut water recently! They come in 6 flavours and you can choose from 5 toppings to add to your teas too. We had the Elderberry Tea with Coconut Jelly which introduced the berry flavour with the coconut flavour as an aftertaste. The coconut jelly adds sweetness to the drink too. The Peach Tea with Aiyu Jelly had a strong peach flavour which accompanies the distinct flavour of the coconut water. We liked both and they're both refreshing and light options to have compared to the usual coconut shakes 😌

Thank you @cocoboss.sg again for the invite and the drinks! 🥰

Don’t know what got into me but I really felt like eating fishball noodles. So instead of going for all the safe bets in ABC Brickworks, I decided to try this stall. Even though there was no one queueing, at 12 noon lunch time.

I ordered Dry Mee Kia ($4) with chilli and extra vinegar. The noodles checked all my boxes. Al dente almost crunchy, with the chilli sauce and vinegar imparting just the right amount of savoury, heat and sourness. The lard also did wonders for the overall taste. I remembered thinking this could be my go to fishball noodles place!

But alas! The fishball and fish cakes were so factory made. Fishball was not bouncy, it bland and almost tasteless, lacking the umami, fishy taste like others.

If the owner can upgrade his fishballs (find a better supplier), I am sure his noodles will taste better and business will improve.

this iz meatball potato and veggie at ikea. meatballs 10/10 they give 16 which is super generous and the lingonberry sauce is v nice. the potato is ok it just tastes like normal mash potato. d veggies were very not vibes they tasted watery and like frozen. overall 6/10 but no sparkling juice even tho i thought there was 🫠😐😵‍💫 - matt

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Pork Chop ($7) my sis and I really like marinated herbs like rosemary hints inside the pork chop. Their chop was not that hard and easily to cut through. The uncle even go every table got order chicken or pork chop and fill up more sauce into plate. (I don't really like too much sauce and covered up the taste for pork chop imo)

Chicken Cutlet ($7) its so good and crispy for their outer skin tbh. I almost cannot eat finish their chicken 😅 as their size was quite big for 2 pax. Their fries was quite salty, coleslaw and baked beans just normal 👌 I didn't eat finish for their sides. The tartar sauce was being used for fish & chips also.

Muffins are baked to perfection, fluffy and soft!
Great choice for every occasion.

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Located among the Colonial building set amidst greenery, back to one of my favourite places for Ice cream with my family.

This time, we decided to try something new.

▪️Donut Sandwich with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & choice of Strawberry Jam or Salted Caramel Sauce, a collaboration between Creamier x Able Bagel (home-based bagel) available for a limited time.

▪️Was recommended to try their bakes-inspired Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese Bagel Ice Cream and Golden Waffles with Maple Syrup Ice Cream to go along with freshly baked Belgian Golden Waffles. Why not? These 2 ice cream flavours goes so well with their waffles. The kids love it.

Location: Creamier @creamier_sg Gillman Barracks, 5A Lock Rd, Singapore 108927

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Hmm. Mixed feelings. It tries to mimic satay's taste with turmeric and it's not bad lah, but I couldn't recall satay. The peanut sauce was worse. It's very KFC to not be able to hit a very low bar. Shout out to the young Indian male staff who was very professional and voluntarily gave me three pieces as there were no more big pieces. It improved my impression of KFC staff.

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This place has really improved its standards. The light bone broth paired with the spicy chilli is a fantastic pair alongside tender thinly sliced beef. Lunch set was about $13 per pax.

This bun was so yummy. It's chock-full of meat at $5.80 per pc and warm and crispy while being juicy all at once.

Lunch set at $15.90, sour and spicy sweet potato noodles with minced pork- very umami and tasty!

🍰 Mini Festive Platter
📍Melvados (@melvados.sg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $14.50

Got this platter from Melvados! I love trying an assortment of different bake flavours so this was fun. This has 8 flavours, please excuse my 1 liner reviews because I honestly dont know what else to say lmao

🍫 Double Chocolate Brownie
Chocolatey and pretty fudgy

🖤 Black and White Brownie
Similar to the double chocolate brownie, except sweeter

🍪 Oreo Cheesecake
Quite creamy. Nice

🥭 Mango Mousse Cake
This has a smooth texture and nice fruitiness

❤ Red Velvet Cake
Tastes like cake. Nice

🧡 Speculoos Cheesecake
Pretty sweet, speculoos taste isnt super strong but its good

🥥 Ondeh Ondeh Cake
Really like the coconut here! Pretty fragrant, probs my fav cake

👑 Royal Chocolate Truffle Cake
Rich and chocolatey with a soft chocolate cake and cream

⭐ Rating: 8/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe