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Throwback. I managed to snag these long ago. The wait for both the queue and the chicken can be insane. Honestly, they're nothing special, especially compared to the real, juicy fried chicken in Malaysia.

tried the rose tteokbokki chicken for 2 people. it is very flavourful and abit larger serving than 2 people. service was a little lacking as there seem to be insufficient staff.

In general, would recommend Chir Chir as a place for casual group hangs! The atmosphere is pretty chill and cosy while the food portions are generally pretty big and good for sharing. Got the following three items to share on my most recent visit: the Sour Cream & Onion Chicken, the Chir Cheese Fries Tower as well as the Blue Sky Tok! Tok! (With alcohol). The Sour Cream & Onion chicken is boneless (I really appreciate it because I am lazy :’D) and the chunks of chicken are tender but crispy on the outside. The seasoning is not too overpowering and you can definitely still taste the chicken underneath the dusting of milk/cream(?) powder and onions. Would recommend for anyone looking to try if they are looking for something outside of the typical spicy or soy garlic Korean fried chicken. The Chir Cheese Fries Tower is okay, the fries are generally crispy and covered with lashings of chili and a general sprinkling of chopped olives and pickles, with the warm cheese sauce served on the side. Is a pretty alright side dish to get to round off the meal. The Blue Sky Tok! Tok! is essentially a blue lemonade, spiked with alcohol. It is really refreshing, not overly sweet nor sour and you can barely taste the alcohol and was a perfect accompaniment to the meal. The food colouring could potentially stain your lips though (my friend left the restaurant with blue-tinged lips hahaha).

Hidden on the ground floor inside JForte Sportainment Centre at Kovan is BBW, an acronym for Burgers, Beers & Waffles. Oh boy do they live up to their name by serving up yummy & unpretentious array of Wagyu Beef / Chicken Burgers, Savoury / Dessert Waffles, Mud Pies and Milkshakes!🤤

Here’s what we tried…
👉Messy Burger - SGD20
Wagyu beef patty, brioche bun, cheddar cheese, pickles, sunny-side-up egg, mushroom ragout, lettuce & tomato
👉Korean Style Fried Chicken & Waffles - SGD14
Served with maple syrup
👉Pork Meatballs w Mentaiko Mayo - SGD9
👉Baileys & Nanyang Coffee Mud Pie - SGD10.90
👉Lotus Biscotti Milkshake - SGD8.90

Swipe left👈 to check out their full menu

If you’re in the Kovan area, do drop by @bbw.tiefunwan to chill out with your family and friends. There ought to be something for everyone here!😄

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50 Hougang Ave 1 01-00, S538885
🚚Islandwide Delivery

Had such a great meal at chir chir with my daughter! As someone who like spicy food, the tteokbokki is sweet and just the right spiciness. The fried squid add a really nice chew and crunch to the soft tteokbokki. Highly recommend!

Really enjoyed the rose chicken and it’s rich but not jelat taste!!

the pineapple smoothie was blended with coconut milk and it is so rich and so tasty. the cheese fondue and garlicky chicken is so good, not overly sweet compared to other sauces. the cheese really compliment the chicken very well!

Got Cream Onion Chicken, Chir Cheese Fries Tower and a jug of Blue Sky Tok Tok (Alc)! Food was delicious and the drink was light and really went well with the food. The atmosphere is also casual and makes a nice place for a cosy chat!

Looking for a step up from your regular fast food store? Chir Chir delivers with well seasoned, delectable Korean fried chickens!

Was pleasantly surprised by this Cheesy Fondue Chicken, which was a good mix of sweet and savory. Highly recommend!

Creme brûlée waffles 🧇✨ this is the creation of @franciswong84 , tiefunwan chef and pastry chef (specialises in ice cream desserts 🍨!) 👨🏻‍🍳

Absolutely love the torches caramelised sugar on top 😍 goes so well with the Hokkaido milk ice cream and smooth creamy custard 🥰 (not overly sweet which I like!), personally I would prefer a crispy crunchy type of waffles but if you like airy fluffy kind - this is it 😊

Came down here with a friend for dinner and had Garlic Soy Chicken Set along with the Mi Chir. I would say that they Garlic Soy Chicken was flavourful and the portion is very generous. The Mi Chir was also tasty but having too much of it can really make you full. Overall it was a good experience.

We tried the Cheesy Fondue Chicken, and the Soy Jjimdak - both were hearty and yummy! Truly the best of both worlds , the cheesy fondue chicken was savoury while the soy jjimdak was sweet! I loved the cheesy fondue chicken, a must get for me!

Service was impeccable as well - overall a very positive experience :)