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@wildfireburgers.sg has been around for quite a while, and their burgers have consistently been in the elite tier of the burger rankings. I can’t even remember the last time I had Wildfire, and after devouring their Triple Bacon Cheeseburger ($24++ for double patties, making this a Triple Double) I’m wondering why I’ve been robbing myself of the pleasure. ⠀

Wildfire gets its name from the flames that leap out of the Binchotan charcoal fired INKA grill, and if you peer into the kitchen you’ll get to see a fire show every few minutes or so. The intense heat sears the patty in a jiffy, locking all the meaty moisture of the beef within the patties, while still putting a charming char on the patties. Speaking of the patties, these thick, juicy beef patties are crafted out of fine Aussie grain fed Angus ground beef topped with cheddar cheese. That combo delivers a brilliant balance of fat that brings flavour and beef that delivers satisfying meatiness blanketed by creamy, delicious, salty melted cheese.⠀

Perfect patties aside, the triple in the Triple Bacon Burger comes from the trifecta of crispy bacon bits, baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise) and bacon jam. The crispy bacon bits did well, but could’ve fared way better if they came as strips instead to maximise the crunch. The bacon jam & baconnaise, on the other hand, were absolutely awesome. The smokiness & savouriness of the bacon infused every morsel of burger with its porky smokiness, and every meaty mouthful was marvellous.⠀

The brioche burger buns were flawless, being delightfully doughy yet airy and bouncy. However, since they had been toasted with butter on, this Triple Double of mine got too cloying too quickly. Perhaps Wildfire should look into providing a fresh contrast to all the meaty madness in the burger by way of a few crisp leaves of lettuce, or maybe even a few pickles. Still, this Triple Double Bacon Cheeseburger is putting up GOAT tier performances that earn it a spot in the hall of fame.

Signature Fried Chicken ($22) / Cajun Fries ($4) I wanted to try their burger someday but then next year. GST increase into 9% and also most of the f&b stores will be increasing their GST and service charges with food also. I just decided to try those atas place before 2023 ends also. haha my diet just went up and down lol. I did like their sauce for burger and didn't really spread evenly tbh :") The batter and skin for fried chicken really too much. Fries just coated with cajun powder and quite flavourful tbh.

($3)It's quite nice ginger soda drink tbh and also quite spicy and refreshing drink.

Friday’s Special Pizza (S$21/ regular)
Shrimps, anchovies, and mushrooms
Slightly more on the salty side due to anchovies

sliced potatoes, lightly battered & fried to a golden brown.

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Went to Wildfire Burger a few days ago and ordered their Classic 001 Cheeseburger ($13) and Cajun Fries ($7) for sharing😇 Overall ratings 7/10! Burger was abit oily but patty was juicy😁 Fries were a little spicy but crispy and addictive! Would head back again if im near the area to try other menu items😋

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Went to BHC Chicken recently and ordered their Bburinkle Whole ($31.90), Macho King Wings ($28.90), Cheese Balls Original and Bburinkle ($6.90 and $7.90), and Bburing Corndog ($6.90)😇 Filling for 6 pax!

Overall ratings 8/10! Chicken is pretty good and I do like the cheeseballs😋 Would head back again but would not queue 1 hour for this (arrived at 645pm to queue)😅

Unbelievable how many years I took to visit this. It's indeed very good burgers. The black Angus patty was juicy, the bun was excellent and the "master sauce" was quite lovely. I'm not a fan of gherkin haha. The fries, though crispy, were a bit bland.

Unbelievable how many years I took to visit this. It's indeed very good burgers. The black Angus patty was juicy, the bun was excellent and the "master sauce" was quite lovely. My only regret is ordering four cheese, because the gorgonzola, Monterey Jack, cheddar and mozzarella were mixed together and weren't a lot, so it's no different from a cheeseburger.

Took us a while before we gave in to trying Shakey’s here (this is one of the pizza places we frequent back home); was worth it given our longing for a taste of home

Pizza was piping hot despite being delivered. Similar to the usual supreme from Pizza Hut, Manager’s Choice also got loads of beef, ham, and veggie toppings. We enjoy it in thin crust as per ush

Was looking forward to the mojos from the buddy pack but it was just underseasoned and soggy 😢 chicken was normal


📍 Shakey's Pizza Parlor
304 Orchard Rd, B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

#burpplesg #shakeys

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Decided to try their fried chicken burger ($9.50) but its too much mayo inside the burger tbh and also its quite slightly soggy tbh due to the fried chicken patty precooked beforehand.

Garlic Parmesan Sauce (L) got salty, cheesy and savoury taste for chicken wings and Louisiana Sauce (R) got peppery, mid spicy and savoury taste for chicken w Classic Fries and Ranch ($11.45) I felt that the serving size was slightly small tbh for me tbh.

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First things off the bat, the Signature Tenderthighs ($13) is DAMM GOOD. Piping hot straight out of the fryer, we could already tell that this was gonna be a treat. The crust was extra extra crunchy, and you better not leave it aside - the batter was so damn flavourful and unique with the Chinese-y taste of clove and five spice. The chicken was so juicy and tender and I loved the tinge of sweetness from the caramelised outer layer. Overall, amazing fried chicken and easily one of the best in Singapore. This will be on my mind for the next few weeks.

We also had the Angus Cheeseburger ($16) which was honestly pretty good. The beef patty was bursting with flavour and juices, with the buttered brioche buns firm with a crisp outer layer. Unexpectedly delicious.

Don't scoff at the fries too, the oregano spices have it an interesting and unique twist that worked pretty well!

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