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Black & White Soup 黑白汤 (S$8)
Accompanied with rice (S$0.70)
I thought what was black & white. Turned out to be fried fish and sliced fish. Lots of chye sim and thin bitter gourd slices and fried egg. Plus a couple of tofu and tomato wedges.

Bei Chuan Ting Yu Tang 北川亭魚湯
Address 🛖 : Blk 58 New Upper Changi Road, # 01-161 The Marketplace @ 58, Singapore 🇸🇬 461 058

Found this shop at Bedok behind Fengshan Market selling Nyonya kueh and pastries. They have been making its own kuehs for more than 48 years.

I gotten their ang ku kueh and kueh salat. The ang ku kueh filled with green bean paste inside.

Kueh Salat is the sweet glutinous rice that topped with eggless kaya.

Recommend to grab some of these pastries if you visiting Bedok area.

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A single scoop costs $4.20 with an additional $1 for premium flavours. Each scoop came with personalised toppings for the extra crunch or texture. The Balsamic Strawberry had a nice balance of sweetness and tangyness, and the Hojicha was naturally sweet with a rich earthy and nutty roasted taste. And generally not a fan of Black Sesame, it was surprisingly fragrant, nutty with slight sweetness.

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The same beautiful chewy texture with a mild banana taste. I liked it more than the durian one

Worth a try if you're nearby, their chewiness is quite unique

This place is hard to find cos the map doesn't have the block numbers (both citymapper and gmaps). It's near the road though, so once you find the market and food court use gmaps to navigate to near the road, that's where the block is

Fish porridge (S$5)
Need something to make the stomach feel warm.

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This is more chewy than most I've had, but the texture is still very pleasant. Really unique, I can see why people love it

The durian is very very mild, my brother didn't even detect it

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Found this another hawker centre in Bedok that I never visit before, and made my way here to see what’s good here.

I saw this noodle stall has the long queue among the rest, so chosen this to mark my first food in this hawker centre.

Previously know as Bai Li Wanton Mee before they slowly changed to Ah Kiat Wanton Mee, continue to sell the same menu.

The name, Four Treasure Signature Noodles on the menu caught my attention. Basically a plate of noodles comes with dumpling, char siew, minced meat and vegetable.

The texture of the noodle is really chewy and taste great as you mixed them with the sauce and chili. The dumplings are soft while the char siew got it usual texture.

What I find it interestingly is the minced meat here, which tasted on the sweet side actually.

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The pandan layer could have been more fragrant and the ratio could have been better, but this was a decent rendition

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Pretty well executed, filling was quite fragrant and nothing to pick on for the skin

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This hawker centre version of the main unit at Kembangan is quite different. But it has this signature dish. I haven't eaten it in years. I don't take innards so mine's all sliced pork. It came boiling hot. Overall, it was decent but not extraordinary. The herbal soup's fine but could be better. The pork was quite basic. Seng Kee is really defined by how unique this dish is in Singapore.

Unlike some stalls where they steam the fish and pour the curry over it, the fish head here is cooked directly in the claypot and infused with curry. The fish was fresh and the flesh was relatively firm and tender, accompanied by a generous amount of vegetables such as brinjal, okra, pineapple and tomatoes. The curry was sweet, tangy and mildly spicy but not lemak enough for me. It leans more toward assam curry where it's more sourish and less thick in texture 》$28

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