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三杯鸡 is a classic Taiwanese dish and one of my must-orders at @tai_one_wei; a relatively new Taiwanese restaurant along North Bridge Road (reservations are a must as they’re usually packed!).

Named as such as the gravy is usually made with just three ingredients; rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil, @tai_one_wei’s version is the best I’ve tasted! Glossy and glistening gravy coating amazingly silky and tender chunks of chicken, easily the best dish of the night, and we’re already looking forward to visiting again.

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This was so addictive! Thick chunky sweet potato fries that are coated with sour plum and sugar, which was slightly savoury yet sweet at the same time.

This was crispy and flavourful! Chicken was also tender, I particularly enjoyed having this side 🤤.

You can expect thick gravy which is common in meesua, and there's huge oysters within for you oyster lovers!

If you're a fan of both Taiwanese food & Korean food, here's where you can get the best of both worlds at an affordable price and decent portion! 😉

QQ Cheesy Tteokbokki ($3.30)
I'm a fan of tteokbokki, so this definitely caught my attention! Their tteokbokki had a soft and chewy texture, and the sauce was slightly sweet and flavourful too. Best part is the addition of cheese!

@thevoice.sg Pork Rib + Braised Pork Bento Set ($8.80 nett) is a tale of two halves. One half is decent, and the other is considerably less so. On paper, this mashup sounded like a world beater. Lu rou fan enhanced with pork ribs? Oh boy, it’s protein paradise!⠀

In practice, however, this bento which is really just a rice bowl was far from being what it could’ve & should’ve been. The lu rou (braised pork belly) is braised in a soy based stock, fully inheriting the umami from the stock. It’s shredded into small ribbons, and is ladled over the bed of white rice. While it was decently delicious, there wasn’t quite enough lu rou to fully satisfy.⠀

The pork ribs were the lacklustre half. As some of you may have already observed, these little riblets were fried to hell and back. The meat was sufficiently seasoned, so at least the tough overcooked meat has some flavour to it while you attempt to chew through it.⠀

At least this unfulfilling bowl is only $8.80. An L, sure, but at least it’s a small one.

This bowl of rice is topped with flavourful braised pork that has a balanced ratio of lean meat and fats. The mee sua has the authentic Taiwan taste which some places are unable to replicate.

Too bad when I reached majority sold out, so I only can get myself Taiwan Braised Pork Rice.
The braised pork was tender, served with gravy tasty, egg and veggie.
I tabao back also still taste good.
📍Braise 卤之家.
505 Beach Road,#01-104

Only a few mains are available for Burpple Deal:
- Braised Pork Rice $5.80
- Chicken Cutlet Rice $6.80
- Pork Intestine Mee Sua $5.80
- Chicken Mee Sua $5.80
- Oyster Mee Sua $5.80

- Braised Pork Rice
This was warm and comforting! The meat was soft and easy.

- Chicken Cutlet Rice
Chicken was nice; As compared to Shilin Fried Chicken Cutlet, it has less seasoning, but the texture of the chicken is chunky and not “flattened” like Shilin!

First time trying this dish. I am not sure if I understood the label of the fish in the menu, but the dish which was served eventually was not what I had in mind. The noodles were a little wet, and had a slight tomatoey ketchup taste to it, quite unlike what I would expect from stir fried noodles.
What you see is what you get, noodles with egg bits and vegetables. The beancurd skin were great though. There are probably better dishes on the menu.

Rating 4/10

First time eating at DaXi, which appears to be a place that serves taiwanese food. The batter coating the oyster mushrooms were fried to crisps, and coated with salt and other spices. Very satisfying for a mushroom lover like myself 😋

Rating 7.3/10
Priced at approx $6

Burpple can pls have some basic requirements for vendors to be on the deal? When we finally made it to the kiosk (part of cou cou hotpot), the service staff informed us the 1 for 1 can only be used for one single flavour - jasmine green milk tea with pearls. Very disappointing and unacceptable given that burpple is a paid membership scheme. Since we already walked all the way we just ordered 4, and all of us found the drink very subpar. Tea flavour was weak and the creamer taste was overpowering, mini pearls were not well cooked too. Will not recommend.

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