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Quite the typical Taiwanese rice dish, everything tasted pretty normal. You order a Taiwanese dish at the food court and this is what you get. I think the braised pork could be braised longer to become more tender and flavourful but I think the current standard that it is is good enough for the convenience you get at the food court.

Definitely extremely reasonably priced with the Burpple 1-for-1 deal, it’s difficult to get cheap food in malls nowadays. We visited on a weekday to redeem the deal. They didn’t charge extra for takeaway so that was convenient for us.

1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Wanpo Tea Shop, originated from Taichung in Taiwan, serves pretty fine quality tea of a wide variety. We had a boba taro milk which had chewy caramelic boba pearls in taro fresh milk of a thick consistency. It’s hard not to taste the huge chunks of taros, and it’s probably recommended only if you are truly a taro lover. We also had a tea based drink that was light and refreshing; the sugarcane baozhong tea. While the partner felt that it was like a diluted sugarcane drink, I thought it was thirst quenching as it is not as fermented as oolong yet falling short of the sharp green tea notes. In fact, the sugarcane had a lingering, delicate sugary sweetness.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 bubble teas at the price of 1! Wanpo was also flexible in allowing us to mix and match the different beverage sizes.

Tried the 3 small bowls set as it was my first time there. Loved the chicken rice one most, followed by the braised pork rice. Delicious but can be a tad bit salty so good to eat in small portions and share! Order the bbtea while you are here too :)

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I really enjoyed this drink! The earl grey tea was as usual, very fragrant and rich in tea taste and smell. It was also freshly brewed. The milk foam given was really generous, and tasted super sinful but delicious with a mix of sweet and salty notes when eaten alone. When mixed with the earl grey tea, it became similar to milk tea, but slightly saltier due to the milk foam.

Chicken is tender and flavorful. Generous sprinkle of chili powder on a bed of soya soaked white rice. Warm meal for a cold morning.

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I realised rather belatedly as I am writing this post that Eat 3 Bowls may be a subtle reference to the fact they only serve 3 different types of mains and all of them in bowls.

For about $9, you can get one of their rice sets which is really good value as it comes with the LuRouFan or chicken rice and 2 side dishes. If you cannot decide what to have, you can get their eat-3-bowls set for about $18 which comes with all 3 mains (in slightly smaller bowls) and a beverage of choice.

I highly recommend their milk tea which is way better than any of the chain stalls out there especially if you are a big fan of pearls. Their pearls are fresh, soft and QQ even after some time!

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LuRouFan (or braised pork rice) is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Taiwanese cuisine.

The meat should be braised until it is nearly gelatinous. The braising sauce and pork oil should be allowed to seep through the bowl of rice, coating each grain of rice with a nice oily sheen.

A good LuRouFan is one which will make you shove spoonfuls into your mouth and melt in your mouth in an explosion of flavours, leaving you craving for more.

Eat 3 Bowls' LuRouFan is one such good example. Needlessly to say, I will definitely be back!

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I am not sure some reviews say this place is expensive. A bowl of mee sua cost about $6. I do agree that price for price it's higher than Shilin. But you get to dine in here in air con plus you can order intestine. I quite like the mee sua here so far. But I came on a quite weekday so I didn't have to queue. Maybe standing for a long time might generate a different feeling but so far this is quite a nice place. The milk tea is also quite smooth.

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Most if not all Singaporeans are familiar with Hainanese chicken rice but not Taiwanese chicken rice.

Taiwanese or Chiayi (a Taiwanese city where the dish originated from) chicken rice looks like but tastes different from our beloved hainanese chicken rice.

For one, the chicken is served shredded instead of chopped. Whereas the rice for hainanese chicken rice is cooked with rendered chicken fats, chicken broth and pan fan to give it a glistening sheen, fragrant aroma and umami packed flavour, the flavour for the rice in Chiayi chicken rice comes from the sauce which is made from chicken broth and sesame oil. Somewhat similar yet so different.

I have never tried the real McCoy but Eat 3 Bowls' rendition of this dish is truly delicious. The sauce is savoury and addictive, and I love the fried shallot bits topped over the rice.

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