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My 3rd here in 2.5 months
Still enjoy everything of it

Andrew’s lobster $235
Hk Style steamed Sotong $25
Canadian Clam (1kg) $58
Garlic Bamboo Clam $84 ($12 each)
White pepper crab $105
Ginger Kampong Chicken (whole) $35
Charcoal Beancurd $25
Black bean sauce bitter gourd fish head bee hoon (medium) $12
Yam Ring $18
Garlic fried Potato leaf $12
XO fried Rice (small) $8

I still love everything i had before, clams seemed to be a bit smaller this time.

I was very impressed with the butter gourd fish head bee hoon. They said they ran out of fish head, would replace with sliced fish, but i didnt seem to find any fish slices. I always say butter gourd is probably the only thing i dont like because of the bitterness. This bee hoon had nearly no bitterness (i am not sure it is a good thing or bad thing to say, butter gourd not bitter, why do you eat it) but because i dont like the bitterness of bitter gourd and so i found this very yummy! Bee hoon in the starchy sauce is so yummy although it doesnt loom too appetising.

Charcoal bean curd was recommended by the staff. She said they marinated it and make it black in house.
I asked… so what does it taste like.
The staff said “just taste like normal tofu”
Me: oh ok…. 🙄
She might not be the best salesperson but we did order it and exactly like she said, it just tasted like a normal tofu!

Yam cake was another new dish I try! The yam was very tasty. Another one i might order again.

A bit disappointed on the crab. When i ordered, the staff did say something about the crab which i didnt understand….. and i just asked so is it good to order? She said yes it goes well with white pepper. I actually was too lazy to tackle the crab and it didnt look like it was too meaty…

This place was on full capacity! Feel like life is back to normal. It was the first time we had 7 of us meeting together. Could have been 9, i am sure there will be more chances

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Went to Foursome Ice Cream & Waffle store & got the burpple beyond deal (1 for 1, waffle & pot of tea)😇 Added on 2 scoops of icecream ($3.80 each) and total bill was about $16.80! Really worth the deal as the the icecream flavours were good, the tea has flavours such as peach and lychee which was sweet and the waffles were crispy😄 Overall ratings 8/10 would definitely visit again for a literal cup of tea🤣

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Piedmont Hazelnut ($4.6/single scoop) 🍦🌰
It’s honestly super hard to describe this: we kept attacking this scoop over the pistachio HAHA. Their fine blend of hazelnuts - again from Italy - really brought out the sweetness and earthiness that we absolutely loved. Do try this one! 👍👍
Waffles ($5.30) 🧇🧇
This was a squarish waffle that had a slightly salty taste - an average one until it was elevated by the gelato!

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📍denzy gelato (bishan)
Roasted Bronte Pistachio ($4.6/single scoop) 🍦🥜🟢
Truly their bestseller, it was a scoop of decadent, nutty, and rich pistachio 🤤🤤 (apparently they source their ingredients from Italy - wow)! Perhaps it could have been more bold and aromatic, but this scoop is a must-order at denzy’s!

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When you ask about getting chicken rice at Bishan, Ming Kee will definitely on top of the list.

Famous of their chilled chicken, as they put the meat in ice water after cooking; so the meat could taste more flavourful and better.

Consider a much interesting method of preparing their chicken rice, this is a much whether you are in Bishan Central area looking for some food.

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Innovative menu but sadly the execution lacked finesse. Lots of potential for this western diner but the execution needs improvement.

Salmon was over cooked and the eggplant parmigiana was almost burnt. The portion of the eggplant parmigiana was so little , it was hardly worth the overall price tag.

Better to stick with their lunch set deals for a moe affordable meal.

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i dont really like this place’s coconut drinks. to me they taste abit sour,, but my mother likes them so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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Ordered via Grab.

Cold Cut Trio with Parmesan Oregano, Pandan and White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie.

I toasted my bread so it was crispy on the outside while soft on the inside. Taste wise, I can't seem to taste the parmesan or oregano. For the vegetables, I was a little disappointed as you can only choose a maximum of 6 veggies but nonetheless the veggies were all good and fresh. The meat and dressing were good too.

Pandan Cookie. It smells just like your pandan chiffon cake but taste-wise not as pandan-y. I do like the chewy and slight crispy texture of the cookie.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie. Crispier than the pandan one. The macadamia provided a good crunch.

Overall it was okay. A healthier option (minus the cookies) in place of our hawker food.

For the upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day, impress your parents with @catandthefiddlecakes new ‘Matchastic Xanda’ cheesecake!

The Matchastic Xanda is a no-bake cheesecake, featuring an aromatic green tea sponge layered with a velvety smooth green-tea infused cream cheese and decadent white chocolate mousse, topped with fluffy green tea sponge crumbs and a decorative cake topper to complete the look.

Bittersweet yet satisfyingly rich and luscious, the Matchastic Xanda is the perfect dessert to spoil your parents with!

🎁From now till 30 June, enjoy 20% off all Matchastic Xanda purchase, simply by flashing any mention of the promotion on social media in-stores or using the promo code, ‘MATCHASTIC’ for online orders.

❣️Also, all kids under 12 can enjoy a complimentary cup of Original Cheesy Soft Serve from now till 31 May! Limited to 1 cup per child, this promotion is capped at the first 100 redemptions daily at all Cat & the Fiddle outlets.

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had this, along with the nutella bun, back in May 2021 and i remember significantly that the cream was sour :( not a fan of either, but others seem to feel otherwise. go try it for yourself! 😋

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Located under Marymount Community Centre at level 2, you will find this affordable local Japanese food place.

They offered a quite extensive menu for ramen and rice. I would recommend you getting their value set meal for a few specific main item and go with 3 pieces of seaweed chicken and drink.

Their signature tonkotsu is the standard taste you could expect, nothing special to shout for. But definitely worth if you just want to grab some simple meal. It comes with slices of chashu, black fungus, spring onions, and an ajitama egg.

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