Braised LU

Braised LU

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

This indeed one of the better lor mee I had for some times. Gravy was thick and flavourful.

Maybe it's the longer opening hours as compared to where it originally was at Old Airport road, where queue was always snaking. Now at this outlet, there's no more queue anymore.

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#01-73 used to house 1 of my childhood western food stall(Pete's Western Food), and was surprised to see that another shop as taken its place.

To be Honest, the braised ducks that were on display looked damn good and I had to try it.

The braised duck was tender, and portion was very big for a drumstick.

The soup was herbalicious. And the chilli was great as well.

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The Braised duck here is not bad. 1 of the better stores here at HR-CFC.

Meat is tender, braised sauce was shiok and the chilli was great.

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Xiang Ji now has the longer lor mee queue, ever since the other popular stall here expanded to be easily available nation wide.

The gravy here is Thick and garlicky.

Generous serving of ingredients.


LiLi Kway Chap is one of the only small handful of stalls that ate still opened after 7pm here at TBFC.

So evenings here at TBFC are usually so much quieter, and 1 good thing about TBFC, is that there is sheltered car park at its roof. This is so convenient, especially with the rainy evenings being so common recently.

The Braised meats here were hit and miss, the braised pork was tender, juicy, fatty. The braised duck was a little dry.

Chilli was ok, it was spicy and goes well with the dish.

Soup has a strong herbal taste.

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Boon Tong Kee is 1 of my favourite kway chap store.

Their duck meat is tender.

The intestines were flavourful.

The pig skin was bouncy, and jellylicious.

The Braised sauce was good and goes well with all their meats

And there are 3 types of chilli to choose from. All also goes well with the braised meats.

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This is by far the best braised Dong Po Rou I ever had.

The braised sauce tastes excellent. Flavourful, thick and tasted so decadent.

What's even more decadent than the sauce, is the fatty meat, meat was so tender and damn high fat ratio.

So sinful and yet so damn good.

A must order when u come to Zai Shun.

I have been eating at 01-08 Claypot for over a decade already.

Their curry chicken, sasame sauce chicken and braised pork have always been my favourite.

There's always a queue for this stall during meal times.

And all their food are cheap and affordable also.

Curry Chicken was flavourful and spicy, chicken wings are uses for this curry and the potatoes are cooked to soft.

Dong Po braised pork also damn good, the fat ratio of the meat is very good, and the fats just melts in your mouth.

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The Braised Pork Rice here is very good. Meats were tender and the sauce tasted very good.

As pictured, they very generous with the sauce

Their braised pork comes with different parts, there's pork belly, pork Cheek, pork Shank and pork Ribs.

And can add on sides like mushrooms, tofu, black fungus etc.

Chilli was explosive.

They have a queue number system, take q number first, then order when your number is called. Food is then scooped up and served almost immediately.


The queue is damn long, waited almost 45mins during lunch time on a Sunday. The queue go until 5 stalls away.

The braise sauce was sweet type, thick and flavourful. Duck was quite tender.

Chilli damn good.

And quite cheap also.


Mr.Duck opens till late. So this is an excellent supper or late dinner spot.

Had the braised meat set, the braised pork belly was damn tender. Surprising that a shop called Mr.Duck serves up such excellent pork.

The chilli also damn shiok.


First time I ate at Lek Kee was almost 15 years ago. And has been my go-to place for braised duck since.

The duck meat is tender and shiok, except the breast meat, that one not so tender.

Sauce was watery, but it tasted very good when the duck meat soaked up all its goodness.

Love their sambal chilli alot. Both the dry one and the one dipped in chilli sauce.

Their braised pork also quite good.

They close very early daily, by 2.30pm close shop liao.

The queue here is long and queuing time is expected to be about 20mins long.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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