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Hawker is never a easy job, but it is always glad to see some youngsters willing to venture into this.

Sambae is definitely one of them, with a youngster selling the Asian cuisine in the coffee shop at Ang Mo Kio.

It has a very cheeky name, serving sambal based of foods such as this signature stingray. I personally love sambal a lot, so when there’s such stall I definitely would support.

Served as a rice bowl or you can order it individually, I find the size is actually consider big for one person like me.

But as for the taste wise, I was rather disappointed. The stingray itself is never an easy seafood to cook with, so for my visit the stingray texture was rather unimpressive, as compared to my favourite sambal stingray from another place. the meat wasn’t soft enough for me.

As the same goes to the sambal itself, it wasn’t strong enough for the spiciness.

But overall I would still supporting this young hawker and perhaps I will try the other dishes as well.

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The portions is generous, The braised pig trotter is tasty, tender, the gravy thick with a hint chinese wine.
Can skip the bak kut teh.
📍Eng kee bak Kut teh.
Teck Ghee Court Market & Food Centre #01-04
Blk 341 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

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the mushroom soup and iced lemon tea were really diluted, tasted watered down. the carbonara taste made me apprehensive at first, but the yolk made it so much better and the taste grew on me! the mushrooms could be cooked better though

Starting as a pop-up stall at events, enterprising hawkerpreneur-chef Claire Huang has since grown her humble brand into a hawker stall and carrot cake distributor.
Her father, Ng Kwee Boon, has been making and supplying carrot cake for over 22 years, steaming them the traditional way using large aluminium trays. Claire also picked up frying skills from her uncle who sells his own chye tow kueh.
The carrot cake has distinct cubes, moist and soft and gently springy, with a good topping of preserved radish / chye poh.
The black has addictive sweet eggy savoury salty spicy flavour, while the white has fragrant smoky savoury salty eggy sweet spicy .flavour.
Their unique creations are a stand out. The Thai hottie features chili flakes for a sharp spicy kick with good fiery heat. And the Bacon has decadent chunks of pork bacon which complements with its meaty salty smoky flavour.
An excellent take which you can't get anywhere else.
Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh
Carrot Cubes
@ Parkland Residences, 475 Upper Serangoon Crescent #01-01
More details:

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The char kway teow was a heavenly aromatic mess of noodles, fish cake slices, beansprouts and pork lard with a couple of hum (cockles) thrown into the mix.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/fried-kway-teow-724-amk/

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bought their tiramisu ($4.80) & earl grey basque burnt cheesecake ($6) to try. after discount was $6 nett. the tiramisu was pretty good imo but it was a little lacking in the sponge part & alcohol so it felt a little too innocent. the cheesecake was rather disappointing - the tea flavour was so mild, it was barely there & the cake was like any other regular cheesecake (not flowy/oozy like one would expect a basque burnt to be). the top of the cheesecake was also kinda hard because it was too chilled i guess? but basically it felt like an overnight cake. the slice was also quite small in comparison to starbucks/coffee bean that sell their cakes at the same rate - but with burpple beyond, i don't really have any complaints about the price. would i come back again? probably not intentionally, but if i were to pass by & i was craving some dessert, i wouldn't mind getting the tiramisu again.

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priced competitively, khao hom by rung mama offers a wide range of authentic thai food that really impressed us! although many items on their menu were excluded from burpple beyond, we were totally willing to pay for the ala carte prices of the exclusion items, like the green curry (must try). total after discount was $49 for 4 items & 2 rice. the only thing is that we had the grilled squid (not pictured) as well but that was quite meh (not bad, quite fresh but meh - didn't feel like it was worth $18). the beef was super flavourful but a little tough for us. still!!! super recommend the pork knuckle & green curry. would be back to try other items for sure!

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It’s good too, the springy noodle toasted in mala sauce that definitely give spicy numbing but not overpowering.
Serve with meatball, minced meat and pork lard (their fish ball also sold out)
📍Shiok shiok Noodle.
Blk 341 AMK avenue 1, #01-07

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Not adventurous? Get the #6 Banh Mi Nem Nuong ($7.90)! The Vietnamese grilled meat roll, a little like a pork sausage-meatball hybrid, was savoury and largely sweet. While it looks heavy on the meat, the flavours from the creamy pate, crunchy cucumbers, scallions, cilantro, and pickles were able to shine - a great balance of textures and taste. Flaky crust with an airy crumb, the baguette really held everything together wonderfully too. A crowd-pleaser for sure.

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Marked as the newer item on their menu and my first time seeing it, their #14 Banh Mi Bo La Lop ($9.90) was real intriguing. Wrapped in betel leaves then grilled, the minced beef and lemongrass roll was wonderfully sweet and with a hint of herbaceous flavour - in fact, it didn’t even taste like beef. Texture-wise, it was a tad firm like a soft Chinese sausage. Packed with some vegetables and drenched with Scallion Oil, the sandwich was aromatic and the elements came together pretty well. I liked that the combination wasn’t too saucy so the crust remained crumbly and crisp.

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Tucked away in a Vietnamese provision shop at Ang Mo Kio lies Banh Mi Saigon, where they serve superbly scrumptious sandwiches for takeaway! Best eaten there straight from the bag or after a couple of minutes in the toaster (or my favourite air fryer) if you were to dabao, the baguettes were crackly crisp and surprisingly airy.

Filled with beautiful cuts of meat, the #1 Banh Mi Thit ($6.90) had quite a lot going on and is rightfully their signature item. The “Special Great Banh Mi” was stuffed with layers of house-made Vietnamese hams, vegetables and slathered with pate, mayo, spreads, sauces, aromatic oils and topped with some floss. Umami, to say the least, the generously stacked soft hams didn’t feel too rich. The slightly salty-tangy sauces as well as the crunchy julienned carrots and cucumber helped cut through the flavours of the meat. The bread itself was also light and a tinge sweet.

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This western food stall is totally a hidden gem in Ang Mo Kio, but they are consider one of the best to offer in this neighbourhood.

Open by ex-hotel chef, they surprisingly offered quite a huge range of western food options on the menu.

To get the best of both meats, I would recommend to go with their combo selection like this one.

Comes in big size of breaded chicken and pork chop. The breaded chicken got an excellent texture with crunchy skin.

While the pork chop cooked with butter and garlic, not too hard to bite.

The combo is completed with coleslaw, corns and twister fries. Totally in love with everything on the plate.

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