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40 stick, 3 people ( when can slim down 🤣)
The Satay well marinated and the meat is tender and tasty.The Peanut sauce is thick, not too sweet or spicy.
We prefer the chicken more than the beef.
💰$32 for 40sticks (chicken and beef).
📍Satay Sumang Canberra.
BLK 115 Canberra Walk.

Searching for halal certified Japanese Cuisine? Look no further because Hei Sushi is the place to be! They’ve got an extensive menu with over 200 varieties of delectable Japanese dishes to choose from; one of which is their Tori Karaage Rice Box ($10.40) that is perfect for a quick and filling lunch.

Mozza burger combo with curly fries and A&W float at $12.50. Satisfying meal. Was overloaded with lots of cheese, double patty and a big float. Super bloated after the meal. 😜

Happened to see a few patrons having the 2 pc chicken meal. Looks good! Something to consider on my next A&W visit.

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Introducing AtTea’s Tea Au Lait series! “Au Lait” in French means served with milk so if you prefer a beverage that’s lighter tea-wise, this would be perfect for you. Choose from three different options; namely, Jam’s Oolong Tea Au Lait ($5.30), Cane Roasted Black Tea Au Lait ($5.30), and Jasmine Green Tea Au Lait ($5.30).

No words needed. Anything potato is good, let's be real.

After a night's worth of BBQ and grill, I was craving for some gooooood hotdog and mustard! Thankfully, this outlet opens till 11pm! The simple chicken hotdog was scrumptious and that generous amount of mustard satisfied me very well~

📍Gyoza-San SG @ Sun Plaza

Ambience: 6/10 ❤️❤️❤️🤍🤍
Flavor: 9/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍
Service: 10/10 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Overall: 24/30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤍

Yesterday, I visited Gyoza-San SG, a specialty gyoza shop that serves fresh gyozas with no pork and no lard, as well as Gyoza-Bento sets that includes unique local flavours that are specially curated for the locals.

I ordered (1) Chilli Crab Bento (S$11.80), and (2) Special Unagi Gyoza (S$6.90).

Boy, was I surprised at that quality of the Chilli Crab Bento! The extremely generous portion of real crab meat that was mixed into the flavourful chilli crab sauce just hits all the right spots. The sauce had all the sweet and savoury flavour that you would want from a chilli crab dish; and when you combine that with the tangy note that comes from the seasonings and spice, it just gives you mouthful after mouthful of explosive crab-packed flavours. The three pieces of Original Gyoza and onsen egg also complemented the dish well, as it helped to balance out the heaviness of the Chilli Crab Bento by providing a different texture and a lighter flavour to the dish.

As for the Special Unagi Gyoza, I really loved that I was able to truly taste and visually see the unagi fillings that was in the gyoza, as it showed that they were using real ingredients and were not skimpy about it. Each bite was packed with unagi flavour that had a nice thin and crispy skirt. Dipping it into their soy sesame vinegrette with ginger special dip also added flavour and aroma to the gyoza.

Overall, the flavour of Gyoza-San SG was truly spectacular, particularly the Chilli Crab Bento, and for that, I give Singapore’s Gyoza-San SG a solid 9/10 for Flavour.

For their Service, I really enjoyed the conversations I had with the 2 ladies that were serving me. Their positive attitude and cheerfulness were truly infectious, and I really appreciated it. In fact, for a take-away kiosk, I originally did not have much expectation for any form of interactions with the staff, but the good customer service that they provided was a very pleasant surprise!

For that, I give Singapore’s Gyoza-San SG a perfect 10/10 for Service.

As for Ambience, I do feel that they have some room for improvement, and this is just my 2-cent of constructive feedbacks so take it with a pinch of salt. I feel that it is truly such a waste that Gyoza-San sell such delicious bento and gyoza, but they opt to serve it in a takeaway kiosk-type store with no options for dining in. While they placed an effort to make the store stand-out by using neon lights decoration, the size and location of the kiosk was also not placed strategically as well, as it was cramped between multiple stores to its left, right, and front, which makes the whole kiosk feel so cramped and overshadowed. Not having a dine-in option also makes the store lose out on potential customers as well considering the fact that the store that is literally in front of it has dine-in options, alongside many other stores situated around the area. Thus, I truly feel that the potential that Gyoza-San SG had is not maximised.

For that, I give Singapore’s Gyoza-San SG a 6/10 for Ambience.

Overall, Gyoza-San SG at Sun Plaza scored a 26/30 after combining the scores for Ambience, Flavour, and Service. To conclude, this take-away kiosk is a store that went over and beyond with its service, flavour, authenticity, and generosity of ingredients. It is a brand that have so much potential, and I can’t wait to see what future holds for them!

[Singapore, 3rd November 2022 ] – Superhero Fans Unite! The highly anticipated collaboration between LiHO TEA and Singapore Comic Con 2022 has arrived! It's time to assemble like-minded enthusiasts to discuss your favourite superheroes and villains at LiHO TEA.
Black is the new GOLD - Are you daring enough to try something exotic and new? Mysterious yet sophisticated, SuperHei-Ro Unite consists of 2 specially curated drinks - Widow's Charm and Panther's Pride - for pop culture fans.

SuperHei-Ro Unite LiHO 超级联盟 will be launching from 3rd November!
The series consists of 2 drinks:
● Widow's Charm 神秘黑寡妇
● Panther's Pride 霸气酷黑豹

Widow's Charm 神秘黑寡妇 [$4.30 (M)]
The fearless widow is ready to strike! Be charmed by the beauty of our berrylicious blend.Gentle floral notes of brewed Jing Syuan tea paired with strawberry and lime to create a refreshing citrus drink. Not only does the color create an impact but the activated charcoal is also a natural remedy with various uses. It may help in lowering cholesterol levels, improve kidney function, and reduce gas and diarrhea.Not to forget, there's white pearls in the drink for an elevated texture. You're welcome!

Panther's Pride 霸气酷黑豹 [$4.30 (M) / $4.30 (H)] :
With its sharp claws and eyes set on the target, the panther is ready to pounce! They PRIDE in this Black Sesame creation that's aromatic and fragrant! A black sesame milk blend that's not to be missed, with REAL black sesame paste swirls. A handy dessert drink to get on the go that is typically served hot but we have it ice blended as well. Not only nutritious but also rumoured to be good for your hair and kidney.A good old fashioned dessert that has managed to beat the trends and remained popular throughout the years!

🚙:Both drinks are made available across all LiHO TEA stores and on delivery platforms, Grabfood and Foodpanda.

Get any 2 gyozas (you can choose which ones for the most value) at $10 only! Do check out gyoza san if you’re craving some dumplings and are in the area. Their dumplings come steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried too

𝙏𝙤𝙢 𝙔𝙖𝙢 𝙆𝙪𝙣𝙜 𝙂𝙮𝙤𝙯𝙖 ($6.90) 🌶🥟
Much more flavourful than its counterpart, the tom yam spice of the filling matched the fiery red gyoza skin. We liked this more as it had a strong lemongrass taste 🌾. Gyoza-san makes all their fillings using chicken, which gives their gyozas a starkly different texture profile (more mushy maybe) compared to the usual ones.

[Invited Tasting + ✨PROMO]
📍gyoza-san (sembawang) @gyozasan_singapore
Nestled in a small corner of sun plaza mall, gyoza-san is a little kiosk selling a variety of gyozas 🥟🥟 in really cute packaging! Here’s what we got to try:
𝙀𝙗𝙞 𝙂𝙮𝙤𝙯𝙖 ($6.90) 🦐🥟
This was a simple classic pot sticker that had a nice char on the bottom. Flavour wise, there was some bounciness from the prawn chunks but we suppose it’d taste similar to the original one. There was a good amount of extra skin on the gyozas, so we definitely recommend eating them asap before the skin hardens.

Traditional and old school at its finest. Another favourite for me. Finely grated yam paste coated with glittering thick layer of oil. Smooth, hot and sweetness is just nice. Refreshing Orh Nee is always inviting. Yum!
Oh! Kung Fu Tea were also served together to cleanse your palate or jelakness.