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I crave this so often. The noodle got me curious but I still ordered the fried rice. The best thing about this was the many flavours. Every component was shiok. Their pork is more popular than chicken because it's juicy with a layer of flour or starch.

An affordable, no-frills, eat-and-go experience in the heart of town. Batter for both was not as crisp as I would have liked, and the pork chop had to little meat in my opinion. The chilli that came with leaned on the tangier side, and didn't really suit the chicken/pork chop. As for the sides, the fries+beans+coleslaw combo was decent, but the noodles was blander than I expected - at least they gave chilli! Overall, for an $11 meal for two, it's definitely a good place for a quick and simple meal.

Mom misses the popiah at this unpretentious shop located at a rather ulu corner of coronation plaza, so here we are!

Their crowd favourite popiah is packed to the brim with ingredients including sweet sauce, stewed turnips, chunky hard boiled eggs, beansprouts, cucumber and carrot strips and the iconic crunchy rice bits!

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Crab Bee Hoon Soup
Signature dish which cooked with herbs such as Dang Gui

Chicken Pie Kitchen
Address 🛖 : 39 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 207538
Open 🕰️ : 10am - 9pm
Website 🕸️ : https://chickenpie.sg/

This is quite delicious. Flesh was firm, but there's a lot of gelatinous parts and cartilage which was lovely

French comfort food served from a dim sum trolley!? Sounds interesting and fun! But let me tell you my honest opinion—it's totally NOT WORTH it. For the experience, once is enough. There's too much gimmick, overhype, and misleading information but if you want to show off, this is indeed an Insta-worthy place.

It's not cheap, guys. The Weekend "Buffet" Brunch Trolley costs $69++ per person, and I don't see the buffet side to it. Just take a look at their T&C.

Terms & Conditions:
* The menu may vary slightly each week depending on the occasion and inspiration!
* Be on time, or you’ll need to wait for the end of the first round to circle back to missed trolleys!
* You’ll be served one full round of the menu before dessert.
* You’ll then be asked if you would like any repeats of the courses.
* Repeats will not be served before this.

"Vary slightly" means sometimes you get better stuff, sometimes you don't—it's all based on the chef's mood. Don't call it a buffet if you can only repeat once and have to wait for one round of serving to finish before you can order again.

The food was generally average, with some dishes a tad salty, and some a little burnt, but there were one or two items I found delicious. Also, the portions were pathetically small. As you can see from the picture above, these are all for sharing. The Steak & Eggs were perfectly roasted, drizzled with savoury sauce, and accompanied by creamy scrambled eggs. The 3-Cheese Mac & Cheese was also delicious, being creamy and not overly cheesy. The Brussels sprouts amandine were crunchy and refreshing. The DIY snow cone was basically a small bucket of shaved ice with whatever toppings and flavoured syrup you want.

Their desserts were alright, and I liked their Irish Liqueur cream the most. LOL. The chocolate stout cake wasn't boozy enough and was quite moist. The warm banana bread with salted rum caramel was okay, but the sauce tasted more bitter and burnt than sweet and savoury.

The service was good, as they kept r
efilling the cups of water, but I guess it's the food that made me thirsty.👀
🚩Summer Hill, 442 Orchard Rd, 02-17 Claymore Connect, Singapore 238879
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Mainly a minced meat patty, topped w small bits of salted fish. Tender w a little bit of chew, pepper taste was present and overall mild profile

Good stuff

One of the very best versions for home style. Bittergourd texture was good, not v bitter at all. Salted egg was mildly savoury and not overly salty, works V well

Old school bakery with lots of varieties of bakes, from Ang ku kueh, cakes, puffs, muffins etc etc

Each Muffin here is around 70cents each.

Lots of variety:
- Banana
- Cheese
- Oreo
- Chocolate
- Raisin
- Orange
- Strawberry
- Mango
- Walnut
- Pandan

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