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Havent been back here for a year! The whole place was packed full of people! It was like back to pre covid time! Very impressed with the decent pizza oven in a pub!

We ordered way too much food and the food portion was huge!

Nacho: so ok. The salsa and avocado on top were not spread evenly, a lot of plain empty trtilla trip.

Popcorn chicken: I didnt eat…. It was just me. I just dont like popcorn chicken

Pepperoni pizza: very amazing pizza , Little Miss W was very happy

Dukkah Cauliflower: nice one with indian spice. Just the size was double i would have imagined

Wagyu burger and cripsy pork belly were not my main. Had a bite of the pork belly. It looked and tasted like chinese siu yuk without the salt. Skin was very cripsy

Grilled octopus tentacles : very good for value for this big portion. It was very well cooked and the green sauce was nice to dip. Just wish it could be more char to give a extra grill flavour.

The whole place was packed. Food waiting time was told over an hour but all the food was about in about 45 mins to one hour. We had some nacho to nipple on so didnt feel that we waited long time.

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Classic cinnamon roll made with molasses sugar and topped with premium cream cheese frosting. The balance between the flavour and sweetness was just nice. The cinnamon roll is fragrant, soft and fluffy with the right amount of cinnamon in between the layers. It tasted good on its own and even better when served warm 》$3.40

I also tried the cinnamon apple where apple bits and sauce are poured over the roll. I love this fruity alternative for something more light and refreshing.

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Ordered the 5 course set menu in burpple app and all the dishes were amazing!! Enjoyed every bit from start to finish. Thank you for such an amazing food experience! Will def come back again!

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From left to right: earl grey, isaphan, vanilla + caramelised pecans, pink guava, tiramisu, lychee

Very pretty eclairs, got it for my mom and she loved it. She likes that it’s not too sweet.

I think they look prettier than they taste. The eclair pastry is pretty dry & bland.
Definitely worth trying with the burpple deal though.

💸: 25.50

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📍: Changi airport
trying out this michelin star ramen place for the first time! here’s the 𝐊𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐨 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐤𝐨𝐭𝐬𝐮 𝐬𝐨𝐛𝐚 (~𝐒𝐆𝐃𝟏𝟑.𝟖𝟎++) which was infused with a black garlic oil - super fragrant and i love that the noodles aren’t too soft and mushy. the broth was tasty and thick too! down side is that it only contained 1 sad slice of pork which was not the softest but average i guess. i also topped up with a ramen egg (+SGD2) and it was well marinated just that the yolk wasn’t really flowy,,,,,a bit like the 7-11 eggs lol. overall it was alright but the noodles and soup are defo better than average tho!

5/5. Dug leg was fall-off-the-bone tender, and super juicy. Coriander rice and accompanying salsa were also very tasty. Flavours complemented each other very well

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expected it to be more tender.
goes well with the sauce.
the potatoes stole the show.

#burpplebeyond #1for1

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Available from 25 Apr - 31st May
Mon-Thurs ($15.80++)
Fri-Sun ($17.80++)
Comes with japanese rice, cabbage, miso soup, sesame seeds and tonkatsu sauce

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[PROMO] Is there a better way to celebrate the no pax limit gatherings than to 凑凑 with loved ones at the new @coucouhotpotsg outlet located in @jewelchangiairport?😊

With 6 unique soup bases to choose from, you'll surely be in for a treat! From the saliva-inducing Taiwan Style Spicy 台式麻辣锅 with its addictive freeflow braised beancurd to the refreshing Coconut Chicken 清凉椰子鸡锅, you're bound to find the soup base that caters to everyone's tastebuds!😋

Hotpot is serious business and on top of the soup bases, the plethora of meat and veggies available at @coucouhotpotsg is no joke. Highly recommend getting the prawn paste, the crunchy texture is unlike any other. Beef tripe is another less-common hotpot ingredient that you can get here.😉

Everyone knows BBT and hotpot goes extremely well together, @coucouhotpotsg recognises this and brought it up a level by having recommended BBT pairings for different soup bases. No need to hide and try to sneak mouthfuls of BBT while having hotpot anymore!😂

As the cherry on top, @coucouhotpotsg is also having a 4% cashback PROMO when you pay with Favepay. You'll also get a FREE Da Hong Pao BBT after leaving a Google review on @coucouhotpotsg.👍

💌Thank you @coucouhotpotsg for having me!☺️

📍Coucou Hotpot.Brew Tea
Jewel Changi Airport, Suntec City
🚇#widChangiAirport #widPromenade #widEsplanade

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Lovely staff (Aishah), friendly and adaptable ☺️

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redeemed burpple 1-1 2x and had 4x of the 4 course meal!!

bread and dip - hm didnt fancy this too much cos the bread was abit on the charred side and the dip wasnt the best but it was not bad! 3/10
roast leek soup - WAH I LOVE THIS!! its really very tasty and so good! and the addition of the ravioli was superb! 9/10

truffle smoked chicken - meat was soft and juicy!! but there was abit burnt taste to it and didnt rlly taste the truffle. but i really liked it still! 6/10
miso iberico pork - LOVE!!!! SO TENDER AND SOFT!!! yall really should try this man… 9/10
gnocchi cacio e pepe - i love this dish. such a simple dish yet prepared really well! 8/10
truffle mushroom pasta - sadly im not a big fan of this :”) 3.5/10

signature calamari - i love it! fried well!! dip that cane with it was very nice too 8.5/10
truffle pommes noisettes - its actually tater tots but truffle flavoured! 6/10

tiramisu - made to near perfection 9/10
matcha churros - THEIR CHURROS ARE FRIED SO WELL MY GOSH!! cane w whipped cream on its side and it went well together! 9.9/10 😋

overall the service was really good too :)) the staff were very nice :D


Priced at $1.90 each
Filled with longans & red date
The pie crust is crunchy and flaky as usual. I like how there were actual longans in the pie but red date were way too sweet for my liking

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