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I thought it was my mistake for patronising Changi Famous Nasi Lemak at an off peak hour, but after having a rather dissatisfying meal, I checked google reviews and alas, there have really been some issues with standard. Firstly, the whole plate was stale and ingredients were cold. Granted the rice had a decent flavour and the sambal was just right (not perfectly spicy enough though), the entire plate was just lacklustre. Not forgetting how unpleasant the vibe of the whole stall was, I should’ve thought twice and went for the many other options there.


1 for 1 with Entertainer. otherwise I don't feel it's worth it.

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Singapore Food Street serves up what could be the last local Singaporean food before ones departs from Singapore. (For those visiting Singaoore)

For the locals like us, this is our last local food before we go for our trip.

Nasi Lemak here was only ok, the rendang sauce wasn't so flavourful, but at least the otah was good.

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As the younger folks say nowadays


That's it, that's the review.

Decent. Good gravy and shrimps. But portion small.

I was surprised to see open toast here. Luncheon meat with egg mayo and mozzarella. Delicious because of their toast, cheese and mayo.


The food looked pretty and just like the pictures in the menu except that they were not spared from shrinkflation.

What we had:
+ Squid ink pasta with scallops
+ Duck confit
+ Ribeye steak with foie gras
+ Lychee peach tea (cold)

We still enjoyed the meal though! 👍🏻

Food presentation is good. We like the food here although the service is a little slow…

Tried the No1 人气 item on the menu and what a treat it was! Opted for the milk and cheese twist ice cream and it was topped with an extra cookie today! Yay!

I got the ice cream cone at $1.50 via the app. Not much of a saving given as the plain cone is $1 and added sauce is $1. So only 50c discount but the app says I saved $1.40. Not sure where the rest of the discount is from. This ice cream is already very nice on its own but the added sauce is so little that i didn't felt that the addition cost is worth it. So ya, you can just go down and get your $1 cone without the use of the app.

Meal at Terrace Chinese Kitchen before flying!
✨XO seafood fried rice ($15++)
✨Minced Pork with salted gish steamed rice ($14.80++)
✨Century Pork Congee ($13++)
✨Iberico Pork with Egg ($16++)

The most unique combo for sticky rice!! The roasted pineapple makes the dessert sweet and sour, with the blue pea rice, makes it more colourful, love it as a whole~~