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From the Burpple community

L to R: Lychee white peach,Earl Grey, Ispahan, Paris Brest, Mango Banana, Pink Guava

TLDR; Eclairs are very pretty but most look better than they taste. Worth a try with Burpple as it is quite pricey (~$8.50 each). Would consider going back to get the Ispahan again using Burpple.

1. Lychee white peach (seasonal): Looks pretty, but lychee taste was mild and couldn't taste the white peach - 2/5
2. Earl Grey (seasonal): Could taste the earl grey but I didn't like it. Best part was the blueberries - 2/5
3. Ispahan (classic): Must-try! Light floral taste really complemented the lychee. The rasperry's tartness balanced it out and also added texture - 5/5
4. Paris Brest (seasonal): Very plain and unassuming at a glance, almost skipped on it but it was nice. Hazelnut cream reminded me of ferrero rocher and the nuts added a nice crunch - 4/5
5. Mango Banana (seasonal): Mango blended quite well with the banana, but nothing exceptional to go back for - 3/5
6. Pink Guava (seasonal): Sounded interesting but just felt that it tasted weird. Give it a miss - 1/5

Finally trying these pretty eclairs! We were in the East and got to use the 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond deal at their Jewel outlet - we got 4 of them for the price of 2. They sell out pretty fast on the weekends, so it’s good to check their stories for the available flavours before heading down.

We picked 2 classic flavours, the Ispahan ($8.50) and Dark Chocolate ($8), as well as 2 seasonal ones, the Paris Brest ($8.50) and Mango Banana ($8.50). Tbh, we didn’t think they are worth the steep price tag, but it’s not too bad a try with the Beyond deal. Thought the pastry itself was quite thick and a touch dry. We enjoyed the Ispahan one most for the fragrant and mildly sweet rose mascarpone cream, paired with lychee bits and raspberries and an almond marzipan.

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From left to right: earl grey, isaphan, vanilla + caramelised pecans, pink guava, tiramisu, lychee

Very pretty eclairs, got it for my mom and she loved it. She likes that it’s not too sweet.

I think they look prettier than they taste. The eclair pastry is pretty dry & bland.
Definitely worth trying with the burpple deal though.

💸: 25.50


Lovely staff (Aishah), friendly and adaptable ☺️

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• Lychee White Peach
• Dark Chocolate
• Yuzu Calamansi
• Earl Grey

Used Burpple Beyond for buy 2 get 2 free and total damage is $17. It’s more worth it with Burpple Beyond. First time trying it and definitely wanna try other flavors too! Very special with different flavors and fillings in it.

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Bought this as housewarming gift, and my friend and her family loved it.

Also managed to tried a few. Love the isaphan and the vanilla&caramel pecan. Found the salted caramel a little too sweet.

Damage: $34
Really worth trying with the burpple deal

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