Burpple Deals

Burpple Deals

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), Mad For Garlic, The Assembly Ground (Cineleisure), Biseryu Japanese Cuisines, Asanoya Boulangerie (Queen Street), Gyu Nami, LINO Pizza & Pasta Bar, TONITO Latin American Kitchen, Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura)
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Truffle scrambled egg: scrambled egg is cooked really well & the portion of spinach & mushroom is generous
Fry-up: quantity over quality here, but I loved the baked beans were cooked with with a tomato sauce rather than the normal sauce & am a fan of very crispy bacon. The rest of the components were pretty meh, but not horrible.

The bread is really hard & the mushrooms are not sautéed ➡️ if improved, would really elevate the dishes

Both dishes smell really good & definitely worth with the burpple deal
💸: 25 (prices are nett ☺️) 👍🏻: 7/10

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Garlic snowing pizza
Old fashioned ham & sausage pizza
Dancing salsa rice
Garlic sizzling rice

One for one pizza & rice: not that garlicky
Pizza is thin-crusted and I like the sweet, creamy base - pretty value with the burpple deal
Fried rice is pretty interesting with a lot of garlic chips & hot plate - a little too pricey for a simple dish

💸: 78.45

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Tried the Milk tea + coffee dalgona. Both flavours are great & I would recommend.

There was a deaf barista too, please support!! 🥳

💸: $6.90 (worth for the quality of the drink)

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Mushroom risotto: has a tad sourness to it which was not to my taste but mushrooms are really nice

Mentaiko: too creamy, really masked the taste of the fresh pasta. the Ikura complements with the mentaiko sauce (had this the previous time I was here & it was better previously)

Both are worth trying but are pretty jelat, don’t recommend getting both of these flavours together.

💸: 24.90

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Pho noodle soup + spingroll / meatball + lemonade + flan 🍜🧆🥤🍮
- main: the noodle is hearty but not as great as the original Mrs pho (& rely mostly on MSG)
- side: I prefer the spring roll over meatballs & nice side but a tad small
- drink: tried the lemonade & like that it’s not too sweet
- dessert: I like caramelised sugar so this was a hit for me

$32 for two is pretty value. A good place to try if you happen to be at Vivo.

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Burpple set combo C

Steak is good. The sauce that comes with it is nice. Added on green tea, they use matcha powder.
Also tried the pork loin cutlet curry rice, taste good but a little jelat.

Food tastes nice but a little pricey. For 2 sets of 1 for 1 (4 dishes) and a curry and drinks we paid around $125.

From left to right: earl grey, isaphan, vanilla + caramelised pecans, pink guava, tiramisu, lychee

Very pretty eclairs, got it for my mom and she loved it. She likes that it’s not too sweet.

I think they look prettier than they taste. The eclair pastry is pretty dry & bland.
Definitely worth trying with the burpple deal though.

💸: 25.50


Curry beef onsen egg udon + sanuki beef egg udon + vegetable croquette + snow crab croquette
Udon is very hearty and satisfying, I really like the broth. Beef is also tender.
With an additional 30% off, saved around $7.80 and 💸 $22~


Cai po tofu - caipo is yummy but have had nicer one from other Zichar stores
Honey spare ribs - good
Royal egg spinach - great, sauce is nice
Seafood shark fins soup - very nice to drink

Drinks at this store are rather pricey. But food is really value with the one for one.

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Vegetarian cheese quesadilla
Charcoal portobello mushroom burger
Salmon risotto

Loved the food - quesadilla is great and feels less guilty than normal & salmon risotto is yummy & the portobello mushroom patty is very juicy. However, thought the potato wedges were ok only since saw some reviews that said the wedges were v good.
For the quality of food, price is very reasonable.

Damage: $56.10 (+ sea bass not in picture)

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Southern chicken & waffle and assembly brunch
($23 💸 before svc + gst)

Chicken comes with salted egg sauce & charcoal waffle is crispy & potato gratin is great.

Assembly brunch has juicy mushrooms & the scrambled eggs is cooked just right & the tomatoes and sausage are nice

Great value with the deal, with the quantity and quality of food.


Will miss the burpple promo

Awesome cinnamon rolls, I love the original one with the cream cheese the most.

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