Dry Rice

Dry Rice

Featuring The Refinery, Unagi Tei Japanese Restaurant (Keong Saik), PIPES by Hattendo (Dorsett Residences), Char, KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar, LECOQ, Moosehead, Eat 3 Bowls (Lavender), Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery 美珍香
Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Elevated version of grandma's cabbage fried rice; fried rice tossed with egg, pork belly slices, mushrooms, shallots & cabbage; topped with few pieces of fresh, big & juicy scallop; love the harmonious union of different flavors tantalising the tastebud; homely & savory dish good for sharing..

Tumeric rice is fragrant; came with 4 types of pork: roasted pork belly, BBQ pork, roasted suckling pig & pork satay; roasted pork belly is slightly dry with equal meat to fat ratio; BBQ pork is tad tough & with smoky sweet sauce at the edges; roasted suckling pig came with a piece of crispy pork skin which has slight gamey taste; pork satay is well-marinated with spices; came with homemade achar, cabbage, egg slices & crispy belinjo crackers which balance out the meatiness..

Grilled salmon hash sat on top a layer of smashed avocado & yuzu ocha-infused mixed grains; salmon hash is thick & lightly seasoned; smashed avocado add some creaminess with tinge of lemon zest; love the mixed grains which came with distinct yuzu taste which balance out the taste; topped with cherry tomatoes, edamame, bonito flakes, nori & furikake; worth a try..

Braised sauce is flavorful with well-balanced sweet & salty taste; pork is well-braised to tender & potatoes are cooked till soft; served with fragrant blue pea rice, achar, sambal egg & fish crackers..

Rice grains are infused with curry & pineapple taste; love that it's soft but not mushy; tossed with fresh pineapple cubes & raisins which give the sweet & sour taste; topped with cashew nuts & pork floss; add on prawn which are big, fresh, firm & crunchy; 1 of the better pineapple fried rice I've tried..

KAMPONG CHICKEN: Poached chicken is tender, drizzled with soy sauce, topped with fragrant scallions & ginger; quite salty..
FRIED POMFRET: Baby pomfret deep-fried till crispy but not oily; drizzled with plum taucheong sauce which balance out the greasiness..
WHITE PEPPER PIG STOMACH SOUP: White pepper soup with chicken, pig stomach & winter melon; soup is robust with flavors but tad salty; comforting bowl of soup..

TEOCHEW BRAISED DUCK: Meat is well-braised to tender & fall off the bones; sauce is with distinct spices taste but tad salty; comes with an Ajitama egg..
ROJAK: Twist to the usual rojak; with rojak ice cream, fried beancurd puff, fried fritters, cucumbers, turnip, apple, starfruit, pineapple, century egg, ginger flower & peanuts; refreshing & appetizing, especially love the rojak sauce in ice cream form; unique & worth a try..
CHAP CHYE: Braised Chinese cabbage with black fungus, mushrooms, vermicelli, dried shrimps, sea cucumber & pork belly; ingredients are cooked till soft & the tastes complement well with one another..
SOUP OF THE DAY: Carrots, radish, corn & tomato soup; homely soup with natural sweetness..

Chicken leg is well-marinated with spices, deep-fried till crispy outside while maintaining its tenderness & succulent; rice is fluffy & infused with coconut fragrant; came with sunny side up, ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber & sambal; 1 of the better atas nasi lemak worth a try..

Opted for 5-grain rice; kurobuta pork collar & pork ribs are well-grilled to tender with no gamey taste, came with Korean bracken, roasted sesame, chopped spring onions & seafood sauce; flavorful with light smoky taste; came with similar sauce at the side..

Opted for 5-grain rice which came soft & fluffy; with 5 webfoot octopus stir-fried with pepper, they are tender & springy; came with aster leaf, roasted sesame, chopped spring onions & seafood sauce; give it a good toss & every mouth is bursting with flavors, with slightly charred base & light floral aroma of the aster leaf lingering on the tastebud; soy sauce at the side is quite salty, so can adjust the amount according to own preference, but the rice tastes good on its own without the addition of it..

Japanese rice is well-cooked to soft; mentaiko salmon is well-cooked till perfection; topped with tobiko, furikake, onsen egg, marinated cherry tomatoes & nori; cherry tomatoes are juicy with sour plum taste which is appetizing; otherwise taste nothing special..

Rice is soft but not mushy; tossed with raisins, pineapple, carrots, long beans, glass prawn & sprinkled with chicken floss & cashew nuts; taste nothing special..

Jaslyn Li

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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