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this was the 4 pax portion at $98 but feeds 7 people
comfortably especially when you order all the other sides. there’s prawns, scallops and squid

this meat platter consists of 2 different sausages, chicken, beef tenderloin and lamb ribs.

a good tapas selection and i very much enjoyed this too

I fell in love with the great mischief even before they relocated to the national gallery, but I must say the vibe in the national gallery is much more vibrant.

As always, the food did not disappoint, especially their tocino pasta, which is similar to carbonara. I always enjoy how the raw yolk blends into my cheesy pasta. Their battered pargo, commonly known as fish & chips, is exceptional. Unlike the typical thick layer of batter with very little flesh, theirs is the opposite.

The Great Mischief offers truly authentic Spanish dishes, such as the seafood paella, which is a sharing portion. I tried it at their previous location and still love it to this day.

Drool: 4.5/5
Cost: ~$25 per person
Location: The Great Mischief

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First time trying Tapas in Singapore and ordered the Spanish Omelette, Croquette & Huevos El Rotos.

Taste wise is kind of different from what I previously had in Spain but it is alright.

Total spend of $65.95 for these 3 items.

squid ink seafood paella ($34.00): tbh this was q underwhelming bc the squid ink flavour was not v prominent. there were q a lot of ingredients but some of the mussels were kinda fishy so not the best. the portion is small so probs need to order sth else if you’re sharing between 2 ppl bc the layer of rice is v flat

pork quesadilla ($18.00): rly enjoyed this!

an ok option for spanish food in sg but nothing to scream about and i’ve had better elsewhere so i probs wouldn’t be returning any time soon

Micasa Kitchen & Bar is a hidden gem in Bukit Timah that serves European cuisine tailored to the local palate using local sustainable sourced produce.


The food is ok, nothing bad, just to much time difference in between the dishes. Difficult to share.
But the worst of all: the service…. It took more than 60 min. to get one bottle of wine on the table. We even had already one over salted dish on the table🤦🏼‍♀️. And no excuse.

saffron rice, chick peas, grilled octopus, pork chorizo sausage, fava beans, mediterranean spices, piquillo pepper aioli