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Gunther's seasonal set lunch was a wonderful experience that excited the senses with every course.

The Smoked Toretama egg with seared toro and a sweet-sour twist was a perfect start. The creamy egg blended perfectly with the buttery toro, and the sweet-sour flavors added a nice contrast.

The Cold Angel hair pasta with Oscietra caviar and black truffle was amazing. The salty caviar and earthy truffle made the dish truly special.

The Grilled half Maine lobster was rich and delicious, paired with buttery bernaise sauce. The crispy pomme allumette added a nice crunch.

The meal ended with Affineur Anthony’s French farm cheese collection. The goat cheese was creamy and tangy, and the blue cheese had a bold flavor.

Overall, Gunther's seasonal set lunch was a fantastic dining experience. Each course was carefully made, showing the chef's skill. It's a place worth visiting again to try their changing seasonal menu.

The Oyster Bank Club

The Oyster Bank是新加坡一家备受欢迎的生蠔餐厅,以其独特的优惠活动吸引了众多美食爱好者。这里的特色在于它巧妙地将美酒与新鲜生蠔完美结合。当你点一杯酒时,就能以超值的价格享受半打鲜美多汁的生蠔。如果你选择一瓶酒,更可以品尝到整整三打的生蠔盛宴。这种"喝得越多,吃得越多"的概念让人欲罢不能



Truffle Togarashi生蚝结合了松露的浓郁香气和日本七味粉的微辣。入口时,松露的香味充满口腔,随后是七味粉的一丝丝辣味,整体口感丰富且极具层次。

Yuzu Ponzu生蚝结合了柚子和酱油的清新酸甜味,与生蚝的鲜美相得益彰,口感清爽






Top up $1 for rice. The soup was quite pricey and all fish soup is even more expensive than the seafood soup. The prawns were fresh but you have to peel it. The soup was full of umami and really nice. There were also meatballs in the soup. The meatball had like a wokhey smell. Overall, the soup was really nice but expensive. May be can try at the hawker centre instead?

$5.20 for the regular cup but the portion is actually not that little. We chose the Kochi Yuzu and Granny's favourite - both of which were their Signature flavours. Taste and texture were on point and there is really nothing to complain about at all. Lovely experience in a cosy air-conditioned environment with power plugs almost everywhere. Will definitely return for their seasonal flavours.

($6.90) It took me a while to try their matcha gelato after 4 years ago. I felt that their °2 got mild bitter and a bit milky texture than °3.

($8.50) I tried their hot version previously a few year back ago around 4 years ago ? and decided to try their iced version this round of time. I opt out for less hojicha syrup. So matcha and hojicha didn't crash together for taste otherwise. I did sip hojicha syrup from the straw if you didn't stirred evenly.

My friend kept raving about Gunther's, so I finally decided to check out their seasonal lunch, and wow, it was such a memorable experience!

The service and ambience were fantastic, but the food truly stole the show. I started with the Gratinated Cevennes onion, and it was a flavour explosion. The buttery aroma, the sweetness of the onion, and the savoury touch of Parmigiano Reggiano all came together beautifully.

Next, I had the Grilled Wagyu beef sirloin (medium rare), and it was spot on. The meat was so tender it practically melted in my mouth. Their in-house bordelaise sauce blew me away—such a clear sign of how much they care about every detail.

For dessert, I went with the Bavarois of Earl Grey coated with almond powder, and it was a delight. The Earl Grey flavour was just right—noticeable but not overwhelming. The almond powder added a nice crunch, making each bite a treat. This dessert was simple yet wonderfully complex and satisfying!

had an amazing dining experience at gunther’s - from the delicious food to the pleasant & warm service from the staff, would definitely recommend all to visit the restaurant!

had the 4 course meal which came with 2 appetisers, 1 main course, 1 dessert. first started with a warm mini baguette which was really soft and paired perfectly with the butter served.

the seared toro with the halfboiled egg & vinegar seasoned rice tasted really great!! enjoyed the clams which had a lace of wine taste as well.

the maine lobster was super fresh and you could taste the sweetness of it! the sauce that topped the lobster was also so good!

ended off the meal with the fine apple tart which was one of a kind - thinly crisp on the outside and filled with yummy apple puree; it was also served with rum and raisin ice cream! also had the petite fours - a canele, dark chocolate and mini freshly baked lemon financiers which were equally tasty.













Gunther's really impressed me with their Chef's seasonal set lunch.

For appetisers, I had the smoked egg with seared toro and the clams cooked a la minute. The richness of the soft boiled egg and seared toro paired amazingly, and the citrusy sauce added a nice tang that added balanced. The clams cooked a la minute were another hit. They were plump, sweet and fresh. And the sauce—buttery with a hint of citrus and herbs—complemented them perfectly. I was surprised by how much I liked this!

The wagyu for the main course was delicious. So juicy, flavorful, and tender. What I liked most was how it was served with different sauces and sides (sweet corn, bordelaise, mustard, etc), allowing me to mix and match for different flavors and textures.

Dessert was an apple tart with ice cream. The tart was warm and had a nice flaky texture and a nice caramalised base. The ice cream had a pleasantly distinct flavour of rum.

Overall, Gunther's offers a lunch that's really worth the price. The quality of ingredients shines through, and the flavours in each dish are very well-balanced. A great choice if you're looking for a top-notch dining experience.

💯 Honey Thyme focaccia ($6.50) was a thick chunk which surprised me with the touch of chilli oil on top that somehow works! An interesting twist of sweet and spicy to the fluffy bread 🥖

💡: There are pets and kids around because of the open lawn right outside the bakery with open seating and daylight💯 It’s an improved location choice from their Phoenix Park days in 2022👌 Will be back maybe as a once every 2-3 months kinda bakery brunch before a museum date!😉 #dateidea

check out @flourish.bakehouse located at SMU right above bras basah MRT! super convenient!
✨ Sweet apple Galette brings you to a european home 🏠 where this crumbly galette just came out of the oven with fresh caramelised apples from the garden (imaginary)🍎 but wow doesn’t feel like im in a local bakery!

💡: There are pets and kids around because of the open lawn right outside the bakery with open seating and daylight💯 It’s an improved location choice from their Phoenix Park days in 2022👌 Will be back maybe as a once every 2-3 months kinda bakery brunch before a museum date!😉 #dateidea