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📍Anti:dote, Hotel Fairmont📍
💸 Mother’s Day High Tea: $58 per pax
*Not inclusive of GST/Service Charge
Pampering ourselves during the long weekend with Anti:dote’s Mother’s Day High Tea!🌸✨💃 Generally more of a savory person but have to say that their sweets were better and not overly sweet😅 Favourite item has got to be the Madagascan Vanilla scones especially when it’s served warm😌

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The Signature Ice Latte ($8) is pretty pricey but I really like how smooth and creamy this is, with a layer of fragrance from the cinnamon.

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The different flavours of the Guava Strawberry Kaffir Lime Danish ($6) complemented one another and the taste is very sophisticated and enjoyable.

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For sides, we ordered Mentaiko Tater Tots ($13) and the combination of Mentaiko mayo and torched mozzarella with crispy potato is pretty addictive!

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We also had Seafood Aglio Olio ($26) where al dente linguine is served with torched tiger prawns, Hokkaido scallops and a sprinkle of garlic chips. The garlic is very aromatic and the seafood is fresh and tasty. Couldn’t get enough of this!

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I had a really good lunch at Dough, a restaurant-bakery-coffee bar at CHIJMES. The Dough Platter ($29) is a hearty breakfast platter comprising of smoked chilli maple glazed pancetta steak (tastes like a cross between bacon and bakkwa), scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes and hash cakes. Every item is delicious and they work so well together. The portion is very big and this can be shared by 2-3 pax.

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@churrosrepublic may be a simple churro stall but they do a decent churro and a whole range of sauces!

Bite sized churros are such an indulgence to me -- I love fried dough only if it's crispy and the maximum surface area just maximises it's crispisness. The dough within was nicely chewy without being too raw. All in all a decent price to pay for some nice churros.

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Owned by Bread Talk, @butterbeansg provides quick sammies at affordable prices. 🌠Protip: place a pick-up order on Grabfood to slash prices further!🌠

This sandwich includes a large piece of fried chicken thigh and a generous helping of fluffy omelette-style eggs. Actually, the eggs, bread, and slice of cheese was actually the most charming part of the meal. The chicken was actually quite tender but wasnt too special.

Overall, I would come back for this for quick comfort food at this price -- especially for those fluffy eggs.

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Went to the café beside to chill after a pottery class (not easy🥵) and was recommended the GINSENG AMERICANO ($8). it was sweetened with honey so it wasn’t bitter and the smell of ginseng was superrr aromatic. 11/10 would drink again!!

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Great place for Dim Sum and Brunch

Location: Lei Garden Restaurant (Chijmes), 30 Victoria St, #01-24 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

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Was excited to try this place because of the reviews but unfortunately the food and service didn’t meet my expectations.

We were seated outside as they were having a full house indoors. That was okay since it was pretty cooling in the evening. However, it started pouring and we were shifted to the sheltered area with no ventilation. Definitely not a pleasant area to have dinner.

Before we sat down, we asked if we could use the Burpple discount. One of the waiters told us we were able to. Only till we foot the bill, then we realized we weren’t able to due to the eve of Vesak Day. Thankfully, the manager still gave us the 15% off total bill, along with an unpleasant attitude. On top of that, none of the staff owned up to telling us we could use the Burpple.

Food was okay. The tortilla was so thin it was mostly soaked in sauce. The portions were little for what we paid too. The only thing that wowed me was the beer! Would definitely go back for the beer but maybe not due to the poor service and the underwhelming food. I can definitely find better tacos elsewhere.