All About Matcha 🍵

All About Matcha 🍵

Matcha 4ever 🍵

Matcha White Chocolate Almond ($3.80)

I saw their feed for this before so I wanted to try since then. I felt that their matcha was not much taste and slightly sweet due to white chocolate but their almond topping got a lot of. They also sell Green Tea Latte and other drinks on the menu also to pair with the donuts.

Signature Okumidori Latte (Matcha Latte) ($6.90)

So worth it for my trip to kyo kohee and lack of sleep on next moment. I really like this matcha latte so much as their quality for matcha really up to the standard. Until then I don't want to order other shop anymore? just a sip for matcha, I got really excited for more to go. I did order fresh milk even though I got lactose intolerant situation but I don't really care about it.

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Matcha Macchiato Latte ($5)

0% Sugar bc it's not nice for people preferred sugar stuff but macchiato just average for me tbh (not that "salty" but creamy and milky type)

Matcha Pate A Choux ($6)

hmmm I always have high expectation for matcha stuff inside the matcha speciality shop that most of people knew me since I'm a fan of matcha stuff. so like their matcha cream puff didn't met my expectation but slightly disappointed by the taste and colour like not consistent tbh. It fall between grassy and vegetal aftertaste for in my opinion. Don't treat it so serious and depends on other opinions also.

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Matcha Latte ($4.50) (25% Sugar)

I did expected that it's gonna be slightly sweet due to the condensed milk that they used. Matcha was quite sweet and not bitter aftertaste. They mixed well with matcha and milk together after shaking it together.

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Matcha Latte ($6) (low fat milk)

I felt that their matcha latte was slightly oxidised as the bubble popped out from the surface of the drink. The matcha powder didn't absorb well with milk and left on the bottom of the drink. 

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Matcha Mochimochi ($2.70) (pic 9 - 10)

CNY Special for dunkin' donuts so i decided to try it out last weekend. it's quite sweet and chewy tbh but a bit milky for matcha.

Jasmine Clementine Pure Matcha Latte (Tall) ($7.90)

Taste like pokka green tea tbh for Jasmine Clementine part as it's just mixed well with pure matcha latte. It's really taste not bitter and a bit milky tbh due to Jasmine Clementine. Starbucks released under new year 2023 like brand new year until next month (don't know till when) and really give off new year vibes.

McCafe Iced Green Tea Latte ($2.25)

i don't remember that i tried it b4 in the past. matcha is quite milky texture and not much bitter taste.

Green Tea Croissant ($3.80)

Taste like pokka green tea, more creamy and milky for filling

Jade Green Tea ($3.20) (30% Sugar)

It's just feel like pokka green tea lol 🤣 instead of jade green tea. But it's slightly sweet overall even thought I opt out for less sweet.

Matcha Latte w Oat Milk ($6.90)

Finally get their drink before 2022 ends also. I finally get famous hk coffee brand. I felt that it's not bad but oat milk taste not that strong and didn't covered up matcha latte.


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