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From Folk Yard
Freshly brewed matcha with milk is a velvety-smooth delight.
Rich, grassy notes harmonize with creamy sweetness, transporting to a tranquil oasis.
A perfect pick-me-up!

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[Kallang, Singapore 🇸🇬]

Lala Soup Bee Hoon 啦啦米粉汤 (S$8.80)
Don’t forget to add Hua Tiao Chiew 花彫酒 (Chinese Cooking Wine) to the dish. It will enhance the dish further.

Kallang Claypot Lala @kallangclaypotlala
Address 🛖 : Foodloft, 10 Lorong Bakar Batu, Singapore 🇸🇬 348744
Open 🕰️ : Tue - Sun : 12pm - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Geylang Bahru (DT24) Downtown Line
Note 📝 : Official opening on 25 June 2024

From Yishun 925
Hainanese Chicken Rice here popular with regulars.
Added egg. $6 for now.

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- Pork didn’t have any porky odour and minced pork came in huge chunks.
- Mee pok was springy and QQ with a satisfying bite, fully coated in luscious dark sauce which reminded me of Malaysian wonton mee.
- I liked their spicy chilli paste which was fried with bits of crunchy dried shrimp 🌶️

- Served with generous serving of meatballs, minced pork, pork slices, intestine, kidney and liver 🍲
- I don’t eat innards but my mum really enjoyed how they’re all fresh, nicely cooked and tender, not overdone or too chewy at all.
- Pork liver didn’t have any bitterness and wasn’t undercooked, contrary to some stalls which serve them slightly pink.
- Egg created floating egg whites in the flavourful cloudy soup which wasn’t too salty, so comforting!

- Definitely refreshing with a predominant sweet fruitiness of peach blended with the tanginess of passionfruit!
- Unique with hints of unexpected herbal minty aftertaste from the sage, adding depth to an otherwise typical flavour 🍃 [8/10]

- Vanilla base swirled with homemade banana jam, brownies and caramel, an indulgent trio combi!
- Super fudgy, chewy and stretchy altogether though I found it a bit too sticky for my liking, reminding me of cookie dough’s texture.
- I liked how there’s soft mashed bananas which added a creamy natural sweetness with a subtle tartness that balanced the other sweet components 🍌 [7/10]

From M.Ellyshah Muslim Food
Classic Malay Mee Siam is a delightful comfort food that will surely satisfy those who enjoy a flavorful cooked chili broth. The dish is often garnished with hard-boiled eggs, which add a rich and creamy texture to balance the spice.
Adding a fried begedil—a delicious potato patty—elevates the meal by introducing an extra layer of savory goodness.
The crispy exterior and soft interior of the begedil complement the vibrant flavors of the mee siam perfectly.
Overall, this dish offers a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, spicy, and savory notes that make it incredibly satisfying for anyone looking for hearty comfort food with a kick.

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I had good memories of this stall so I returned to make new memories. It's really an ordinary stall but there's something gritty about it.

With Organ (Pork Intestine, Kidney, Liver)

Add-on extra Pork Lard


An intriguing supermarket-eatery. But after trying this simple dish, I can report that there's no need to eat here.