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Hawker Eats

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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Was craving for some minced meat noodles, and I am glad that this bowl from Liang Chuan Fishball Minced Meat Noodles did its job. I got their middle sized portion for $4.50 and it came with quite a handful of ingredients and noodles. The noodles were springy and were well coated with their signature chilli sauce.

Their chilli sauce is definitely their highlight, due to its strong umami flavours coming from grinded shrimps. The chilli has a good heat as well and was not too spicy. So darn addictive!

The meatballs and minced meat were all pretty tender too. Definitely a bowl to satisfy my BCM cravings!

Finally tried this western food stall in a pretty secluded area and it was really pretty good!

The Black Pepper Chicken Chop ($7.80) came in a pretty sizeable portion, with a huge amount of sauce given. The chicken was grilled well and was tender. The black pepper sauce was definitely savoury and very peppery, great for people who love the pepper flavour! Side were okay, nothing much to shout out about. This is like your old school western fare but definitely a better quality!

The Fish And Chips ($8.80) came with 2 pieces of fried fillet, which were fried well. The batter was light and crispy, while keeping the fish moist within. The fish was fresh and flaky! Paired with their tartar sauce, this is one good old school western fare.

Saw that there is stall selling cheap beers on tap, definitely getting those next time to accompany the food here 😍

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I know many rave about their grilled chicken and breaded chicken mains together with their delicious sides, their Garlic Butter Mussels (~$7.50) are really to die for as well. I'm so glad I got this too when I ordered takeaway, as it came it generous portions and was absolutely delicious! Each fresh sweet mussels were well drenched in the garlic butter sauce, which has strong umami flavours coming from the garlic, and had a good rich creaminess that is addictive. Pair this sauce with their mushroom rice and it's a definite party in the mouth. Definitely giving this a must try rating!

Finally sank my teeth into their all famous salted egg pork ribs ($14 for small portion) and I can definitely see why people rave over their rendition of this signature zi char dish.

The pork ribs were coated with a very generous amount of incredibly rich and creamy salted egg yolk sauce. The sauce even had chunks of salted egg yolk within, adding extra punch of flavour. The pork ribs themselves were moderately tender and still somewhat retains its outer crispness. Indeed extremely satisfying, but best shared with people to reduce its "gelat" effect.

The Salted Fish Fried Rice ($6 for small) came pretty generous as well and really has the smokey flavour. Although it can be a little too salty, it is still great to share around 😚

Definitely coming back when I'm craving salted egg pork ribs!

This seemed to be a popular zichar stall and we left impressed!

At first we didn't want to order the Grilled Sotong ($18 for small) but the owner convinced us otherwise. As I quote: "This is our signature. If its not delicious, I will refund for you". With such guarantee, we had to get it 😂 I must say, it was really pretty good! The portion came pretty generous and the squid was fresh and not chewy. There is quite a bit of smoky flavour as well! Best to pair with the squid is their secret green sauce, which the owner refused to disclose its ingredients.

The salted egg pork ribs ($12 for small) also came in quite sizable portions, with its meat tender and well coated with a strong salted egg sauce that isn't too dry.

Now we come to their fish head steamboat ($30), which was huge! The soup is very robust and you can tell its boiled over long hours. There were many fish head chunks that had alot of meat, and they were so sweet and fresh! The soup is really addictive and we had to ask them for a free refill.

Definitely one of the best zi char experiences I've had, especially with the owner being so friendly and cheeky. Will definitely be back!

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Actually my first time to this hawker centre and was so impressed by the halal fare!

We tried the Ayam Penyet ($7) from Adam Chicken Rice and first of all, the portion is huge! Digging your spoon into the chicken thigh triggers a satisfying crunch from the crispy skin and reveals juicy and flavourful meat within. The rice is flavoured with chicken stock and was fluffy! If you like your food spicy, their chili definitely has the punch. A dish I have no complaints about!

Another dish we ordered was Soup Kambing ($8) from Bahrakath Mutton Soup King, and it was so impressive that I couldn't take a good picture before it was gone😂 The soup itself was such a thick broth and had a wonderful herbal flavour. Mutton meat within were very tender too. Love this so much!

We also ordered satay on the side as well from Zaiton Satay ($0.80 each) and although they were slightly tough, the meats were so flavourful and addictive. Definitely a great addition to the mains.

One of the more famous roast meat stalls around, Jiu Jiang Shao la's roasts may be leaner, but they do pack with flavour.

Their char siew pieces were roasted well though a little tough due to the cut of pork they use. Nonetheless, paired with their sweet savoury sauce, this still hits the spot.

The roast pork was okay, with the skin just slight crispy.

Their roast duck is the best among the 3, as they were tender and very flavourful. Definitely can taste the different herbs and spices used!

Always wanted to try their fish soup and I must say I was definitely impressed! I ordered the usual batang fish soup ($6.80) and I was delighted that the soup has a robust flavour coming from boiling fish bones and perhaps dried fish flakes. The soup isn't too salty and has extra interesting ingredient: salted vegetables. They definitely added umami to the already flavourful soup!

The fish slices itself were generous, and were extremely fresh. With natural sweetness, each slice also had a bouncy texture that I loved! Definitely a good bowl of fish soup I crave on rainy days!

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If you fancy a good plate of hokkien mee with strong seafood broth and loads of garlic and pork lard flavours, this is it. Their $7 portion came in generous portions, enough for perhaps 2 small eaters or 1 big one! This is a wetter kind of hokkien mee, which tend to come with less smokey flavour but more savoury broth flavour!

If you think you had good hokkien mee chilli so far, think again. Their chilli comes with an extra main ingredient, ikan billis! Those fried anchovies definitely gave an extra umami to the already flavourful and spicy chilli.

Absolutely recommended and definitely will come again!

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Now this is another fish soup in the east I would travel to eat! Their fresh fish soup ($4.50) is filled with a variety of ingredients, including fresh fish slices that had such s good bite! The fish slices were naturally sweet as well. What's best is their soup broth that not only has the taste of fish stock, it took on the flavour of fried egg pieces as well. Now that's one good fish soup to be added to my list!

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Although not the friendliest staff working at this Yong Tau Foo stall, the food quality here is indeed not bad! Chanced upon this stall with a constant queue and did not have any regrets.

I got noodles with 6 ingredients and paid about $4-5 and the portion was really big! The staff will ask if you would like them to fry the fried ingredients and doing so really did made those pieces taste much nicer, though much oiler.

I actually really liked the soup, as you can taste the flavours coming from the soy beans. All ingredients tasted great with their chilli sauce, which packed a savoury punch. Definitely a stall I wouldn't mind eating again if I'm around the area!

Found out that this stall just opened in golden mile and I must say I was really pretty impressed with their noodles!

Their Ah Gong Signature Noodles ($5.50) came with an abundant amount of ingredients, including pork balls, pork slices and pork liver. Their pork slices are pretty tender and though their pork slices may be thin and some were overcooked, they were not gamey at all. Soup is not too sweet and is flavourful!

Their noodles were tossed in a very old school flavoured sauce, that used mainly chilli, ketchup, vinegar and lard. The addition of fried shallots definitely gave the noodles more umami flavour. Loved how they were springy too!

Definitely a satisfying bowl for lunch! So glad I added more noodles 😍

Jason Ng

Level 8 Burppler · 663 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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