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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

You know sometimes you just want to have a good bowl of noodles to get by your day? Hock Lai Seng's fishball noodle just hits the right spot.

Their $6 bowl of fishball noodles came with a variety of ingredients, from fishballs to meatballs and pork liver. Seeing how they cook, I knew they would do well and I added $1 for extra liver. True enough, their liver slices were very fresh and cooked just right. With a bouncy texture, there isn't much gamey flavour too. The rest of the ingredients were pretty standard and the soup tasted quite old school with a light meat broth.

The noodles were fantastic, with a springy texture and they were well drenched in a mixture of ketchup and their homemade chilli sauce. The savouriness of the chilli sauce shines through with deep umami and a slight kick. Very enjoyable.

Come and try if you're in Maxwell!

Pasir Ris residents or even easties, there's another dish in the new Pasir Ris Mall worth trying out. Kawan Bowl in Cantine by Kopitiam serves up Halal egg rice bowls that are similar to the famous ones from Dan Lao, but with a more local twist that is pretty darn good!

The Ayam Panggang Egg Rice ($6.90) boasts a huge slab of grilled chicken, that had a beautiful char and flavour. I can tell that the marinade penetrated the chicken well, as it was flavourful throughout the chicken cutlet. As Malay spices were used, you know it's all about rich deep flavours. The char from the grilling added extra umami as well! The sauce used is of a good mix of sweet and savoury flavours. The egg itself was fluffy and done well 😍 My only nitpick is that I wish the rice was flavoured 😂 but yeah all rice bowls usually use the normal rice.

The Satay Goreng Chicken Egg Rice ($7.90) was using the same chicken but with spicy peanut sauce. If you love peanut sauce, this is up your alley. I just found the sauce too rich and covered up the taste of the chicken marinade.

Definitely recommend the Ayam Panggang as I can wolf down 2 bowls no problem 😍

Straight up, there were hits and misses, but can come back for their pork belly, chicken chop and sweet potato.

We ordered the Beef Brisket platter ($36) and Duck Platter ($32) which came with various types of meats, including their pork belly and chicken chop. Among the meats, their pork belly was our crowd favourite, due to its heavy smoky flavour, slight crust on the outside and their melt-in-the-mouth fats. It was well seasoned as well, but can be really rich 😂 Their chicken chop is also our favourite, as it was smoky, tender and flavourful. Definitely went well with the cream sauce!

However, both the duck leg and beef brisket did not sit well with us, as the duck leg lacked flavour in general and the beef brisket lacked its essential beefy flavour. There was way too much fat to meat ratio too.

As for the sides, the sweet potato won us with its crispy exterior, fluffy inside and it was also well seasoned! The mashed potato and ratatouille were okay but the aglio olio lacked flavour and was under seasoned. Aside from the platters we also ordered another Cream Carbonara but it was rather flat tasting as all we tasted was cream.

All in all, I don't think it warrants a long distance trip as it can be quite hard to get to, but if you are nearby, get their pork belly or chicken chop with sweet potatoes as the side! It was pretty affordable too!

Now this is what I call restaurant quality food in a hawker setting. This is my 2nd time at Eddy's and it is still as good 😍😍😍

The Duck Confit with Aglio Olio ($14) was absolutely splendid. The duck confit itself was quite sizable, and it was perfectly grilled to have an amazing crispy skin, while keeping the meat within moist. It was incredibly tender, as you can pull apart the meat with a plastic spoon! It was well flavoured as well with their secret blend of spices. Aglio Olio was great as well, as it was al dente and very garlicky 😍

Even their Grilled Salmon with Mashed Potato ($12) was very good. The salmon skin was grilled till very crispy and the meat was pretty moist! Loved that the salmon was quite fatty. The mashed potato below was rich and creamy, exactly how it should be.

This is one hawker stall I will crave and I will definitely be back! I believe the duck confit here is worth travelling for, as I dare say that it's better than many restaurants I've been to.

One sip of their prawn broth and I was sold 😍 @woodlandsclaypotprawn offers prawn claypot hotpot with multiple ingredients to add on and we loved them all!

Upon ordering the Speciality Prawn Broth ($32.80), you will be greeted by a raging charcoal fire and a claypot full of huge prawns! We counted at least 12 pieces which made this really worth it 😍 the broth itself was familiar, with a taste similar to those from the prawn mee soup. It was very rich with prawn flavours and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The add on ingredients that we ordered were all fresh and I especially loved the shabu pork slices, as they were thicker than other places and yet still tender. Their prawn paste doesn't disappoint as well!

They do provide a variety of sauces, although the classic sesame sauce with garlic would suffice.

We also tried their Hokkien Mee ($8.80) which was well executed too. It was very interesting to see a raw egg for you to mix it, which adds extra richness and binds the whole dish very well. Seafood and meat flavours were strong in the broth and I absolutely loved their fresh pork lard! This is a very wet starchy version which some will love.

Now this is one meal I will crave on rainy days and I would definitely come back. Thank you @wantwoeatsg for inviting and @woodlandsclaypotprawn for the food!


It's been some time since I've been to Chomp Chomp Food Centre, and I feel like the prices have risen quite a bit since 🫠 wonder if it's because it has become much more touristy that before 😂 Nonetheless, the food here is still pretty good! Here's what I've got:

Hokkien Mee ($5 medium portion) from Chia Keng Fried Hokkien Mee - many people don't seem to stand by this, but this portion we had was delicious! The portion may be smaller than usual, but it was packed with seafood flavour with every bite. There wasn't much alkaline flavour and it was starchy in a nice way. Prawns were a miss but the pork lard pieces were just glorious with the noodles 😍

Sambal Stingray ($20 medium portion) from Hai Wei Yuan - may be expensive, but they did give quite meaty pieces. There was little fishy odour and the meat was flaky, juicy and smoky! Sambal was not really spicy, but flavourful. Good enough to share among 3!

Oyster Omelette ($9 medium portion) from Ang Sa Lee - quite decent, the oysters were plump and fresh and there was alot more egg than flour in this rendition! Chilli was okay, just wished it was more savoury.

Pork and Chicken Satay and Chicken Wings from Traditional Hai Nam Fang - now these stole our hearts 😍 the satay meat were so smoky, flavourful and tender 🥹 perfect with the peanut pineapple satay sauce given. The chicken wings were also well flavourful and smoky too! Definitely a good sharing dish here!

Somehow drinks are in enormous portions 😂 this can be a place to consider having a good dinner with friends! Although it can be abit inconvenient to get to 😂

Finally tried @danlao_sg 's Large Fried Chicken bowl ($7) at Tampines Mall outlet and I was sold 😍

At first look, the fried chicken cutlet given was pretty huge! The batter was light, crispy and flavourful and the best part was that the chicken within was still substantially thick and juicy 😍 very addictive!

Now for the egg, this is what they are famous for. It was done just right, fluffy and flavourful with their signature sauce drizzled on top.

Combining all the elements together with the bed of rice below, this is one satisfying meal that will fill you up! Will be back 😍


Ordered in @engsengfirstgradeseafood for a little dinner treat and I must say, their crabs were delicious and their other dishes were pretty decent!

Eng Seng is known for their black pepper crabs, and I must say they don't disappoint. At $82 per medium crab, they were pretty meaty and definitely very fresh. Love how the meat in the legs comes off easily as a whole! The sauce was glorious, with a sweet savoury profile and deep rich black pepper flavour. The sauce has quite a heat packed in it! Had their chilli crab as well and it was very eggy and shiok 😍

Other dishes that were great include their Prawn Paste Chicken ($10 for 6) which may have gone soggy due to the packaging, but the rich prawn paste flavour made it addictive! Their Fried Rice ($9 for medium portion) was really good too, with a good amount of wok hei! You can feel the individual grains too 😁

Definitely a restaurant I will go back to for their crab 😍

Tried the insanely popular lala hotpot @ubiclaypotlala! It's decent, but the number of people that day was overwhelming; waited 40 mins to order and another 30 mins for the food and claypot.

The Speciality Broth Big ($22.80) comes with 1kg worth of clams with additional top-ups of clams at $10.80 for every 500g. Free refills for the broth is available. The broth itself is somehow not really flavourful, but it is made much better with 3 ingredients: clams, fried garlic and huatiao wine. Clams were fresh and they provided a delectable sweetness to the broth. Do note that they might contain some mud in them!

You can also add some other ingredients in and my favourites got to be the Australian Beef Slices ($10.80) and Prawn Paste ($10.80). The beef slices were tender and the prawn paste had a bouncy texture with great seafood flavours.

I think it's okay to try if there isn't a queue. This is definitely nowhere as nice as Dai Tao in JB (I'm willing to queue 1hr for that one)!

If you love your minced meat noodles and your pork liver, Dong Xue Minipot Noodle got you covered with their quality dishes!

I have eaten their Minipot noodles and their mini steamboat sets before, but their minced meat noodles ($5.50) really won me over completely, especially their pork liver. It was very fresh with little to no pork odour and it was a wonderful al dente texture that is just superior to the grainy kind I am used to. It was also not tough, which means that it was cooked perfectly and not overcooked. Even the sliced pork was very tender.

They do their noodles well too, as their mee pok had an al dente texture, with a good coating of savoury chilli sauce that wasn't too spicy nor too salty. The alkaline taste was quite faint as well!

The soup is decent as well as it was flavoured by the pork liver and probably pork bones.

Honestly, this is probably one of the best minced meat noodles I've had, considering that it ticked the check boxes for all items served. I actually don't mind eating from their stall every week for work lunches!

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Cosford Container Park opened just a few months ago and they have already gained such a huge fanbase! The container park was so crowded that there were quite a few people waiting for seats by the side. We were there early for dinner and got our favourite classics from the old Timbre+ Eastside.

The Tom Yum Mama Hotpot ($18 for 1 pax) is one of the bestsellers from Streets of Bangkok and we can definitely see why. Al dente mama noodles were in this spicy, tangy yet rich and flavourful broth and they were so darn hearty and addictive! There was quite abit of seafood ingredients which were fresh as well. The 2 egg drops completed the dish, due to its added richness. The only downside is that the area is way too windy and that the fire below isn't too strong, making this less hot than we liked.

The Salmon Mentaiko Don ($12.90) was also one of our favourites. At an affordable price, you get a pretty sizable grilled salmon piece that was fresh and meaty. It was topped with a lot of mentaiko sauce which was so rich with umami! The crispy tempura bits definitely added the contrast in texture that is well appreciated. The runny egg completes the dish 😍

It may be a journey to come here, but it feels like a getaway from the city. If you are from the east, this is one place you should explore for good food and good vibes!

Probably one of the most famous chicken rice shop in Singapore, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice in Katong Shopping Centre gathers a huge crowd who are willing to queue to have our national dish. We decided to brave the queue and got our spread in about 30 mins.

We got the mixture chicken set for 4 ($26) which came in a huge plate. Both roasted chicken and steamed chicken were doused in a sweet savoury sauce and topped with loads of fried garlic. I must say that their quality of chicken still remained rather high, as the chicken was moist, flavourful and most importantly fresh. The skin of the roasted chicken was the best, as there was the added caramelised flavour of rendered fat.

The chicken rice came with 2 different kind of soups: a black herbal one and a standard cabbage soup. The black herbal one contains a chicken feet, and the herbal flavour was quite mild. The cabbage soup was flavourful but abit too peppery for my liking. The achar that came with the set was delightful due to the large chunks of seasoned pineapple that were good appetizers!

Actually for the portion of meat given, it's actually quite worth it. The only complaint should be the rice itself, as it wasn't as flavourful as we wanted it to be. Oh and their chilli deserves a shout out too, as it was not too spicy, but had the perfect amount of vinegar and garlic to pair with the savoury chicken 😍

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