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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Aside from the soup minced meat noodles from Bedok 85, I do appreciate the rendition from this stall ($4/5/6) in Tampines as well! The soup is pretty well flavoured from the pork lard used and the noodles were springy. The highlight got to be their dumplings, as the meat within is very well flavoured with fried garlic. The fried garlic pieces in their soup were also fantastic, as they were packed full of umami. A comforting soup I will crave for from time to time!

Old Airport Road Food Centre is home to many famous hawker stalls and we were so satisfied with everything that we ordered!

1️⃣Oyster Omelette ($8 medium portion) from Famous Old Airport Road Oyster: Now this is one oyster omelette you have to try. Without using any flour, their oyster omelette is full of egg and I love how some parts were crispy! Their oysters were fresh, plump and succulent, perfect with tangy chilli.

2️⃣Black Char Kway Teow ($5) from Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow: this is a long time favourite among many of the people living around the area. I like how their kway teow noodles were cooked perfectly, as they were still springy! Definitely a decent plate, with fresh cockles and a right balance of sweet and savoury.

3️⃣Spicy Lala Kalguksu ($8) from Wooga Jjajang: one of the newer additions to this hawker centre, their Kalguksu really hit the spot. With just the right amount of spiciness, coupled with a flavourful seafood broth, this is one bowl to get when it rains! The noodles were very springy and there was such a generous amount of clams given!

4️⃣Durian Chendol ($3.50) from Nyonya Chendol: Looking at how thick the gula melaka is, I know this is going to be a good bowl. With a good balance of sweet and savoury, this bowl shouts rich flavours from the thick coconut milk and gula melaka. The durian portion was also generous and it was very fragrant. Perfect end to the meal!

This fish soup stall does fish soup very differently compared to other establishments, and I must say that their rendition is absolutely amazing!

You have to get their black and white ee mian ($7/10), especially their large portion which comes with an abundant amount of sliced fish and fried fish. It may be quite expensive, but this bowl is worth the treat!

The broth itself is very unique as not only do you taste the deep savoury fish umami notes, you can taste a strong flavour of bay leaves as well! The bay leaves provided an extra aroma which is greatly appreciated. The sliced fish slices were also rather thick and bouncy which says alot about their freshness!

Their fried fish slices are a speciality here, as they serve them separately. I can see the reason why, as they had such a wonderful crunch! The taste is quite similar to fried fish skin and definitely as addictive as well.

I queued for about 40 minutes and honestly it was quite worth the wait. Fish soup lovers, please try this rendition and you won't regret!

Zion Road Blk 91 An Shun Fish Soup
174C Hougang Ave 1, Singapore 533174

Prices may be quite steep for signature fishball noodles (I got their $8 version) but I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

Their noodles were springy and very well dressed in their blend of sauces. I liked how it had the right amount of tartness from the vinegar and that the chilli isn't too spicy. The lard flavour is strong as well! A small downside is that I noticed some ketchup in the sauce, which made it abit too sweet for my liking.

The soup itself was sweetened by what I believe is pork stock, and there were many ingredients given. From bouncy fish balls to fresh pig liver to a fresh snappy prawn, I enjoyed all of them!

This is definitely a lunch option I would consider if I am working nearby. Will be back!

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If you are looking for some authentic comforting Malaysian style handmade noodles, this is it.

@tastebukittimah serves up a several cuisines and handmade noodles is one of their main specialities here. I absolutely loved their dry version ($6.80) as not only the noodles were al dente, the sauce used was so satisfying. It wasn't too savoury but still flavourful from the good soy sauce used and the chilli wasn't too spicy. The money cai was just lightly blanched so it still has a bite!

Their soup version is good as well, as their soup has a lot of umami flavour from the anchovies used to cook the soup. Once again it isn't too salty and still very comforting.

You also can get their Moo Ping ($5.80 for 2) to pair with your handmade noodles! They were juicy and flavourful, with a slight crispiness.

Thank you @eatwithkeat for inviting and @tastebukittimah for the wonderful spread!

Known for their murtabak, I've had their rendition since young and their quality really stayed roughly the same over the years!

The Mutton Murtabak ($7) was my favourition, with heavily seasoned minced mutton sandwiched between prata dough. The dough is slightly crispy on the outside and chewy within. Paired with their curry, this is one comforting dish I will crave from time to time!

Their Chicken Mee Goreng ($10) also came in huge portions. The noodles were well fried, as they were al dente while being very flavourful! The spice level can be quite high for this one, and it got me ordering drinks together with this 😂 the chicken may be a little dry, but the marination was what got me going for more.

Definitely a place I will come once in a while to get some quality supper fare. Can't wait to be back!


Fancy some old school western delights? This is one place to get some quality affordable western fare! I had the mixed grill ($7) which had a piece of grilled chicken, a piece of grilled pork chop and a piece of fried fish cutlet and they were pretty good!

The fried fish cutlet stole the show as we loved the crispy light batter and the flaky succulent meat within. The chicken was tender, and had the old school peppery taste, due to the brown sauce it was drenched with. The pork chop was a little too tough, but still decent.

As for the sides, the garlic rice was fantastic as it was fluffy and extremely flavourful from the amount of garlic within the rice. Really addictive!

I can really see myself coming back here frequently if I live nearby. Will be back again!

Salted Egg Pork Ribs is one popular dish in zi char stalls and Three Meals A Day's rendition ($7.20 with egg) is really not bad. Tender pork cutlets were drenched heavily in a thick luscious salted egg sauce that had a good balance of sweet and savouriness. You get hit by a strong creamy salted egg yolk taste, then the aromatics of the curry leaves and spice of the chilli padi. This is best paired with rice and egg! If only they gave more of those delicious pork ribs 😍

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Now this is a handmade noodle store worth queuing up for. Hidden in Tampines 1 food court, the all famous @l32handmadenoodles serves up really awesome handmade noodles!

Their dry noodles are really popular and I can see why. I had their Fried Dumplings Ban Mian ($7) and the chewy al dente noodles were very nicely dressed in some secret sauce that isn't too salty but yet flavourful. Their noodle texture and mouth feel really is a notch above any other handmade noodle stalls I've had.

Now we move on to their dumplings. Full of meaty ingredients, the dumplings were crispy and were full of flavour! Even their soup is good. Although only slight salty, you can taste the anchovy broth. The egg drop within is satisfying too!

Definitely one of the best handmade noodles I've had. I'm so coming back for more soon!

Saw a pretty long queue for this hor fun stall and decided to try! The Beef Hor Fun ($5) was silky smooth and came with a substantial amount of wok hei. The sauce itself was quite light tasting, but you can taste the egg flavour within. The beef slices were rather tender, but I wished that they could have been more well seasoned, as there wasn't much flavour. Their green chilli were satisfyingly crunchy and had quite a kick!

Not bad, this will be an option when I'm around the area!

Kee Hock
448 Clementi Ave 3, #01-43, Singapore 120448


When we talk about hawker food at serangoon gardens, stalls from the chomp chomp food centre will normally come into the picture. However, there is a gem in the lesser known Serangoon Garden Food Centre that you should know about!

This Mee Goreng ($5.50) here is really worth mentioning. With 3 rather large juicy prawns and several squid slices, the Mee Goreng was fried so well, as the noodles were al dente, not starchy and definitely did not have the alkaline taste. It was not overly oily, but yet still flavourful. The acidity from the lime helps to cut the oiliness further and before I know it, I cleaned up the plate!

A very well balanced Mee Goreng. This may be the best rendition I've had so far.

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Had a steaming bowl of fish soup from @xinyuanji.fishheadsteamboat and it was comforting!

Priced at $9.80 for a bowl of double fish soup, this was definitely not cheap. There were quite a few slices of fried fish and sliced fish, which was greatly appreciated! The fresh fish slices were meaty and were naturally sweet. The fried fish slices were very tender.

Their soup was definitely light tasting, but you can still taste the fish broth within. I very much preferred the soup in their steamboat version, as the umami flavours were stronger.

Still, this is a comforting bowl of soup I might consider when I'm around the area!

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