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They have been baking their signature cheese cake for many years in this neighbourhood of Bukit Merah.

You will never have the chance to purchase directly from the store unless you are here very early as the first customer, yet the chance is not guaranteed.

All their cheese cakes have to preorder from their website at least 1 day before, as they only prepare based on the amount of orders they have for the day.

Even after so many years, they still have lots of preorder bookings; and you still see some people dropping by to hopefully trying their luck. But usually they would be turned away.

They sell a few different flavours of cheese cake and one of the popular flavour would be this pandan.

I can see why they constantly receiving lots of orders because their cheese cake was so fluffy and not too creamy. Really good as a gift or simply trying it yourself.


Bib Gourmand Hor Fun. Arrived at 11.40am and was second in queue. Ordered the Blissful set and added braised two chicken feet. Total $10.10.

The rice noodles were silky smooth. Braised sauce tastes sweet with hint of Chinese spices. Imagine the after taste of Klang Bak Kut Teh. You get two mushrooms, several pieces of chicken and 1 Bok Choy. Chilli sauce was more sweet than savoury/piquant and not much heat.

It’s good but I am not sure if it qualifies as Michelin Bib Gourmand.

We also chose the 𝗥𝗼𝘀é𝗲 ($8.50), which looks like a teardrop with rose petals on top. The rose and lychee flavours combined well, but the soft, sticky skin wasn’t to my fancy.

Although the tarts weren’t perfect, I’m still inclined to return because of the 1-for-1 Tart + Drink deal on Burpple Beyond.

Fang Patisserie is a hidden gem. Located in a mall that isn’t near to any MRT station and doesn’t see a lot of human traffic, its tranquility provides the perfect backdrop for a quiet afternoon.

Among the gorgeous tarts on display, we picked the 𝗕𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗺 ($8.50), which looked like a tree without leaves standing on a patch of grass. The tangy yuzu interior tasted great, though the matcha was very faint.

I saw many good reviews and I'm completely confused

It's normal potatoes w some oil based sauce and roe. It's as boring as it sounds. And the portion is huge

Overall very expensive and hard to understand the hype since generally it's quite bland, come for the meatballs and the soup and skip the rest

This was pretty decent. The meatballs were firm and Meaty, the lingonberry jam added some sweetness and it went well w the sauce as well as the mash below.

If you're here this is worth a try

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The shrimp toast was quite bland, I mean it's really just shrimp and hard boil eggs. The shrimp was alright but also not spectacular enough to warrant this price

Today's soup was potato leek, it was quite smooth and the leek strong was present. Their soups really are pretty decent

Tastes like any berry honestly, it's not too different

Not v fizzy. And ridiculously priced for a glass of soda

Feast on Canadian Pizza’s BBQ Chicken Bonanza! This pizza comes loaded with tender chicken breast, special bbq sauce, onions, capsicums, tomatoes, mozzarella & edam cheese.

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Every component of this dish must be spot on to be considered one of the best chicken rices in Singapore. From the tender poached chicken to the aromatic fluffy rice and piquant chilli sauce, Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice at Mei Ling Market & Food Centre ticks off most of the checkboxes. The popularity of this chicken stall even extends to 2 side-by-side units in this hawker centre.

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I liked that the studded bread had a strong sesame flavour. It's the filling that's peanut, which was indulgent. But this is not a good review. I saw them take it out from the freezer and quickly sold it to me. It ended up the paper cup was stuck to the buns and the base of the buns were still frozen.

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