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They ran out of pork ribs 30mins before they close, so i swopped out for Pigtail. Small Intestines were perfectly soft and slightly chewy, Pigtail was meaty but not seasoned much, liver was overcooked but no foul smell at all.

Prawns were the highlight, maybe the best ive had at any prawn Noodle hawker stall that isnt the ultra pricey big prawns. Very meaty, fresh, sweet, and inherently savoury.

Soup was pretty strong, its the savoury kind but it's slightly sweet still. Not bad

Worth a try if youre in the area

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Ckn was fine, quite tender and not seasoned. But their Base sauce, which is just sesame oil and home Blend of soy sauce, was incredibly good and appropriately savoury.

Liver was nice as well, no foul smell and quite well cooked. Chili sauce had a lot of raw heat and was sharp.

Not too bad at all overall. Worth a try if you're alr here

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Ckn, duck, and pork ribs

Ckn and duck were alright, pork ribs were unique because the dominant flavour was some alcohol? Kway teow texture was good

The herbal sauce is quite strongly herbal, but well rounded and has the right sweetness, not a herbal sweetness. Probably not everyone can Tell the diff but this is definitely unique, not your usual herbal taste profile. As such, it's worth a try.

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Hot Girl Summer (Medium - $9.50)

I didn't expected that medium size can be shared with 2 pax but I almost could not eating finish for acai. It's not that bad tbh for a first few tries. They can add into different variety of sauce to choose from. A lot of fruits (such as banana, strawberry, kiwi, peach), granola and etcc.. Acai don't have "icy" texture and just nice texture.

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Fang Patisserie was easy to find and had a good range if puffs and pastries. I got the cappuccino, white tea, peacan tart and lemon tart. All the items ordered were nice. I'll visit this place again.

- bust my nuts M $9.50
- wow grape M $9.50
only tried wow grape because i don’t like nuts!! but omg both our bowls were really FILLED with toppings. we even spilled some of our granola and whatnot 😭 not complaining tho, it’s definitely a good thing!

they also have a lot of cookie butter which i really appreciated but it got too jelak towards the end especially after i finished all the toppings and was only left with the cookie butter and açai.. which was conflicting bc the cookie butter was very thick and jelak while the açai was light and refreshing…

overall summer açai is def one of my fav açai spots and i’ve already gotten a few bowls from them previously!! will be looking to finish my loyalty card~

The noodles are cut into smaller strands which you eat with just a spoon. Each slurp brings an umami combination with just a touch of spice and more of the coconut flavour. The accompanying ingredients include cockles, fish cake and prawns. Add in a side of otah for the ultimate comfort food experience.
🍽️ The Original Katong Laksa - Janggut Laksa
📍 1 Queensway, Queensway Shopping Centre, Unit 01-50, Singapore 149053

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Enjoying a leisure lunch at Queensway shopping centre on a weekday afternoon is like a dream 💭 come true for me.

The last time I had this luxury of time was probably in the early-1990s.

Nonya laksa is one of my favourite food as part of my childhood memories — growing up in Joo Chiat area during the 1970s and 1980s.

I fondly remember my mum bringing me and my brother, to the row of laksa stalls located at the corner of Ceylon road in the afternoon to have our lunch.

Afterwards, we will head to Tay Buan Guan supermarket [a first of its kind, back then in the area] which was just a stone’s throw away — through a narrow gap between the shophouses for some groceries before strolling home together.

Sadly, the site of the supermarket has since been replaced by private residential but there is always the Katong laksa that I can enjoy together with my loved ones.

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We came here having read an independent review from hungrygowhere about this place. Delicious!

If you're popping by, definitely recommend to try their meatballs and at least the shrimp toast or the shooting star. Shooting star is pricy but suits those who prefer a warm dish rather than a cold one which would be the shrimp toast. Both are super tasty.

Ambience is nice and the place feels humble but authentic. The seasonal brew comes only in hot form with a little piece of florentine - 🤌


Definitely a worth it beyond deal. The lemon tart was lovely!

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