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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

If you are looking for good coffee in the heart of town, hits the spot with their quality coffee and aesthetic looks!

We got their Iced Latte ($5.90), and it was an enjoyable cup. The coffee was strong and aromatic, with rich chocolate notes hitting strong. It was quite a big cup, and stayed flavourful towards the end. Their Dirty Coffee ($7.90) was an interesting touch, as it was somewhat sweetened. Coffee notes were nuttier and richer here. Quite smooth as well!

I loved how the cafe has an open concept with beautifully decorated flowers. Definitely perfect if the weather isn't too hot, as you can just chill, have good conversations and do some people watching! I saw that their food items look real good as well, so will be trying them one day 😍

Recently went to Cafe Gui to get a quick coffee fix, but although it looked good, unfortunately it was decent at most 🥲

The Iced Latte ($6) was topped with milk foam, but sadly the coffee and milk ratio was off. The coffee flavour itself was faint though fragrant and there was just too much milk. I wished it tasted as good as it looked!

Their Signature Dalgona Honeycomb Coffee ($9.90) was also a disappointment, as although the coffee taste was more prominent in this one, the honeycomb tasted burnt. It was sweet but almost bitter! Really not worth the huge price tag as well 😅

Honestly would skip the coffee here 😶‍🌫️

One of the more popular cafes in the region, @asylumcoffeesg don't mess around with their coffee. I had their Iced Latte ($7.50) and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality cuppa I was having.

Although it was a smaller cup as compared to other cafes, the coffee was strong, yet very smooth and fragrant. Chocolate nutty notes were evident, and they put the right amount of milk for the coffee. Love how it was rich and creamy, all the way till the end. Very enjoyable!

Their cafe isn't big, but some outside seats were available. I saw many people getting their filter coffee and coffee beans itself, so this further emphasises how much people love the coffee here!

If you love your coffee, this is one place you ought to go. With numerous bean choices to choose from, @20gramscoffeesg offers quality coffee to sip the afternoon away!

We got a White Cold Brew ($8) and an Iced Milk Espresso ($7). The White Cold Brew is definitely a stronger brew, with chocolate notes coming through quite strongly. It was very rich and did not get diluted all the way till the end. The Iced Milk Espresso was more interesting, as the beans used here are more fruity and acidic. Sour notes are evident, and quite aromatic as well! However, I do feel like such fruity bean choices should be better drunk without milk.

Definitely a place for people who know their coffee! Most people there seem to drink their coffee black or filtered!

Had such a great experience at that day, with their cosy ambience, friendly conversations with the owners and delicious coffee.

Iced Yam Latte ($6.50) is uncommon and I'm glad that they have it. The yam taste isn't too artificial, wasn't too strong and complemented the coffee very well. You taste the rich notes of the coffee first, before getting a sweet earthy flavour of the yam. Doesn't get too diluted towards the end too!

If you are a coffee lover, I suggest asking for their Ethiopian beans for their Iced Latte ($5.50). It was strong, fragrant and the right amount of acidity. Definitely rich and enjoyable.

They don't really have seats with big tables here, so this place is a great place to just come and chill and have conversations with small parties. Definitely will be back for their quality coffee and friendly owners.

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When I think of a good cup of Iced Latte, one of them has to be the Iced Magic ($6) from ae Coffee. With the right amount of milk, the fragrance of the coffee comes out strongly without being too sharp. I got the Heavyweight beans, which had the chocolate notes that were greatly appreciated.

Do note that there are no seats at this coffee stand, so it's probably takeaway only. If I were to work nearby, this is definitely a good coffee I will want to takeaway for some post lunch perk me up!

Found a gem in the heart of Chinatown! Just a few steps away from the 2nd level of Hong Lim Complex, lies , a lovely quaint cafe good for coffee and conversations.

We had their new Strawberry Matcha ($8.50) and I must say it was quite refreshing! Do give it a good stir, and you will feel like the matcha and strawberry flavours complement well together. We like the homemade strawberry jam below, as it came with several very soft pieces of strawberry that isn't too sweet. A very pretty drink indeed!

I love a good coffee, and their Iced Latte ($5.50) is one worth to come back for. It had the right amount of milk, and I like how strong and nutty the coffee was such that it does not get diluted towards the end. Definitely a smooth cup of coffee I would love to have again!

Will be back again once I'm around the area!

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Finally tried @apartmentcoffee and I loved both the coffee and vibes at this chill cafe!

I had a simple Iced Latte ($6.50) which had strong aromatic notes and it was abit fruity even. Just the right amount of milk, this was an enjoyable cup! The ceramic cup given was also really pretty.

I like how they have a good number of art pieces around that added to the chill vibes they provided! Really does make you feel relaxed.

This is quite a popular cafe, so do note that they limit dining time to about an hour! This is still good for a short chill conversation with your loved ones, or short pause from your daily activities.

Will be back when I'm around in the area!

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If you love your bakes, pastries and coffee, this is one cafe to go! @keongsaikbakery serves up delicious bakes and coffee in both traditional western forms so it should fit most tasting palettes!

For bakes, we got the Orh Nee Tart ($8.80) and Chocolate Indulgence ($8.80) that is both available 1 for 1 under #burpplebeyond and they were good! The Orh Nee Tart was satisfying as the paste had strong coconut flavours and was very smooth! There was so much paste on the tart which made it really rich 😍 just felt like the tart crust could have been fresher though!

The Chocolate Indulgence lived up to its name as it was decadent with its good quality chocolate flavours. Definitely very rich and perfect for chocolate lovers. We felt like the sponge cake was abit too dry too.

To accompany the bakes, their Iced Latte with Arabica beans ($6) is a good option. It was smooth, rich yet not too milky. The coffee notes were strong and the nutty profile was delightful!

Definitely a good place to just chill with your friends and loved ones 🥹

Most will be familiar with @aliceboulangeriesg 's quality desserts, but their range of speciality drinks are very much worth travelling half of Singapore for 😍

Their Alice Cream Coffee ($7.50) consists of milk, espresso and their speciality whipped cream. I must say, their rendition tastes the closest to the einspanner coffee I've had in South Korea, just that the coffee is slightly milder. The cream has a similar consistency, sweetness and richness! This is one beautiful dessert coffee to sip the afternoon away.

Alice's Iced Orange Espresso ($7.50) is for the people who love something more refreshing. Give it a little mix, and the orange juice adds a sweet tangy citrus flavour to the coffee, which is very much appreciated considering how hot Singapore weather is now! The cream on top just makes it slightly richer, which makes it such a wholesome drink! Squeeze the orange on the cream for added citrus flavour 😍

As for dessert, we got the Yuzu Apple Tart ($12) which was absolutely splendid. The tart crust itself was the winner for me, as it was so fresh and crisp, with a beautiful buttery flavour. The Yuzu flavours weren't too overpowering and not too sour either. With a great contrast of textures, this is one good dessert to share!

Can't wait to be back to try more of their drinks 😍

@up_____town is a quaint cafe with stylish designs and power plugs around for people to work in, this is one place you can consider to have your work done or a chill time with loved ones!

The Iced Latte ($6.50) came in a large volume, though I really wished they put less milk. The coffee itself was really aromatic with a very smooth nutty flavour and that was really pleasant! Will ask for less milk next time 😂

The Earl Grey Dirty ($9) was interesting, due to the blend of earl grey tea, coffee, cinnamon and biscoff crumbs. Indeed it was a party of flavours in my mouth, but sadly the coffee was overshadowed by all the other flavours. The Earl Grey definitely comes through strongly, followed by aromatics of the cinnamon and a subtle richness of the coffee. Earl Grey fans, this is for you!

With the cool vibes, I think I would still come back if I'm around the area. The large cup of Iced latte would last me through the work or conversations I'll have!

If you are looking for a quiet cafe to chill at, is a good option 😍 It may be a little tricky to get to as it is hidden from the main road, but the coffee and ambience here makes it worthwhile 😍

The Iced Latte ($6) was one delicious cup of coffee, as not only it was strong, it wasn't sharp and was very fragrant with its nutty aroma. It had the right amount of ice and milk as well to give an extra richness.

This is one place I will come to hide from the main crowd and just have a good chill time with loved ones!


Jason Ng

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