On The Hunt For Great Desserts

On The Hunt For Great Desserts

Featuring Chye Seng Huat Hardware, ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, Tom's Palette, Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), Salted Caramel (Upper Thomson), Brunetti (CT Hub 2), Ice Edge Cafe (Simon Plaza), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Chinatown), Tong Heng Confectionery (Chinatown)
Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Saw many social media posts on this, and decided to give it a try since I was nearby at Marina Square.

Rather Pricey at $11.80.

Not much cake, lots of whipped cream.

Jam at the bottom of the can was rather sweet.

Will I return again? Maybe to try the other flavours if I pass by.

Jelly and cheesecake is honestly a weird combination that I would never thought would work.

But it was surprisingly good.

What I really liked about jellyhearts, is how good their biscuit crust is, which totally compliments the cheesecake.

The after effects of making u wanting more is so true. I want another bite just writing this review.

TheJellyHearts have many outlets around Singapore.

Big Daddy Cake - Super Chocolatey with Nutella and Valrhona

1 of My favourite chocolate cakes, instantly, and this is my first time ordering and eating a cake from here.

The cake was moist and solid, not those airy type of cakes. Every bite was so decadent-ally good.

So rich and moist. The best combination for a chocolate cake.

Best to be eaten within 3 days.

Returned back to Naked, this time with the wife.

Decided to try the charcoal waffles this time, Wife and I totally loved the crispness of the waffle. It also tasted very good.

Easy 5/5 for the waffles.

Both Ice cream was fairly good as well. Both tasted rather light, would have preferred a stronger nuttier taste for the pistachio.

This stall here at Whampoa Makan Place is the original Whampoa soya bean stall. Their only other outlet is at chinatown.

The outlets that u see sprouting around Singapore, at clementi, kovan, ghim moh etc, those are imitations, according to the stall owners.

To be honest, I do still quite like the "imitations", but this original store is just so much better.

1) the soya bean drink was better, stronger taste, more milky.

2) Beancurd also tasted better. The texture was so much more smoother.

Overall 4.5/5.

Expect a long queue here on weekends.

The irony of Having a sinful snack at a place called Shrove Tuesday; dawned on me.

Shrove Tuesday is a the day that Catholics and some Christians know, as the day before Ash wednesday, it is also called "pancake day". Google it, its true.

The waffles here were not bad, it could have been better. The pandan Gelato was quite good, and the sweet taste goes really very well with the hot waffles.

Will return again someday time try the charcoal waffles.

They have many gelato flavours as well, so u will be
Spoilt for choices.


After 13 years at kovan, ice Edge cafe will be closing its door after Sept 6 2022.

Have been here a couple of times and really like the internal decor.

Ice Edge cafe started out as a gelato shop and expanded to western mains thereafter. Thus having the gelato here will definitely won't go wrong.

One of my favourite on the dessert menu is the chocolate lava cake with a choice of gelato.

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Blackball have one of the smoothest grass jelly I ever had.

Can't go wrong with the winter melon shaved ice.

Always refreshing.


This friendly Gelato shop has shifted to Sunshine Plaza from City Gate.

With over 130+ Google review ratings, this gelato shop still maintains its 5/5* ratings.

Gelato here has always been very good.

Ferrero rocher was slightly nutty and wasn't very sweet.

Pistachio still as good as below.


Returned again, this time to try their non-premium flavours.

Cereal milk was surprisingly good. The Cereal bits made the gelato a little chewier. Overall tasted quite good.

Hazelnut Nutella was flavourful.

So far 4 flavours tasted here and 4 winners already.


Quite a chill place to have some drinks and ice cream.

Strawberry cheezo is one of their signature drink and my wife likes this alot and has been bugging me to get it for her if I ever passby a heytea.

Roasted brown boba was also quite good, but it's not the best brown sugar boba I had.

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There's something about tiffany blue that just screams to me to walk over to see what are these nasty cookies all about.

And i was presented with some expensive looking cookies with equally expensive price tag.

But I still decided to try and took away 2 of the nastiest looking cookies that were on display.

Once home, threw them into the microwave as instructed and started to share these with the wife.

What befell me must have been the best cookies I ever had since maybe Ben's cookies.

Each of the cookies were filled with lava.

I liked the ondeh ondeh more as it was easier to eat.

I will definitely be returning for more of their other flavours.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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