Dessert Delights

Dessert Delights

When you get that sugar craving, load up on the glucose at the joints that serve up the best sweet treats in town.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

Besides the exceptionally excellent laksa burger, @mcdsg Laksa Delight Feast also features two more limited time items: the Pulut Hitam Pie, and a Teh C Frappé. Kind of bummed that they didn’t have any special fries this year, but sweet treats are always a plus.⠀

Pulut Hitam is a classic Asian dessert, a sweet black glutinous rice porridge sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk. Just like with the laksa burger, the Pulut Hitam Pie surprised me. McDonald’s has managed to wrap their signature flaky pie dough around a decent enough rendition of pulut hitam. The rice grains were still intact and had a nice soft bite to them, and the filling was flavoured with sufficient sweetness and creaminess from the coconut milk. While this is a decent pie, the banana or pineapple pies are clear of this one.⠀

The Teh C Frappé, on the other hand, was a bit of a disaster. Lots of tea flavour, but good god it was SWEET. I’m pretty sure this drink gave me both kinds of diabetes, and I only managed to drink half of it before my palate & insulin levels refused to cooperate.⠀

This National Day, come for McDonald’s laksa burger, and stay for the burger.

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The average watermelon contains about as much actual mango as @mcdsg mango pie does, but there’s no denying how inexplicably addictive this pie is. The saccharine sweet mango syrup filling is fortified texturally with charmingly chewy nata de coco bits, and it definitely gets that sweet tooth amply satisfied.

The main reason why almost every single McDonald’s pie is a banger is due to that fabulously flaky & compellingly crispy pastry shell. Seriously, can anyone who has more baking experience than I do tell me how that crisp, flaky pastry is made? It ain’t hard to have more baking experience than me, the only thing I ever baked was myself (dude weed lmao). Baked or not, I definitely want to stick my fingers around (not into) every single one of these pies.

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@cuginisingapore certainly didn’t miss with their specials when I visited, because my palate profited from these Profiteroles Classico ($15++). Between these profitable profiteroles & the brilliant bolognese, these specials were definitely more than enough to make me pass over the regular menu options.⠀

The light, spongy choux pastries are filled with Chantilly cream and drowned in a delicious deluge of bittersweet chocolate ganache. Of course, that’s nowhere near decadent enough to be called a dessert, so Cugini turns it up to eleven with the addition a copious amount of pastry cream, lots of almonds& crumbled up cookies, and a couple of choccy cookies.⠀

These profiteroles are less surfeiting than expected, chiefly due to the ethereal lightness of the choux pastry & the slightly sweet Chantilly cream. The sinfully saccharine chocolate glaze & the thick crème pâtissière were the decidedly decadent elements on the dessert, with the bittersweetness of the chocolate fusing with the thick creaminess of the pasty cream to form a sensually thick & sweet concoction that slithers down your throat.⠀

The inclusion of the almonds and cookies are divinely inspired, as they provide a hard crunch to the otherwise soft & liquid dessert to bring balance and a sense of satisfaction to the dish. Every single texture is nailed on the head in this dessert, and its decadent sweetness makes for a very happy ending to your night (or day). To enhance the pleasure of your very messy happy ending, order a glass of sweet moscato to wash it all down.

Tl;dr: with Cugini’s profiteroles, you profit! Orange Loaf: basically all the goodness of an orange, but better. Also hassle free. The fluffy, moist cake is comprehensively inundated with the aroma & zest of orange, and every bite gives you that thrilling sugar rush that only an exceptional dessert can provide.

Better yet, take this luscious loaf home with you, and pop it into the toaster oven the next day to get it hot n heavy. Slather a charitable amount of marmalade all over the slice (or three) of hot cake. Enjoy the little things in life. Then thank me later. You’re welcome, by the way.


It’s the Mid Autumn Festival, but celebrating it with mooncakes is too mainstream. I celebrated it with pomelo mango tart instead, and rebelling against tradition tastes so devilishly good. Sure, pomelo is definitely traditional for mid autumn, but the rest of the tart? Not so much.⠀

A buttery, crumbly tart is filled with crème pâtissière and mango purée, and garnished with a few shards of paper thin almond Florentine and some pomelo flesh. The crème was notably sweet and diluted the flavours of the milder mango gelée, which is a bit of a shame as the mango gelée was made purely with fresh mangoes.⠀

However, it was still a tasty tart, but the pomelo really promoted this tart to memorable status. Pomelo isn’t particularly flavourful, but it is definitely juicy due to it being about ninety percent water, and the refreshing, temperately zesty little bursts from the pomelo as you nibble away at the tart balances out the sweetness with gushes of invigoration.⠀

The florentine is also incredibly noteworthy even on it’s own, as the delectably sweet & charmingly crunchy candy is generously zested with a copious amount of citrus, probably lemon. It’s the ideal equity between sweet & sour, with the sugary rush more than enough to quell any candy cravings, and the sour, zesty zap from the citrus keeping you going back for more.⠀

Sure, at $11.90++ a tart the expense is pretty eye-watering, but it’s a hell of a lot economical than the average mooncake. It delivers the same amount of saccharine satisfaction, and for that reason, I see this as an absolute win.

The mains at are sublime, and the desserts are divine. They’ve hired a talented pastry chef who makes the desserts daily in house, and good god their sweets are absolutely splendid.⠀

The Kyoto ($7.90) is definitely a sleeper hit, and I was utterly floored by just how incredibly delectable this dessert was. The Kyoto is a houjicha swiss roll, and the houjicha sponge is absolutely loaded with the roasty redolence of green tea that’s been roasted over charcoal. It is pretty sweet, but not saccharinely so, and it’s definitely the way to finish any meal on a sweet note. ⠀

The little houjicha jelly cube in the centre of it all is a houjicha bomb, blasting its strong flavour onto your palate to really drive home the fact that you’re having a houjicha dessert. Texturally, it gives a contrasting sticky resistance to the soft, spongy and ethereally light texture of the whipped cream and sponge layers.⠀

Roll up on this houjicha swiss roll fam, don’t miss it.

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And this is the top of the trio, @discoverthedark 88% Sur del Lago Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie. It’s the darkest of the trio, and the most impressive of the lot by a clear margin. Sure, the cookies were sumptuous, but this black beauty is outta sight.⠀

Eighty eight percent cocoa in the chocolate sounds absolutely mental, but the bitterness is wonderfully nuanced and is well matched by the superb sweetness, making this a brownie a delightfully restrained sweet treat. As for the brownie’s texture, it’s magically moist and delectably dense, with each bite soliciting a firm bite from your jaws.⠀

The element that elevated this brownie into the stratosphere are the sea salt flakes. The saltiness activated & lit up the entirety of my tongue, and each bite of already delicious brownie was made even more intense thanks to the deeply stimulating properties of the salt. Absolutely brilliant, and I’m absolutely addicted. Thanks for hooking me up, @burpple. Love y’all deep deep

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While this may look like an ordinary albeit extra chunky s’more cookie, it is anything but. This is @discoverthedark 64% Madagascan Chocolate S’mores Chunky Cookie, and it proves that you should never judge a cookie by its cover.⠀

The Dark Gallery’s supremely satisfying cookie dough is augmented with a couple of Madagascan dark chocolate chunks, which provide the strong, tastefully bittersweet creamy chocolatey-ness that makes this cookie such a winner. The marshmallow is embedded in the middle and requires a stint in a conventional oven to reach its full fluff & sticky sweet potential, but it is addictive indeed.⠀

The cookie dough itself is fortified with speculoos, which supplies the cookie with the irresistible aromas & flavours of cinnamon, cardamom & ginger. It pairs perfectly with the chocolate, and the charmingly chewy cookie is the perfect platform for the marshmallow fluff.⠀

When it comes to this captivating cookie from Madagascar, I like to move it move it, straight onto my tastebuds. And yes, you WILL want s’more.

As a recreational chocoholic, I’ve always wanted to sample @discoverthedark goodies, but there was always a random pub somewhere that waylaid me en route and I’ve been delaying it for far too long. However, The Dark Gallery & @burpple have collab’d to bring me a chocolatey trio of treats, and the first one I gobbled down was this mesmerising Signature 80% Dark Chocolate ice cream cookie.⠀

Yes, that is a gargantuan gob of ice cream that’s bursting out of the cookies that are vainly trying to sandwich it. It’s gargantuan in satisfaction too, with the tastefully tempered sweetness counterbalanced by the characteristic bitterness of top quality dark chocolate. The creaminess is utterly delightful and deeply satisfying, while the airy, crumbly cookies sandwiching the frozen choccy delight contribute a charming chewiness.⠀

The Dark Gallery weren’t lying when they said that their ice creams were artisanal, this is a bonafide masterpiece. If the Sistine Chapel had a culinary equivalent, this would be it.

2 Likes tremendously terrific tarts are a prime example of why freshness is so vital to food. The mango tarts & blueberry tarts are both equally simple: built upon a competently constructed tart base lies a pool of crème pâtissière and a mountain of fresh blueberries or mangoes.⠀

The crème is restrainedly saccharine and ravishingly smooth. It pulls double duty as the binder that ties the fruit & pastry together, as well as lube for the tart. As for the tart base itself, it’s expertly constructed, withstanding the moisture of the créme with aplomb, but it crumbles easily and a bit messily once you bite down into it.⠀

The fruits are the star attraction, and the ripe, sumptuously sweet fruits are undeniable superstars. The blueberries are little blue bombs of sweet & sour sprightliness that really delight your senses. As for the mangoes, they are succulent & sweet, regardless of the way they’re presented. They’re also alluringly creamy & firm, and every bite is confirmation that these superb mangoes are at peak freshness & deliciousness.⠀

These tarts are getting a 7/7 rating, that’s for sure.

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Yes, Singapore’s going back into lockdown because some horny ass COOMERS COULDN’T KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS AND NOW I CAN’T GO TO THE GYM OR FUEL MY OUT OF CONTROL ALCOHOLISM AT BARS AGAIN AAAAAAA-ahem, excuse me, I seem to be having technical problems.⠀

Hello, and welcome back to your regularly scheduled food review program. Tonight, we’ll be countering the bitter news of yet another lockdown with a sweet treat from @khaohomsg, made by the hottie that is Rung Mama. When I first heard of the Mango Sticky Rice Cake ($12++), I actually thought it was an actual traditional cake. As you can see, I was wrong, but that’s a good thing.⠀

A slew of sliced Thai mangoes were artfully arranged in a ring to contain the subtly sweet sticky rice, and the rice is concealed under an avalanche of diced Thai mangoes and red rubies, which are water chestnuts mixed with tapioca starch. A light drizzle of coconut milk has already rained upon the dessert, but there’s more if you wish to really make it rain.⠀

The mangoes were sweet & sour, with the sweet cancelling out the sour & vice versa. The sticky rice was a delight to devour, and its sticky softness contrasted perfectly against the firm mangoes. Most of the sweetness actually comes from the coconut milk, and so that’s entirely customisable by you. As such, we’ve got a lovely, nuanced dessert that ain’t just good for the gram, but good for your body (especially your stomach).⠀

For the final time now, ขอขอบคุณ @burpple & @khaohomsg for hosting us!

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Boy I can’t wait for a return to The last time I was there, I got myself the sticky date cake ($12 nett) which wasn’t homemade but is definitely delectable. The cake dough itself isn’t sticky, but the caramel seductively drizzled all over makes it sweet & sticky. The cake itself was moist & delightfully dense, and reinforced with the faint fragrance of cinnamon. And of course vanilla ice cream & whipped cream really sweeten this already delightful deal.

Next time, I’ll be over to clap their house made pastries. Their maple pecan tart looks like a tantalising choice, and so does their ravishing red velvet cake. Now that’s worth clapping for.

Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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