Dessert Delights

Dessert Delights

When you get that sugar craving, load up on the glucose at the joints that serve up the best sweet treats in town.
Russell Leong
Russell Leong

Our happy ending was @alteregosg brownies, which came in a pair for $13++. Of course, a brownie without ice cream is like me without alcohol: utterly incomplete. Each scoop of ice cream is an extra five bucks before extra taxes, but it’s an extra five bucks we gladly paid.⠀

The brownies came in easy to handle bars, and my god these brownies were breathtaking. The insides were captivatingly chewy and fabulously fudge-y on the inside, almost like a decadent cake. It was gloriously chocolate-y, and each sweet blissful bite was certain to satiate any and all chocoholics and/or glucose groupies.⠀

The ice cream was unremarkable on its own, but it played a crucial role in unlocking the full potential of the brownies with its icy, creamy vanilla flavours. Absolutely ambrosial, and it’s the happiest ending I’ve had in a fair while. 10/10 fully worth the eighteen plus bucks for the price of admission.⠀

And for the final time (for now), thank you so much for the hospitality, @alteregosg & @burpple!

The Turks are known for their delightful desserts, and the most iconic sweet ending is arguably baklava. baklava ($12.90++) follows the straightforward recipe: multiple layers of phyllo pastry sandwiching coarsely chopped pistachios and sweetened with a good deal of syrup.⠀

While I thoroughly enjoyed the flakiness of the phyllo pastry, and the abundance of chopped pistachios within, these baklava bits were barely large enough to qualify as one-biters. At $12.90 before taxes for a quartet of these puny pieces, I probably wouldn’t get this again.⠀

However, I would get the Fistikli Kadayif again. At a dollar ninety cents cheaper per serving ($11++), this dessert is far more satisfying in size. The little crispy threads are called Kadayif, which is shredded filo dough. It’s baked until the lattice turns crazy crispy, and then topped with a charitable amount of chopped pistachios & showered with the same syrup. It’s basically a baklava, but less flaky and much crisper. Definitely the superior dessert if you ask me, and is best savoured with a glass of hot, strong Turkish tea to rinse all that sugar down.⠀

And for the final time, thank you for the invite, & @burpple!

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The last time I dined at, the only Swiss roll available was the critically acclaimed houjicha roll. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to see the brand new Noir roll emerge as a counterpart to the houjicha roll. After all, more options mean more winning for us café hoppers.⠀

I was definitely winning with the Noir, as this monochromic dessert was a delight. Despite having spent time in the display chiller, the charcoal sponge was still fluffy & sprightly. The sponge cake layer was dense enough to sate any cake cravings, but sat lightly in the stomach. At the center is where the real treasure lay: an abundance of black sesame cream.⠀

The cream was smooth and luscious, but most importantly, it was utterly inundated with the aromas & flavours of black sesame. The bold, rich nutty & roasty aromas and flavours are turned up to eleven here, and the typical bitterness of black sesame is ameliorated by the subtle sweetness of the dessert. The pungency of the black sesame is so intense that it has managed to impregnate the charcoal sponge with its amazing aromas too. The sweetness is rather mild, and is a dessert that goes easy on the sugar but goes hard on the sesame.⠀

While it is extremely expensive at $9.90++ a slice, each slice of Noir is pretty chonky and can even be shared between two or three. Pricey, but the quality makes sure that you’re firmly in the black.


A great meal deserves a wonderful finale, and the Pineapple With Catalan Cream ($16++) is a fantastic finish to any & every meal at The wood fired grill that made the meats majestic is called into action one final time to grill up a sixth (?) of a pineapple, and it transformed Spongebob’s old house into a delightful dessert.⠀

Pineapple is absolutely divine when grilled, as the heat evaporates the water in the fruit to leave behind all those lovely sugars. Lumbre’s pineapple took it up a notch, adding that sexy smokiness to the concentrated sweetness of the sweet & tangy pineapple. While the pineapple did lose some of its water content, it’s still plenty juicy, and every bite is bursting with its sweet & sour juices, enhanced by the smoke imparted from the grill.⠀

The pineapple is stellar on its own, but trust Lumbre to turn it up to eleven with a generous application of Catalan cream all over the pineapple flesh. Catalan cream is similar to crème brûlée, but it’s made with milk whereas its French counterpart is made with cream. This gives it a heavier, milkier taste & consistency, and I’d call it a charming cross between ice cream and custard. Cross the Catalan cream with this grilled pineapple, and you get a divine dessert fit for the greatest of meals.⠀

Look Spongebob, I’m sorry your house got repossessed, but this pineapple dessert is absolute FIRE.


No meal is a proper one without dessert, and trio of desserts are fit to finish any meal on a sweet note. All the desserts are priced rather reasonably at sixteen bucks each before additional surcharges, so glucose enthusiasts will be quite thrilled.⠀

First up was the tiramisu, which did seem a little out of place on a Spanish restaurant’s menu. However, it rightfully deserved its spot on the menu, as it was a delightful dessert. It’s utterly inundated with extra strong espresso, which has fully permeated everything from the sponge of the ladyfingers to the mascarpone cheese. There may be coffee liqueur within, but all I know is that this potent dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a caffeine boost.⠀

The second dessert was the Caramelised French Toast, but this French toast is superior to any other versions you may have had before. The thick pillar of bread is exceedingly eggy, as the center of it is effectively a custard. No joke, slicing into this excitingly eggy French Toast will reveal a slightly flow-y, molten custard core, and each superbly spongy & sweet bite will bring ecstasy to all consumers.⠀

While I’m always receptive to a brilliantly boozy rum & raisin ice cream, the r&r ice cream served on the side of this fabulous French toast was a bit disappointing. It was still very much frozen over, as I was crunching into little shards of ice within what I was expecting to be a smooth, creamy & boozy ice cream. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

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Besides the exceptionally excellent laksa burger, @mcdsg Laksa Delight Feast also features two more limited time items: the Pulut Hitam Pie, and a Teh C Frappé. Kind of bummed that they didn’t have any special fries this year, but sweet treats are always a plus.⠀

Pulut Hitam is a classic Asian dessert, a sweet black glutinous rice porridge sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk. Just like with the laksa burger, the Pulut Hitam Pie surprised me. McDonald’s has managed to wrap their signature flaky pie dough around a decent enough rendition of pulut hitam. The rice grains were still intact and had a nice soft bite to them, and the filling was flavoured with sufficient sweetness and creaminess from the coconut milk. While this is a decent pie, the banana or pineapple pies are clear of this one.⠀

The Teh C Frappé, on the other hand, was a bit of a disaster. Lots of tea flavour, but good god it was SWEET. I’m pretty sure this drink gave me both kinds of diabetes, and I only managed to drink half of it before my palate & insulin levels refused to cooperate.⠀

This National Day, come for McDonald’s laksa burger, and stay for the burger.

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The average watermelon contains about as much actual mango as @mcdsg mango pie does, but there’s no denying how inexplicably addictive this pie is. The saccharine sweet mango syrup filling is fortified texturally with charmingly chewy nata de coco bits, and it definitely gets that sweet tooth amply satisfied.

The main reason why almost every single McDonald’s pie is a banger is due to that fabulously flaky & compellingly crispy pastry shell. Seriously, can anyone who has more baking experience than I do tell me how that crisp, flaky pastry is made? It ain’t hard to have more baking experience than me, the only thing I ever baked was myself (dude weed lmao). Baked or not, I definitely want to stick my fingers around (not into) every single one of these pies.

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@cuginisingapore certainly didn’t miss with their specials when I visited, because my palate profited from these Profiteroles Classico ($15++). Between these profitable profiteroles & the brilliant bolognese, these specials were definitely more than enough to make me pass over the regular menu options.⠀

The light, spongy choux pastries are filled with Chantilly cream and drowned in a delicious deluge of bittersweet chocolate ganache. Of course, that’s nowhere near decadent enough to be called a dessert, so Cugini turns it up to eleven with the addition a copious amount of pastry cream, lots of almonds& crumbled up cookies, and a couple of choccy cookies.⠀

These profiteroles are less surfeiting than expected, chiefly due to the ethereal lightness of the choux pastry & the slightly sweet Chantilly cream. The sinfully saccharine chocolate glaze & the thick crème pâtissière were the decidedly decadent elements on the dessert, with the bittersweetness of the chocolate fusing with the thick creaminess of the pasty cream to form a sensually thick & sweet concoction that slithers down your throat.⠀

The inclusion of the almonds and cookies are divinely inspired, as they provide a hard crunch to the otherwise soft & liquid dessert to bring balance and a sense of satisfaction to the dish. Every single texture is nailed on the head in this dessert, and its decadent sweetness makes for a very happy ending to your night (or day). To enhance the pleasure of your very messy happy ending, order a glass of sweet moscato to wash it all down.

Tl;dr: with Cugini’s profiteroles, you profit! Orange Loaf: basically all the goodness of an orange, but better. Also hassle free. The fluffy, moist cake is comprehensively inundated with the aroma & zest of orange, and every bite gives you that thrilling sugar rush that only an exceptional dessert can provide.

Better yet, take this luscious loaf home with you, and pop it into the toaster oven the next day to get it hot n heavy. Slather a charitable amount of marmalade all over the slice (or three) of hot cake. Enjoy the little things in life. Then thank me later. You’re welcome, by the way.


It’s the Mid Autumn Festival, but celebrating it with mooncakes is too mainstream. I celebrated it with pomelo mango tart instead, and rebelling against tradition tastes so devilishly good. Sure, pomelo is definitely traditional for mid autumn, but the rest of the tart? Not so much.⠀

A buttery, crumbly tart is filled with crème pâtissière and mango purée, and garnished with a few shards of paper thin almond Florentine and some pomelo flesh. The crème was notably sweet and diluted the flavours of the milder mango gelée, which is a bit of a shame as the mango gelée was made purely with fresh mangoes.⠀

However, it was still a tasty tart, but the pomelo really promoted this tart to memorable status. Pomelo isn’t particularly flavourful, but it is definitely juicy due to it being about ninety percent water, and the refreshing, temperately zesty little bursts from the pomelo as you nibble away at the tart balances out the sweetness with gushes of invigoration.⠀

The florentine is also incredibly noteworthy even on it’s own, as the delectably sweet & charmingly crunchy candy is generously zested with a copious amount of citrus, probably lemon. It’s the ideal equity between sweet & sour, with the sugary rush more than enough to quell any candy cravings, and the sour, zesty zap from the citrus keeping you going back for more.⠀

Sure, at $11.90++ a tart the expense is pretty eye-watering, but it’s a hell of a lot economical than the average mooncake. It delivers the same amount of saccharine satisfaction, and for that reason, I see this as an absolute win.

The mains at are sublime, and the desserts are divine. They’ve hired a talented pastry chef who makes the desserts daily in house, and good god their sweets are absolutely splendid.⠀

The Kyoto ($7.90) is definitely a sleeper hit, and I was utterly floored by just how incredibly delectable this dessert was. The Kyoto is a houjicha swiss roll, and the houjicha sponge is absolutely loaded with the roasty redolence of green tea that’s been roasted over charcoal. It is pretty sweet, but not saccharinely so, and it’s definitely the way to finish any meal on a sweet note. ⠀

The little houjicha jelly cube in the centre of it all is a houjicha bomb, blasting its strong flavour onto your palate to really drive home the fact that you’re having a houjicha dessert. Texturally, it gives a contrasting sticky resistance to the soft, spongy and ethereally light texture of the whipped cream and sponge layers.⠀

Roll up on this houjicha swiss roll fam, don’t miss it.

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And this is the top of the trio, @discoverthedark 88% Sur del Lago Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Brownie. It’s the darkest of the trio, and the most impressive of the lot by a clear margin. Sure, the cookies were sumptuous, but this black beauty is outta sight.⠀

Eighty eight percent cocoa in the chocolate sounds absolutely mental, but the bitterness is wonderfully nuanced and is well matched by the superb sweetness, making this a brownie a delightfully restrained sweet treat. As for the brownie’s texture, it’s magically moist and delectably dense, with each bite soliciting a firm bite from your jaws.⠀

The element that elevated this brownie into the stratosphere are the sea salt flakes. The saltiness activated & lit up the entirety of my tongue, and each bite of already delicious brownie was made even more intense thanks to the deeply stimulating properties of the salt. Absolutely brilliant, and I’m absolutely addicted. Thanks for hooking me up, @burpple. Love y’all deep deep

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Alcohol may not be good for my body, but my body is good for alcohol.

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