¡Arriba! Featuring the sexiest Spanish sustenance round town.
Good For Groups, Buffet Bountiful Buffets Buffets are the go to happy hunting ground for many a glutton looking to maximize their bang for their buck, but alas, there are far too many appalling buffet places that waste both the cash and calories of these gluttons. This list aims to separate the gold from the dross, so tuck in, and get ready for a bounty of blissful buffets.
Japanese, Rainy Day Comforts, Ramen Rave Ramen Ramen? Amen. Here’s a list of ramen that’ll make you praise God for his loving kindness.
Cheap & Good, Chinese, Western Cook Myself Eat Myself The broke student life is forcing me to cook for myself, and quite frankly, it’s actually not half bad at all.
Indian, Halal Indulging In Indian I don't eat Indian food very often, but when I do, I go for the best and dump it here in this list.
European, French, Dinner with Drinks J'ai Envie De Toi French cuisine has been regarded as the upper crust of cuisine since the beginning of time, and it brings its own unique brand of poshness to the table. And if La France does their food as good as these places do, then I fully understand why French is fabulous.
Popular, Western Wow Wow West For all the best the West has to offer that can't quite be nailed down to a specific regional cuisine.
Mookata, Thai The Land Of Smiles Although you may not be able to go to Thailand, you can still smile in sunny Singapore thanks to these eateries that serve up tantalizing Thai food.