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Explore the flavours of Northern Jiangsu Cuisine at Peng Cheng Xiao Chu (彭城小厨)!
With our outstanding deals, enjoy 1-for-1 Rice or Noodles, and make sure not to miss their popular ground pot dish. Immerse yourself in the essence of authentic Chinese cuisine with us.

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Coming to this place definitely must try some of the signature Jiangsu dishes like this one.

Originates from the Jiangsu with the handmade flour cakes that you can see from the top of the chicken meats.

This flour cake don’t have much taste on its own, which you need to dip it with the sauce of the chicken pot to get the flavour.

It is actually soft and chewy texture, go well with the chicken.

Definitely a tasty cold dish to accompany your meal. Every pieces of black fungus get the spicy taste.

This place was so close to my office but this is my first time dining here. A cosy place that is not too crowded, serving authentic Jiangsu cuisine.

We want a vegetable dish and found this interesting, as we all never taste ground fungus before.

Turns up it is quite delicious, the scramble egg seems covered by the ground fungus but you actually taste much for the egg.

The ground fungus itself tasted much like seaweed to me.

里面有鸡,猪和牛肉,锅边摆设的是类似面粉粿的食品,可以当主食。一道新加坡比较少有的菜肴。味道可以。周末Burpple 可以用。

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Despite a limited Burpple menu, it was worth the visit. Took the ground pot with pork, beef and chicken. For 1-for-1 dish we took the cabbage 娃娃菜 which served as soup too. Overall experience was good, though waitresses didn't seem enthusiastic.

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Unexpectedly good and chock full of (preselected) add-ons. Can choose between Less Spicy and Spicy, we chose Less spicy and it felt just right for us who can only take 中辣 on good days. Wth burpple, can choose a free appetiser and we took Tofu in Crab Roe Paste (u.p. $12) which was just so-so.

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Burpple menu selection: Stewed Assorted Delicacies ($38) + Stirfried Mixed Veges & Pork (free dish)
Stew was indeed rich and chockful of ingredients (including prawns, clams, fish maw, etc) but wasn't sure if it was worth as compared to the other choices. Stir fry was pretty standard and tasty.

Ordered karubi, steak, oyster blade and sashimi with truffle rice

Food: 7/10
Fresh meat, although I felt that it was a little small to my liking. The provided sauce was amazing (yuzu sauce as well as the garlic butter sauce) and goes well with the rice and meat.

Eating the truffle rice and meat on its own was a little bland though so its best to eat it with the sauce.

The salmon is very generous in portion with its huge slices.

Ambience: 7/10
Love the atmosphere and the place wasn't smoky either, great for a quick dinner date with a craving for both sashimi and yakiniku

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Saizeriya's food is really trash. They can sell so cheap because it's like canteen standards. I think they're popular because the business model works - cheap food in a restaurant setting. See how much chao tar this baked rice has. The salmon is smoked salmon in menu, cooked salmon in reality. The rice also had no taste.


The meat patty and the cheese were surprisingly yummy. The egg, potato wedges and corn were still trash like Saizeriya.


Saizeriya's food is really trash. They can sell so cheap because it's like canteen standards. I think they're popular because the business model works - cheap food in a restaurant setting. Most people prefer tender broccoli, but the one here was mushy, which was disgusting. The cooking had absolutely zero effort.

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