I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Found this place along South Bridge Road, with attractive bright green facade.

Initially thought they only sell lei cha dishes but actually they have variety of noodle items as well on the menu.

Basically selling both lei cha and noodle. Since they mostly promoting their lei cha, so would go for this for the first time here.

Surprisingly taste great if you like lei cha for the soup. Lots of ingredients provided and you can mixed all of them together.

Take note that this is not a vegetarian dish as they added ikan bilis on it.

The chicken wings on menu looks attractive so decided to grab some as well.

It was well-marinated, and the meat was super juicy and soft. You definitely would enjoy the taste as it use mix of special spices.

One of the side dishes option here, a good start to open out your appetite before the soup come.

Enjoy the soft texture of the black fungus with strong vinegar sauce, plus hint of spicy from the chilli.

When the wind blew during the night, the weather would get colder. A perfect time to enjoy a warm bowl of soup at this moment.

TamJai SamGor offered a few options of soup here and if you don’t want something spicy, their tomato soup would be the best option.

Interestingly you taste the sweetness from the tomato, tasty and I can’t stop drinking it.

For the ingredients, I would recommend to go with their signature such as tofu puffs, enoki mushroom and pork or beef.

[Burpple Eatup]

If you follow Douraku Sushi on social media closely and you would know that they recently bought a 80kg tuna fresh from Japan.

Thanks for the Eatup invitation, I get to have some taste on this exclusive seasonal item here; which is the slow-braised bluefin tuna’s cheek.

The tuna cheek has lots of soft meat and easy to eat, which they also provided the braised soup to pair with rice.

[Burpple Eatup]

This is their seasonal item and in luck to try this dish, which I would hardly get to eat.

The bluefin tuna eye soup may sound scary to some people, especially looking at the shape in the soup.

The soft meat surrounding the tuna eye is edible and strong with its taste. Of course for the eye itself is also edible if you like it.

The soup also comes with some braised radish topped with pickled ginger flower and bonito flakes.

Interesting to find this char siew specialised place in a very Instagrammable interior.

Their char siew is really a winner here, as you could really taste the softness texture in every bites. Smoky enough and not too overwhelming with the oil.

If you are bored with rice like me, go for the waffle set instead. And the truffle sauce given is really a add on to enhance the taste.

Maxwell Food Centre has been seeing a few empty stalls recently, but it is also an opportunity to see some new stall popping up here.

Dan Lao definitely one new stall here that have attracted the coverage in these few days, serving their signature omelette on the top of rice.

Their omelette only prepare upon order, so expecting super fluffy and tasty of it. While the rice is just the normal without frying, they actually added some sweet sauce on it.

As for the topping, there’s a few options to go with such as this chicken cutlet. I’m pretty surprised by how tender the chicken cutlet is, totally enjoy the texture of it; which is also crispy from the outside.


Run by the 3rd generation of Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup at Tiong Bahru, and not many people aware of it when passing this stall; as there wasn’t any mention about it here.

Serving the same soup base and recipe with new way of preparation and cooking. Only one item on the menu with their signature Teochew style clear soup with lots of pig organ parts.

There soup definitely tasty and you could request for refill.

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A very old school breakfast located at Chinatown Complex, a copy from previous famous stall that has been closed down.

Only one item on the menu, I would say don’t put too much expectation to it. Taste a bit dry and you can choose either sweet or salty.

Although this is my first photo sharing from this stall, I actually have been patronising this stall for many years; since I started working in Chinatown.

I love their curry with chili paste a lot which really enhance the overall taste. That’s why I have been returning for back whenever I have the craving for it.

Sadly the announcement came, even as I hope it wasn’t the true. But the owner has decided to call it a day to retire, after serving their signature peranakan caifan for so many years here.

Closing by end of this year, I guess they worked very hard to maintain the standard of the taste. They also aged a lot since my first visit here, definitely deserve some good rest.

So you only have a few weeks left to enjoy this. Always a long queue here, with the items snapped out pretty fast. I definitely recommend you to grab their fried chicken, curry chicken, hae zou and egg.

This post would mark as a memory for me of this stall when they close permanently soon after.

I couldn’t get the chance to visit the Mirko popup as the queue is just so long and sold out very fast. So I gave up and wait for Nudedles.4 pasta instead.

They offered a few types of pasta and my first visit I ordered the fusilli pesto. It was strong in the taste and I enjoyed it much, accompanied with some cherries and mushroom.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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