I know tourists love visiting our Chinatown but local as well, especially when it comes to foods! Explore Chinatown with me as I share all the foods I have here in this list.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

The only few stalls here that you can find decent wanton mee, springy texture comes with char siew and wanton.

Using 100% handmade noodles, the highlight of the menu would definitely their cold noodles options here.

The noodle made from potato starch was interestingly more chewy in the texture, served chilled with white half egg, beef slice, sliced cucumber, radish kimchi, sesame oil, sesame seeds and vinegar dressing.

Go with the spicy sauce made from red chili paste for the extra kick on the taste.

Located at another quieter corner of the hawker centre you would find this porridge stall that start selling early in the morning, which you would see mostly the regular customers coming here.

For your first time here, I definitely recommend you to go with their signature porridge. Which consists of century egg, cuttlefish, lean meat, meatballs, liver and intestine. They also added you tiao pieces and pork lards on the top as well.

A bowl of hot porridge full with ingredients, do add egg and mix it with everything.

There wasn’t many places that offer the original taste of BBQ from Jilin, which Kao Hao Le offered the cuisine that find in the city of China close to Russia and North Korea border.

Extension selections of grilled skewers with meat or veggie. I recommend trying the rice cake, which is very unique and chewy.

The same goes to the cold noodle and toast.


A very traditional dish you can find from Mei Yuan Hakka Delight, which they have a few more Hakka dishes on the menu as well.

They have a very simple and clear menu on what they offer from the stall, which most people would go with the set that comes with a rice and soup.

The stewed pork with mui choy is a very interesting dish, using slow cook braised pork and dried preserved mustard green that tastes sweet and salty.


This place is really suitable for group dine-in, with plenty of seats available on 1st and 2nd level.

Do grab this snack for sharing, which they deep fried the wontons perfectly with either shrimp and pork.


For those who been to Feng Food in Northpoint would familiar with this one, and this place is actually the same force behind the establishment as well.

That’s why most of the items on the menu here is similar, including this one.

A combination of fried chicken and fried tempura in one plate.l, which has been seasoned well.


Don’t confuse this with the famous place in Taipei, both of them are not related. But you do get pretty decent mian xian here with some Taiwanese cuisine as well.

The trend of Taiwanese foods doesn’t stop yet, with this as the latest option available in Singapore to satisfy your crave for it.

They offered a few options of mian xian here with different add on. Of course in order all these add on in one bowl, go for the combo instead.

Topped with intestine, wanton and shrimp. The mian xian is flavourful enough, after you add in more vinegar to it.


One of the old school tze char stalls here, which is located at the hidden side of the hawker centre.

You could easily spot them by their big name, 林大强. They have all sorts of dishes here including this sliced fish hor fun.

It has this unique taste with the use of fermented black bean sauce, overall wok hey enough. A generous size of sliced fish is provided and it tastes fresh. 

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Found this Mun Chee Kee Salted Vegetable & Pigs Organ Soup stall here in Chinatown that serving the authentic pork soup, which I recommend to go with the assorted one that comes with every part of the pig organ.

You can either pair it with rice or mee suan.

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One of the popular stall here to grab some decent dumplings.

Their fried dumpling filled with generous ingredients inside, in a much thicker skin of dumpling.

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Found this Taiwanese food kiosk at the basement of Chinatown Point that you would easily missed out among all the food kiosks here.

They actually have a few tables for dine-in as well. A good spot to grab quick lunch. Offering 3 kind of value set meal or go with the signature ala-carte items.

I could see their happy braised pork rice is the signature here, as all their value set meal comes with it as the main.

Really enjoy the soft texture of the braised pork, tasty and mix well with the chilli paste provided.

The pork ball soup was a bit too salty and peppery for me.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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