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The hummus was delicious, pita was soft and fresh. The restaurant has high ceilings, beautifully decorated. Enjoyed the meal and experience overall.

A traditional Greek salad filled with juicy fresh chunks of tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onions & olives with a slab of feta cheese - this is a great refreshing starter to share across the table.

It is as simple as it sounds, and with a dash of Bakalaki's evoo, the entire salad is tied together.

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I thought the food was not bad, especially the grilled octopus, nicely grilled with a hint of smokiness. Salad was enjoyable too.

But my family didn’t enjoy the meal. Grilled kebab platter is kinda disappointing and overpriced.

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The Seafood Kritharoto from @fotiagreek was a winner for me! The orzo pasta was cooked perfectly, and flavoured really well with the rich lobster bisque. Would have been perfect if there was slightly more seafood, but otherwise the flavours were excellent. #burpple #greek #greekfood #orzo #seafood #lobs

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Ordered the beef kalamaki, lamb kebabs, 3 dip platter and the spanakopita! Honestly, everything we ordered was so yummy. The beef was done perfectly, as well as the lamb kebabs which was served with Harissa sauce, which was essentially a spicy greek yoghurt, tomato based sauce. For the 3 dips, we got hummus, harissa, fava (lentil). Everything was good +very generous amounts served. Not to forget the spanakopita, which is a pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese. So delicious and jampacked with flavours! Would reccomend to anyone wanting to try greek food :)

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📍BAKALAKI Greek Taverna, Tiong Bahru📍
💸 Dips platter (Hummus, Tzatziki, Taramosalata): $21.90
💸 Pita Bread: $2.90
💸 Moussaka: $25.90
💸 Paidakia: $32.90
💸 Htapodi: $32.90
💸 Giaourti: $12.90
💸 Baklava: $14.90
💸 Greek Frappé: $4.90
*Prices not inclusive of GST and Service Charge
It's our first time trying Greek food, and we were super excited as we've seen many good reviews about this place🤩! Happy to say that the food didn't disappoint and we'll definitely recommend it to those who want to try some authentic Greek food. Remember to get their Chope vouchers as well!👍🏻

Grilled Lamb Chops (Paidakia) were super good, nicely grilled and super tender, without any gamey taste🍖! We also loved the Moussaka, especially the layers of minced beef, eggplant and potato which tasted super comforting when eaten together🍲. Kinda reminiscent of a lasagna!

For dessert, definitely try their greek yogurt, as the texture was unlike what we've ever tasted before😲! It's light and fluffy, but creamy at the same time. Slightyly sour too, which was a perfect match with honey🍯. We also received a complimentary dessert as we were celebrating a birthday, which we believed was called Galaktoboureko😬. Looked unassuming but the layers of filo pastry with warm custard was super good, not too sweet too!

Ordered the beef kebab, grilled octopus and lamp chop for our lunch. All 3 dishes were really well flavourful and the portion size was just right. The highlight of our meal will probably be the lamb chop - as it was really tender, well seasoned and balanced! Love the ambience as well, would rate this place 8/10!!


You can choose from their 8 dip selection, and we have opted for Hummus, Tzatziki, and Taramasalata. Hummus was the crowd fave, 2 others were lacking in acidity and seasoning. The pita was grilled to perfection with just the right amount of thickness (we were hungry though, cannot trust my pita judgment fully haha)

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It’s a mixed grill plate with lamb, beef, and chicken. Lamb was surprisingly good - was afraid it would be gamey, but it was seasoned well. The beef and chicken kebab were both salty. Even the dips from the starter nor the harissa that it comes with couldn’t save it :(

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First time to try this dish but it felt familiar as it’s very similar to lasagna. Was a bit weirded out by seeing big lumps of eggplant, but it didn’t taste weird at all. The béchamel layer was very enjoyable with the charred edges from baking (I was eating it by itself towards the end lol). The eggplant/potato/beef layers are good, on the salty side. Could be a bit jelak if too much. Do note that this is oven baked and have longer service time. Better to order early if you want to try it out

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