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Mott 32 Singapore located at Marina Bay Sands presents a four-course New Year menu ($188.00++ per pax, min 2 to dine) available from 31 Dec 2022 to 2 Jan 2023.

1️⃣Begin the celebration with a starter platter comprising of

▪️Black Truffle Siu Mai stuffed with tender Iberico Pork and Soft Quail Egg

▪️Aromatic Hua Diao Wine Marinated Abalone, Gold Leaf

▪️Crispy Pork Belly with Caviar

2️⃣Luxurious bowl of comforting Bird Nest Soup in Supreme Broth

3️⃣Savour three of Mott 32’s best-selling crowd favourites

▪️Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck Rolls

▪️Sautéed String Beans with Diced Australian Wagyu Beef

▪️Braised E-fu Noodle with Boston Lobsteri Supreme Sauce

4️⃣Dessert features a refreshing Caramelized Pomelo Ice Cream, pair with flaky Baked Egg Tart.

For reservations, visit marinabaysands.com/restaurants/mott32.html or call 6688 9922.

Location: Mott 32, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 10 Bayfront Ave, B1 - 41 / 42, Singapore 018956

30 Nov’22, Sun🌤
📍Miracle Coffee (Pop-up Cafe at MBS)
- Latte☕️

Medium-heavy bodied coffee, and chocolatey finish, not bad at all~ But frankly the latte art needs improvement…

Understand that the pop-up will be up until 29 December 2022, pay it a visit while around the vicinity!

Limited seats, non-aircon setting…

Damage: $6.50


tho a tad overcooked, the cod still tasted fresh and paired well with the red wine & lemon sauce! cut is thiccc too

btw you HAVE to get koffman’s fries ($10) as a side they’re so good we ordered two servings

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the salted butter is so goodddddd we asked for more hehe🧈 and this amount of bread for $4??? slay

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Good news to share! WAKUDA Singapore at Marina Bay Sands is now open for lunch, exclusively on Thur and Fri only!

WAKUDA has been using Okinawan produce such as the mozuku (seaweed), sodeika (giant squid), maguro (tuna), and umibudo (sea grapes) since April opening. You can look forward to savouring for the first time over lunch and dinner, precious Okinawan produce such as the brown sugar, okra, shikuwasa (lime), tiger prawns, and yakogai (giant sea snail).

Location: WAKUDA Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2, Singapore 018972

love that the macaroni used was not usual small curved ones. instead, it’s a slightly longer spiral shape that allows you to have more bite

cheese was good, pretty salty

these onion rings were so lightly battered, allowing it to retain its crisp. super airy and not oily

complimentary selection of bread was so good!! there were cheese sticks, some cheese bread and focaccia which was so soft and bouncy

these onion rings were so lightly battered, allowing it to retain its crisp. super airy and not oily

For the first time, diners can look forward to savouring over lunch and dinner Okinawan product such as brown sugar, okra, Shikuwasa , tiger prawn and Yakogai.

Feature :
💕Poached Shirako and Tofu yo.
Creamy poached served with tofu yo (fermented tofu from Okinawa) and Chrysanthemum Leaves.
💕Marinated Canadian Lobster in Shikwasa and asparagus.
Marinated fresh Canadian lobster in Okinawan Lime and served with asparagus.
💕 Salad of Sea Grape and Onagadai, with Okinawa Vinaigrette.
Refreshing salad consisting of Umibudo (give light crunch with pops of umami) with fresh Onagadai.
💕Big Eye Tuna.
Marinated loin of Tuna set on Toasted bread with Wasabi and Umibudo for extra crunch.
💕Braised Beef Cheek
Melt in mouth braised beef cheek served with Handama and Okra.

Beside these 5 dishes, Chef Tetsuya will be expanding Wakuda Singapore’s current selection of Okinawan ingredients.

📍Wakuda Singapore.
MBS hotel Bayfront Ave, tower 2.

If you’re looking for authentic Hainanese beef noodles, head to Tok Tok Beef Soup! Their Ultimate Trio Beef Bowl ($16.90) features a generous portion of tender beef and noodles, as well as a hearty broth that has been boiled for 16 hours.