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Gyoza-San Chilli Crab Bento X 3 Original Gyozas (S$12.90)

Special Unagi Gyoza! (S$7.50/ 6 pieces)
Special blend of chopped Unagi & chicken

Address πŸ›– : 5 Straits View, # B2-29 THE HEART, West Tower, Marina One Show Gallery, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 018935
Open πŸ•°οΈ : Mon - Fri : 11-am – 3pm ; 4.30pm - 7.30pm

Pasta with uni, sakura ebi, ikura and truffle mushroom cream sauce. The uni was fresh and creamy which complemented very well with the al-dente truffle pasta. I like how the taste of truffle was prominent yet not too overpowering. Also not forgetting the sakura ebi that added crunch and the bursting flavours from the ikura 😍 》$47

Flaky and velvety baked black cod fillet coated with special soy marinated with slight hints of sweetness. The skin was crispy and the cod practically melts in the mouth with a rich and buttery texture 🀀 》$43

Housemade refreshing tea with option of 0% sugar level..

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Mascarpone cream infused with light coconut & pandan taste; lady's fingers soaked with coffee, rum & gula melaka taste; love how well the tastes of each ingredients complement one another; twist to the usual tiramisu; 1 of the better tiramisu worth a try..

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SWEET SOY CRACKLING PORK BELLY: Crispy roasted pork belly glazed with sweet soy sauce; love that it is lean, meat is not dry & crispness still maintaining even when coated with sauce..
CEMPEDAK SQUID: Squid is chewy & coated with cempedak sauce; sauce is peppery & mildly sweet with pronounced cempedak taste & aroma; worth a try..
SHIITAKE & BAMBOO SHOOTS: Mushroom & bamboo shoot are well-braised with crunchy bite; sauce is flavorful with medley of spices & with distinct star anise taste..
SATAY CHICKEN: Chicken cube is tender & coated with satay sauce; sauce is fragrant, nutty & towards sweet side..

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Generous portion of tender & well-braised duck meat; fermented bean paste sauce is rich & robust with flavors; noodle slightly undercooked; nonetheless 1 of the well-executed dish worth a try..

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Garlic fried rice infused with buah keluak taste; with few pieces of tender chicken; felt the buah keluak sauce doesn't really complement the fried rice well as there's too much flavors in 1 mouth; Achar (carrot, cucumber, cabbage) at the side is crunchy & appetizing; sambal is fragrant with distinct shrimp & lemongrass taste, towards sweet side, not spicy; came with few pieces of crispy prawn crackers..


Dessert proved to be another hit. PATH’s Sesame, a delicious take on reinventing the classic Chinese black sesame soup, was made with white sesame ice cream, light black sesame paste, ginko, and sesame crumbs, crowned with a white sesame tuile. Lip-smacking, the aromatic combination offered so many flavours and textures. Marvelously nutty and earthy - one for the goma fans.

For course 3, I switched out their Mala Cereal coated Crispy Bombay Duck due to my low spice tolerance and had their Marble Goby in a comforting warm bath of fish consomme. Stacked with fungus and threadfin fish maw, the fish was fresh, silky, flakey and oh-so-sweet. There was also a welcomed tinge of spice and crunch hidden in the layers.

Then came my favourite item of the night, their take on the usual bread and butter course, the Shanghainese Hairy Crab Roe was bangin’. Paired with a delightfully crunchy Crystal Bread, the savoury hairy crab roe was wonderfully balanced with creamy beancurd, chili oil, spring onion puree, garlic, and bubu arare (tiny rice pops). Sweet, and salty with a mild lingering heat, the smooth curd was so moreish and especially so with the fragrant piece of toasted bread.

Next was the Japanese Tai, Chef Marvas' rendition of chicken rice without the chicken or rice. Dressed with a Hainanese Sauce which included vinegar and pandan oil, the wrapped Japanese Tai sashimi and Quinoa were topped with briny ikura - light and savoury.