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Genuinely enjoyed my Friday night dinner at Market Bistro.

Started off my meal with their Fried Baby Squid. Crispy on the outside, tender and fresh on the inside, this was a real seafood delight. The Spicy Mayo Sauce was the icing on the cake and it was definitely my favourite part of this dish. With chilli flakes providing a delectable crunch, the Mayo sauce was not too spicy for me as someone who is adverse to spice. A perfect combination of creamy, tangy, crunchy with a slight heat, this would definitely have to be one of my favourite dishes featuring squid. As always you can squeeze some lemon to enrich the savoury flavours of the squid!

For my Mains, I ordered the Wagyu Burger and I was delightfully surprised by the brioche bun which was imparted with a fragrance, I believe was some sort of wood. It really tied together the entire burger. Succulent and tender Wagyu with decadent cheese and crisp, aromatic brioche bun, I will definitely be ordering this again!

I ordered the mojito as well which complemented my meal perfectly by providing an icy, refreshing finish. It's best for those who like zesty and minty drinks.

I ended off my meal with the brownie dessert which was an interesting mix of savoury and sweet. As an avid lover of Vanilla Ice cream, the pairing of rich, buttery chocolate with creamy fragrant vanilla was sublime! With sprinkles of caramelised popcorn imparting a touch of salty and buttery flavours, I think this dish blends together harmoniously!

Have probably tried all the desserts at LAVO and the Panna Cotta has got to be my favourite. It’s extremely creamy & refreshing, especially after a meal here because of the huge portions!

Ordered the duck confit, wagyu burger, fried squid with spicy aioli, and the baked alaskan and all of them did not disappoint. We started off with the fried squid which was a sharing plate. The fried squid was so crispy and it paired well with the aioli! Duck confit was tender and it was accompanied by a medley of vegetables which complemented the dish. Wagyu burger was also superb, as the bun was lighted toasted and there were pickles to cut through the rich taste of the beef. Not to mention that patties were huge and substantial. Lastly, we had the baked alaskan. I loved that there was salt in the meringue as it helped to highlight the vanilla flavour in the ice cream. Overall, I highly recommend this place.

Would also like to commend the staff who were excellent in explaining the dishes and for their good service. Would definitely recommend this place!

The menu at Market Bistro is a culinary adventure. I started with the steak and fries, which were perfectly cooked to my preferred doneness and accompanied by crispy, golden fries. The steak was tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor, enhanced by a rich, savory sauce. The main course, Duck Confit, was an absolute highlight. The duck was exquisitely tender, with a crispy skin that provided a delightful contrast to the succulent meat. The accompanying sides were well-thought-out and complemented the dish perfectly. The portions were generous, and each dish was presented beautifully.

if you’re working in the cbd area and looking for a nice quiet spot with good food, look no further. market bistro serves amazing steak frites, the steak is tender and juicy and delicious with the garlic butter. and duck confit is to die for, super soft and literally melts in your mouth, and the sweet potato mash is so so creamy. sharing plate i liked the most were the spicy salmon dip, easy to eat and yummy. if you’re a fan of pork crackling i’d recommend it too, very crispy. and end the meal with a choco brownie, comes with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. portions were big and we definitely left the restaurant happy and full!

Ordered a few dishes and it’s sooooo delicious!
1) Ribeye: flavorful and juicy
2) Duck Confit: tender, very nice sweet potato puree
3) Fried baby squid: love the batter and lao gan ma sauce
4) Brownie: super rich and gao

Comes with garlic smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and gouda. The bagel is slightly smaller than Two Man's bagel but i would still recommend sharing it. The cheese is embedded with the scrambled egg so there's no cheese pull. The ingredients flavour blend well together. Best tk eat it right away otherwise the salmon would turned cooked. Will definitely eat this again.