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The portion quite big. The taste so so only. The rice was on the softer side. Comes with pickled vege also. There is no GST but got service charge.

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One of my all-time favourite handmade fishballs and meatballs are from Ru Ji Kitchen - their fishballs are soft and bouncy, while the meatballs are tender and super substantial. The default bowl doesn’t come with meatballs, but we always top up for them at 2 for $1. These have been my fam’s to-go for our many homemade steamboats for the longest time! Their noodles are not the very best, but we still enjoy it as a whole a lot with its clean tasting soup. Definitely recommend to have the noodles on the spot as they clump up pretty quickly if you do takeaways.

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The salad is just ok. The prawn is not fresh though.

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2nd time here. I had pistachio & chocolate stout ice cream with normal waffle during my 1st time and it was pretty good. However, the chocolate mochi waffle that I have ordered this time was too sweet for my liking and it overpowered the gelatos ( Pu er and cookie dough). Still prefer the normal waffle that complements better with the gelatos not so jelak

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Never really given burritos a chance for a very long time (bad stomachache ages back), but finally tried again as it’s the most accessible #postworkout place lol

Surprisingly loved it and wished I ordered the regular-sized one instead of mini 🙃 Filling for the burrito was very tender pulled pork, and also a good balance of jack cheese, rice, and beans

Paired it with one $3 Taco (with ground beef filling) which tastes better than it looks. Could be a bit less drier, but ok for me for the price


📍 Guzman y Gomez - Star Vista
01-32, 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, 138617

#burrito #tacos #guzmanygomez #gyg #burpplesg

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Its a really nice ice cream cafe located near buona vista (5-10 mins walk from the MRT station).
They have a really cute vending machine door too 🤣
Tried their seasonal fudgy mochi waffle, which is surprisingly really good - with a well balance of chocolate and mochi!! Love the crispy yet soft texture!
Their 56% dark chocolate sorbet and lychee sorbet were really good too 😋
Will definitely be back again to try other flavours and also their beverages!

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First time trying the Fudgey Mochi Waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream - Salted caramel cheese and 56% choco.

Definitely yums and definitely coming back again for their mochi waffles and ice cream.

If you are craving some Korean food around the area, this is one option! I had the Seafood Tofu Stew ($14.90) and it came generous with ingredients! From crab to mussels to squid, the seafood ingredients are fresh. I find the stew a little too spicy for me, but it's definitely flavourful. The side dishes or panchan provided are really of good quality and I especially loved the stir fried fish cake! Service is good as well. Will be back again for lunch!

Visited during the later part of the lunch hour and was able to get a seat for 2 with ease. Lady who served us had poor service attitude while sitting us and attending to us while the other staffs who came by after were eager to explain the Burpple exclusions and take our orders.

As the Burpple Deal was used, 2 pastas and 2 drinks had to be ordered but coffee selection was limited to only long black or iced black. A top up of $2 is required if you wanted to order coffee with dairy.

We ordered a chilli seafood pasta (front) and a salmon miso pasta (back) for the mains. For drinks we ordered a iced rose mela (sweetened cold brew Earl Grey rose and green apple) and iced lemon tea (not in photo).

Chilli seafood pasta was acceptable but the salmon miso pasta was underwhelming. Maybe it was the expectation I had from the photos of other bupplers content. Although it's salmon miso pasta, there was barely any taste of miso. The large chunks of salmon did not help add points to the dish either. Perhaps we should have ordered the truffle carbonara instead. Over to the soupy chilli seafood pasta. The prawns in the Chilli seafood pasta was juicy and plump while the clams and generous mushroom portion were cooked well. Slight chilli touch to it so those who can't take spice will be able to have this dish.

Drinks-wise, ice lemon tea was nothing special. The iced rose mela was quite refreshing but do better with lesser sweetener and more Earl grey taste.

Overall damage should be about $20 ($13.90 for each of the pasta we ordered).

They had a $4.50 top up deal for a drink and a soup of the day without Burpple which is pretty worth it in my opinion. Not sure if the drinks exclusion will be the same as burpple tho.

abit disappointed tbh. wasnt as good as i envisioned. the fish was not up to standard. but the ribs were not bad. the beef burger was good tho. and the watermelon drink was rlly refreshing

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$12 in total for these 4 ice cream cups thanks to burpple 141 WHAT A STEAL! had the pistachio, lychee, cookie dough and salted caramel cheese. the salted caramel cheese was my personal favourite. cookie dough was too sweet for my liking but pistachio is gd too!!