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I don’t usually order noodles like these because they’re often a bit too sweet for me, but my parents are fans. They enjoyed this version quite a bit! There wasn’t much ingredients included, mostly vegetables.

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First time trying Biang Biang mian and totally enjoyed it. It’s like a more chewy version of ban mian. Only complain here is that the noodles were thick and long hence it’s really hard to eat with a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks and plastic spoon.

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Not the best, but not bad in hitting a decent and balanced sourish savory flavour, with crunches from the strips of cucumbers and pineapples. You can choose the type of noodles you prefer. Portion here was huge!

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Pleasantly surprised by the number of mushrooms there was in here, even though we ordered the small portion. Taste wise was decent and the amaranth was fresh, but thought that it was slightly too bitter from the big amount of dang gui used.

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Super addictive! These mushrooms were fried to a great crunch, not oily at all and coated in a sweet and slightly spicy cream sauce. Similar to the other dishes, we ordered the small portion and it was pretty substantial!

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Didn’t leave with a good impression the first time we tried D’life, but happy that this time’s experience changed that.

Went straight for the Bak Kut Teh as I was craving a comforting soup, and this checked the box. It had a distinct herbal flavour and seasoned just nice with the right amount of savory and sweet. You get a mix of different mushrooms (like enoki and lion’s mane mushrooms), bean curd skin and tofu. This was the small portion, but pretty substantial I would say. Would get this again next time, and will try asking if it’s possible to add extra noodles in - could see this work as a main on its own too 😂

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Specialist of the white version, this stall has been serving for over 70 years ever since husband-wife team Tay Hoe Seng and Ng Sock Cheng started making their own carrot cake.
Their daughters and 2nd generation owners still handmake the carrot cake, their painstaking efforts recognised with consecutive Michelin Bib Gourmand awards.
Reowned for their flat but super crisp rendition, the (open) secret here is their special chili, which really makes the dish stand out.
Beautifully fried, albeit more oily than elsewhere, you get lovely smoky savoury sweet spicy flavours in each bite.
Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh
Chey Sua Carrot Cake
@ Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, 127 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #02-30
More details:

At Jackson’s Place. Supposedly listed in 2019’s Michelin Guide.
There was no queue. $6 for the regular portion.
The noodle is cooked al dente, nice and crunchy. The wonton is shaped like a ball, sufficient ingredient, tasted ok. The char siew looks good with a good mix of lean & fats, however the meat is just too dry and hard to eat.
There’s generous amount of lard, nice and fragrant.
Still worth a try.


Very average. Standards have dropped, you can see the sear from reviews 2 years ago but there's barely any here.

It's chewy too. Alright for a neighborhood hawker western but otherwise nah don't come

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Head down to this locally owned bubble tea shop, Tea Dojo, located at 107 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 for your usual iced cold cup of boba tea! Just a stone's throw away from Braddell MRT, the shop features an exciting range of signature drinks like Boba Grape Yoghurt ($6.30), Phoenix Oolong Lemon Tea ($5.30), Super Chestnut Snow ($5.80) and more! Customise your drink with various toppings such as Pearls, Brown Sugar Jelly, Tea Jelly, Taro Balls and many more -- at only $1 each!

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We ended off our meal with beancurd from Pure Soya Bean, which was a stall near the middle of the second level run by two fairly-young hawkers! We paid $2.50 for a bowl of beancurd with gingko nuts and we love their beancurd as it was served warm and the texture was fairly soft. Most importantly, you can taste the soybean in their beancurd as the sugar syrup used wasn't too overpowering. :)

While the serving size was really generous, we felt that the gingko nuts were a little hard and quite a few of them were rather bitter. We might get the beancurd with another topping again in future!

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This was one of the stalls that appeared to have no queue but when you place your orders, the auntie tells you that there is a one-hour wait! 😱😱😱 The wait is well worth it, however, as Chye Sua serves an amazing plate of carrot cake! The stall only serves the white version of carrot cake, and the dish comes with white carrot cake on the underside, which are stuck together by a layer of deep-fried egg and flour on the upper side that makes the dish look more black than white!

Don't be mistaken, however, as the layer of flour and egg was really crispy and comes with a slightly burnt flavour which we really love! The chilli is in this layer, so it can get a little spicy after a while. Hence, we suggest you alternate between this layer and the carrot cake underneath, as the carrot cake could get pretty plain if you eat it alone without the deep-fried surface later!

We also love the carrot cake as the cubes of radish remained soft after frying, although we were surprised that their shape remained fairly intact as well. We will definitely want to try this again although the queue will definitely be a deterrence on most occasions!

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