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Signature Noodle 招牌面 (S$6)
Upgrade noodle to konjac noodle (S$1.50)
Tasted like suan la fen - Hot & Sour

QiYin Teochew Minced Meat Noodle 綺音潮州肉脞面
Address 🛖 : Blk 203 Toa Payoh North , # 01-1121 Singapore 🇸🇬 310 203
Open 🕰️ : 9am - 7pm

The best part about Ocean Curry is that they are primarily a cai png stall. You therefore get to pick from a myriad of dishes at the counter and at really affordable prices (as compared to a tzi char stall).

Our favourite dish was their salted egg prawns. Yes, they aren't served piping hot but the prawns were plump and juicy and the salted egg sauce simply divine. We would also recommend their sweet and sour pork too!

The 3 ladies in my life (Granny, the Mother and Miss K) are bonded in their love for one dish, curry fish head.

For their signature curry fish head, Ocean uses the more premium ang go sai fish (white snapper / sea bream) which is more tender and moist. Their curry gravy is also rather unique. You can taste the distinctive notes of the masala spice blend of Indian curry in a rich creamy coconut-based Nonya curry. We are not usually fans of Indian curry but this was more subtle than overpowering.

We have been checking out various options but when it comes to convenience, taste and value for money, Ocean Curry Fish Head is our hands down winner (thus far)!

Light, slightly crispy at the top, aromatic. We ordered the chocolate, Oreo and cranberry flavours. The Oreo and chocolate flavours were the best to me.

went for the classic vanilla and begium chocolate. the chocolate was very gao, thicc and no sweet. vanilla was quite sweet in comparison. the waffle is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. will def reorder

Jacks place has been around in Singapore for ages. I recall watching advertisements of Jack place on Channel 5 back in the 90s.

$31 set meal (everyday set lunch treats)

-inclusive of weekends.

Set meal comes with:
- soup of the day with bread
- ice lemon tea/coffee/tea/juice
- gelato/dessert

T-bone steak has a lesser fat ratio as compared to the Ribeye.

Ribeye set meal is at $25.50 but the ribeye is 180g, so don't be fooled by the price. Ribeye are usually more expensive than T-bone.

T-bone was surprisingly tender, I was expecting a bit more tough. And the mushroom sauce really helps with the tenderness. My teeth easily chews through the meat.

Steaks at jacks place surely can't compare to all those popular steakhouse, jacks place steaks are slightly above the coffee shop standards.

Enjoyable meal.

Would always return for set meals promotions. Can't see myself eating this ala carte.

For comparison sake: T-bone steak ala carte price is $29.90


The irony of Having a sinful snack at a place called Shrove Tuesday; dawned on me.

Shrove Tuesday is a the day that Catholics and some Christians know, as the day before Ash wednesday, it is also called "pancake day". Google it, its true.

The waffles here were not bad, it could have been better. The pandan Gelato was quite good, and the sweet taste goes really very well with the hot waffles.

Will return again someday time try the charcoal waffles.

They have many gelato flavours as well, so u will be
Spoilt for choices.