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Heard that Good Luck Beer House now serves noodle. Mr. W used this excuse to tempt me here for lunch after work. Then they only serve noodle after 2pm. So we ordered them sim dum platter and xo carrot cake.

There was a bit of a cultural shock here on xo carrot cake. The one i expected was carrot cake fried in XO sauce which is a very common snacks in chinese restaurants in HK. Crystal Jade here has it too. This one was like a fritter. Tasted good but very different.

The dim sum platter was not bad. Nice for a light lunch.

So much for light lunch, we ended up takeaway some of the dim sum.

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Was excited to try this place because of the reviews but unfortunately the food and service didn’t meet my expectations.

We were seated outside as they were having a full house indoors. That was okay since it was pretty cooling in the evening. However, it started pouring and we were shifted to the sheltered area with no ventilation. Definitely not a pleasant area to have dinner.

Before we sat down, we asked if we could use the Burpple discount. One of the waiters told us we were able to. Only till we foot the bill, then we realized we weren’t able to due to the eve of Vesak Day. Thankfully, the manager still gave us the 15% off total bill, along with an unpleasant attitude. On top of that, none of the staff owned up to telling us we could use the Burpple.

Food was okay. The tortilla was so thin it was mostly soaked in sauce. The portions were little for what we paid too. The only thing that wowed me was the beer! Would definitely go back for the beer but maybe not due to the poor service and the underwhelming food. I can definitely find better tacos elsewhere.


Wanted some cool drinks respite from the hot weather. Came to Wanpo bcos there's 1 for 1 deal and indoor seats. We selected the fruit teas as we are not fans of bubble tea and there's a choice of ice and sugar level. WB had the Sugar cane baozhong tea with no sugar, the taste of the tea is quite rich and WB likes it. I had the grapefruit green tea with 25% sugar. It's slightly sour and there's grapefruit pulp in the drink. We are satisfied with the drinks and will return again.
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Tripe was super tender.

Mutton was tender too and well marinated. Though it's not as incredible as people make it out to be(maybe standards have dipped abit after covid)

The chicken was what stunned me. It's crispy(crispier than the mutton)

Peanut sauce could have been a lot thicker

This stall is definitely worth a try

Preserved veg w pork. Quite mild, didn't leave an impression. Pork was reasonably tender

There isn't too much meat on the bones, whatever was there was alright but not spectacular. You're here mainly for the marrow and the sweet spicy sauce which tastes exactly like it looks.

Tbh pretty ex if you ask me since there's no meat but it's pretty decent. Don't see this around too often

Get a chopstick to scoop out the marrow onto the bread, and ladle some red sauce on top. Enjoy

Bread is pretty average, not crispy, quite light and just enough integrity to hold the sauce.

The mutton soup is pretty full bodied, quite a few chunks of mutton and they were all reasonably tender.

Very enjoyable and well executed, nothing over the top

Can't rly taste tamarind nor miso or sth in the broth but the broth itself was brimming w seafood sweetness. The mushrooms were nice too. I think there's MSG but wtv this is very good

Except for the pasta. Pasta was undercooked. This is by no means Al dente as they tried to explain

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Overpriced. The sausage is but a thin layer, so the proportion is off. Which is okay if you're getting something that can dip bread into, like camembert or vongole linguine. Focaccia is not bad, mainly an airy crisp

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It's gloopy but not unpleasantly so. Decent enough but I would have enjoyed a stronger cheesiness. Not to mention the miso is hardly noticeable

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A must order here

Absolutely delicious, it's got full on umami from the lamb itself and fall off the bone tender. The pomegranate molasses is more like a gravy tbh, amping up the savouriness with dark notes even tho it's not what you expect from the description. But doesn't really matter when the lamb is this good

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