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had an amazing dining experience at gunther’s - from the delicious food to the pleasant & warm service from the staff, would definitely recommend all to visit the restaurant!

had the 4 course meal which came with 2 appetisers, 1 main course, 1 dessert. first started with a warm mini baguette which was really soft and paired perfectly with the butter served.

the seared toro with the halfboiled egg & vinegar seasoned rice tasted really great!! enjoyed the clams which had a lace of wine taste as well.

the maine lobster was super fresh and you could taste the sweetness of it! the sauce that topped the lobster was also so good!

ended off the meal with the fine apple tart which was one of a kind - thinly crisp on the outside and filled with yummy apple puree; it was also served with rum and raisin ice cream! also had the petite fours - a canele, dark chocolate and mini freshly baked lemon financiers which were equally tasty.

thick fatty slab of pork.
broth is flavourful but light.

Gunther's really impressed me with their Chef's seasonal set lunch.

For appetisers, I had the smoked egg with seared toro and the clams cooked a la minute. The richness of the soft boiled egg and seared toro paired amazingly, and the citrusy sauce added a nice tang that added balanced. The clams cooked a la minute were another hit. They were plump, sweet and fresh. And the sauce—buttery with a hint of citrus and herbs—complemented them perfectly. I was surprised by how much I liked this!

The wagyu for the main course was delicious. So juicy, flavorful, and tender. What I liked most was how it was served with different sauces and sides (sweet corn, bordelaise, mustard, etc), allowing me to mix and match for different flavors and textures.

Dessert was an apple tart with ice cream. The tart was warm and had a nice flaky texture and a nice caramalised base. The ice cream had a pleasantly distinct flavour of rum.

Overall, Gunther's offers a lunch that's really worth the price. The quality of ingredients shines through, and the flavours in each dish are very well-balanced. A great choice if you're looking for a top-notch dining experience.

I have always wanted to try Gunther’s and was glad I did. I had the Chef’s seasonal 4 course lunch menu. I had 2 appetisers; signature cold angel hair pasta with truffle and caviar, gratinated onion. For mains I had the grilled half Maine lobster followed by the earl grey almond powder dessert.

I highly recommend the cold angel hair pasta with truffle and caviar. The cold pasta was light and refreshing, truffle oil strong, and the caviar added a nice balance to the flavour profile. Although there was an additional $25 for this, it was well worth it.

The grilled Maine lobster was also very fresh and tasty, and the lobster meat was firm and sweet. The crispy thin strips of potatoes was also a nice touch to added a different textures to the dish.

For dessert I ordered an earl grey pudding, which had a lovely distinct flavour of earl grey without it being overpowering. As I got to the bottom of the pudding there was a surprise find of salted caramel !

Overall I had a very nice lunch. Must tries are the cold angel pasta and the grilled lobster !

I guess you can say these are TMC's piece de resistance. Flawless. But to be fair also, their cakes cost double those elsewhere, so...

Mind blown. This is why I visit Muslim restaurants - the portion. All our mains used huge plates. I chose kerabu rice over truffle fries. That's a steak below the masak merah sauce. Although there's variety and it's enjoyable, the fully cooked beef was normal, not far from beef you get at nasi padang haha.

Marinated in kicap chilli padi. When I pay for wings outside they gotta be better than homecooked ones. This was borderline.

Fried salmon lor. Quite basic. Drizzled with unagi sauce.

Pandan coconut ice cream sandwiched between a pita then coated with a layer of coconut shreds; ice cream is fragrant & sweet; a twist to the usual bread wrap with ice cream or kaya bread; unique & good to try..

Dumpling loaded with pork & chives; drizzled with mala sauce & peanuts; dumplings taste nothing special, no gamey taste, complement the sauce well; sauce is not spicy & no numbing sensation..

Yellow & white noodles tossed in laksa sauce; sauce is rich & robust with flavors, right amount to coat every strand of noodles; came with 2 pieces of taupok & 2 tiger prawn which are huge & fresh; best for sharing among 2 pax..