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the chicken chop and mushroom aglio olio is average! the apple cheesecake is quite good but it’s $10. the “gelato” is wall’s ice cream lol not worth the money I think it’s $8-10 :0 the place is spacious and unique, nice to study at

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Disappointed. First visiting to the restaurant to celebrate a birthday. It was an unpleasant experience. I was bitten by mosquitoes, and there were flys flying around where I seated. Staff was inattentive and unprofessional.
Overall food was good, but the service was bad.

Not recommend at all.

Disappointed. It was a first visit to the restaurant to celebrate a birthday, however it was an awful experience.
I had made a reservation for the restaurant, but I was assigned a seat near the grass and garbage, where the birds eating the food. Because the seats are near grass and garbage, insects were around, and I was bitten by several mosquitoes. I requested the server if I can switch to an indoor seat or a covered location away from the grass. In an obnoxious tone, the server informed me that the indoor is fully booked and that the shelter area is exclusively for large groups.
Despite the fact that there are many empty tables in the shelter area, the waitress simply ignored my request and walked away. When the dinner arrived, there were flys all over it, and no one seemed to mind. Food was okay, but the service was bad.

Not recommend at all.

Slightly dumbfounded, when I entered to be seating indoors facing the counter and kitchen, to find young waiters dropping an entire pizza and scrambling to pick up the pieces.
At 3pm on a Sunday the place was nicely packed and I concluded it was more of the getaway vibes you get at rustic SAP that draws the crowd.
The desserts we got to share for a ladies only catch up were mediocre and not exactly value for money.
Take this slice of strawberry shortcake that looked the most promising and was thought through with the coat of pastry flakes. Sadly the flakes were rather soft and maybe wild seed could consider a coat of crunch instead.
We also had biscoff waffles which was essentially limp waffles with a piece of lotus, a handful of crushed lotus as garnish and vanilla ice cream.

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There is pieces of soft shell crab on every single slice of the pizza, with cheese as well
Coconut cake uses freshly grinded- coconut lovers.

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Was very pleasantly surprised by this! Thought it was gonna be crab meat bits and sauce, but it was a whole leg of crab on each slice of pizza!

The taste was just right, and the pizza crust was just right, thin and fluffy!

Was really nice to sit alfresco style, away from the city. Very chill vibes.

Staff was really friendly too, asked us if the food is good and gave us good recommendations.

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Pizza crust is light crisp at the edge & fluffy inside; right level of thickness; taste flavorful with light truffle taste; lots of cheese but surprisingly not surfeiting & makes me craving for more; would be better if topped with more mushroom; 1 of the better pizza I've eaten so far..

2 long BBQ pork sausages that taste good but very salty; with 4 thin slices of bacon that are quite dry & lightly crisp, no porky stench but quite salty & thick layer of fats (not to my liking); hashbrown is deep-fry to crispy outside & soft inside, taste normal; with a slice of fluffy ciabatta & opted for 2 poached egg; decent & nothing special..

Serve in soft taco; fried fish fillet is fresh & tender, thinly battered; mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes & strawberry which add refreshing taste; siracha sauce is thick & mildly spicy which complement the dish well without overpowering the fish taste..

Potato hash cake (rosti) is thick & flavorful with herb taste; crispy outside & soft inside, not greasy; topped with 4 thick & big slices of smoked salmon & 1 poached egg with oozing yolk; with fresh crunchy greens & pomegranate; love the citrusy brown sauce that aids in reducing greasiness..

my go-to spot for catching up with colleagues/friends after office hours.

(kelong prawn and scallop pizza $25)