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Tom Yam soup have to be good for any Thai restaurants, and it's certainly very good here at warm up cafe.

Seafood is rather fresh. Soup hit all the right notes on my tongue, its wasn't too sour or too spicy. My only complain,is that it's not enough soup!

Nice outdoor seating, for it's very ulu location, there seems be a steady stream of guests entering, so food here must be excellent.

Location is about 7-10mins walk from little India station.

This dish recently very trendy. So was quite happy that this was served here.

It looks very good, the Omelette was indeed very good, but inside, is just plain rice. So as a whole, this dish was quite bland. It will be nicer if inside is fried rice.

Crab meat is quite good, doesn't taste bad whatsoever.

Quite expensive also, $12 before GST.

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Tom Yum Tiger Prawn Noodle.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/warm-up-cafe/

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Ordered egg omelette, oyster, thai boat noodle (beef), tom yum soup, cashew nut chicken (not in pic), salted egg sotong (not in pic) and fried pork lard (not in pic)

Egg omelette is fluffy and doesnt have very oily taste (some thai omelette elsewhere have a very heavy oil taste and the eggs are not as fluffy) so love this dish!!

The oysters were fresh with a variety of condiments to match with👍👍

The boat noodle is very flavourful and the rice noodle is quite chewy - definitely not the usual noodles we eat in singapore. However, if it is soaked in the soup for too long, it can get abit too salty. The beef boat noodle also comes with a few pieces of beef slices and beef tendon. My personal take is that the tendon can be cooked slightly longer for it to be more tender.

Tom yum soup is spicy and intense❤ w a variety of seafood inside. Consist of a large prawn but the prawn is not super fresh though..

Cashew nuts chicken is nice and fragrant and has a little crisp which adds a nice touch when eating it!

Was expecting the salted egg sotong to be crispy but ended up very soggy due to the wet sauce but after eating a few pieces, it can get addictive as well. The salted egg taste is very on point🌟

But fried pork lard was quite underwhelming.. was expecting fried pork skin (thai snack) but it was really a small bowl of pork lard (猪油渣) to be added to the soup for extra fragrance. While it only cost $2, i will probably not order in future.

Overall, the food is very flavourful and the ambience is comfortable. I will definitely come back again to try the mookata set.

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Yet another item that is available at Lowercase now that Prodigal Cafe has since started their operations there, the Lavender Cheesecake is one of the items I always quite look forward to having whenever I am craving for a cake whilst visiting Prodigal Roasters/Prodigal Cafe previously.

The piece that I had was shaped in a square, though they used to serve them up in the usual wedge form previously at both Prodigal Cafe and Prodigal Roasters whenever it was available — the cake still feels very familiar as how it was back then even to this day; that light but rich cheesecake layer and that graham cracker base at the bottom that is slightly thicker than what one would expect out of cheesecake from other establishments. The cheesecake is smooth and sufficiently dense when it came to the mousse layer, yet not overwhelmingly heavy on the taste buds — easy to eat, whilst coming with a whiff of floral aroma from the lavender petals that is infused within; the graham cracker base giving it just the right crunch whilst being tightly packed without being overly buttery or wet, yet holding up the weight above very well.

Wanted a cuppa that is slightly more out of my “zone” so decided to switch out my usual order of the Dirty to the Bailey’s Iced White — there is this distinct hint of booziness going on in here from the Bailey’s whilst the cuppa is immensely smooth and creamy; whilst I wouldn’t say it was quite as heavy in terms of caffeine as what I had expected it to be, there was no doubt that it got that perfect balance between the alcohol and coffee itself that makes it quite the mid-day treat on its own.

With the return of Prodigal Roasters/Prodigal Coffee into cafe operations at Lowercase, and the return of some of their most iconic items such as the Lavender Cheesecake and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, there is no better opportunity than now to actually make a visit to savour the dishes that were missing-in-action for quite a while since the closure of their MacPherson Lane location due to the en-bloc exercise in they neighbourhood. Now that the Lavender Cheesecake had made its return; I am secretly hoping for the Miso Cheese Tart to make its reappearance too — an item that I had fallen in love with ever since they had first opened their doors at Yio Chu Kang back then!

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Loving the chilled beancurd filling together with the crumbly texture of the tart. The soya beancurd was soft and silky smooth and held solidly in a buttery tart cup. Personally I feel that the soya bean flavour could be stronger but nonetheless these tarts are delicious and a healthier choice than the usual egg tarts. Definitely best to have them chill.


This was such a comforting bowl full of flavour. The pretty generous portion of chicken was so well seasoned, on top of the obviously msg-laden Indomie. Don’t misunderstand me, because I am not complaining. In fact, I knew what I was in for when I ordered the Indomie bowl — that I would be welcomed with a salt fest. I however, am a sucker for comfort food like Indomie and would have it almost any day, and so this bowl was just a huge delight to me. The star of this was not only the very flavourful chicken kebab, but also their epikebab sauce that is both creamy and spicy, truly elevating the flavours of the ingredients in this bowl.


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This paled so much in comparison to the indommeat Chicken bowl. The rice was honestly a tad too dry to my liking and lacking in flavour. Similarly, the beef faced the same issue as well. The sauces — epikebab sauce and garlic mayo did help to mitigate the overall lacklustre taste.


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Very well fried omelette. One can expect a quaint, Thai style eatery at this place with a large menu including seafood such as fresh oysters. Seating at the back is open air and has an aircon unit to keep things cool, setting is cosy and good for groups.

🤤 still dreaming about these. (1) tteokbokki with ramen was v v tasty and the sauce was very tasty!!! not too spicy either, but good balance + texture. hehe and (2) bulgogi soup - first time trying this!!! it was surprisingly really comforting and not too salty too. generous ingredients too. (3) chives pancake didn’t feel too oily and was a good size!!!! the thickness was perfect also 🤍🥂 highly recommend bc for korean this is really affordable! (~$10/dish) heard good reviews ‘bout the bibimbap too :) love the fish cake ban chan!!

Sim Lim Square is best known for the multiple establishments serving up salted egg chicken rice in individual portions — this includes Taste Good, as well as a previous tzechar stall within the Broadway Food Court that had since closed down some time back (probably due to the effects of COVID-19). 3 Meals a Day is a fairly new establishment, taking over the former premises of Rice Bowl Gold (moved on to serving up salted egg dishes as a takeaway kiosk concept named Xian Dan Chao Ren), and serves up economic rice as well as tzechar-style ala-carte dishes. While there are a number of outlets around the island (there is at least one in Tampines, and another one in Hougang), the Sim Lim Square outlet does seem pretty much like their flagship, and it is pretty tough to find a seat here during weekday lunch hours; pretty much explains how I hadn’t managed to dine-in here after all these while despite Sim Lim Square being a lunch destination whenever I am needed to be back in office.

While the Salted Egg Chicken with Rice is probably the star of all similar stalls in Sim Lim Square, it is interesting how the Butter Chicken with Rice is served in rather different styles across the various stalls. The one from 3 Meals a Day is exactly the type that I love — that creamy sauce drenched above the chicken chunks is what I would be looking for whenever I am craving for buttermilk chicken. Here, the sauce comes a little sweet for some, but I especially liked how it goes together with the savoury chunks of chicken — that slight sweet-savouriness with that extra fragrance from the wok-fried curry leaves, all that with the crunch from the chicken; there is even sufficient sauce here to go with most of the rice here, making it so sinful but oh-so-delicious for those who have a preference for heavier flavours like me. They do pay attention to the details here as well — case in point will be the sunny side-up that wasn’t all greasy and soaked in oil whilst still having a molten yolk that eagerly oozes out as one pokes a fork into it. Same goes to how they actually included the keropok on the side; surprised how it still retains the crunch despite being pretty much just a sideshow.

Those who know the story behind 3 Meals a Day would probably be able to vouch on the quality of the food here (it’s pretty obvious if one is to realise) — especially so for the ala-carte individual-sized dishes featuring pork/chicken/fish done in different styles; it is also little wonder why they have seem to garnered quite a following with the office crowd after the dine-in restrictions have been lifted, given how a familiar face to those who patronise eateries within the area is now often found here. Needless to say, 3 Meals a Day would be somewhere I am going to patronise pretty often to solve my sinful cravings for some rich and creamy tzechar style chicken dishes!

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This was so appetising and definitely whet my appetite for the other delicious dishes from this place. The mango was crunchy and the sauce while spicy, does not outshine the fresh slices of mango. The sauce was pretty spicy but tolerable. There were small pieces of shrimp which was like a tiny burst of umami, so delicious! Definitely worth ordering.

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