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This famous salted egg chicken rice does have its highs and lows. A generous portion of salted egg sauce was slathered over the chicken which was surprisingly juicy. While the sauce was generous in quantity, it suffered in its quality and could use a tad bit more salt. I would have also preferred a runny egg to combine flavours.

Still, with a great price point, I would return if I am in the area to try their other dishes as well.

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Cantonese style cuisine @WingSeongFattys Restaurant!

Have walked past this restaurant many years ago and was wow-ed by the huge amount of crowd! Fast forward many years later, I am finally here to pay this place a visit!

Featured are the following items:
-Seafood Hor Fan
-Fried Prawn with Salted Egg
-Chicken in Claypot
-Sweet and sour pork
-Braised Beancurd
-Fried Foo Yong Eggs

Overall the meal was quite tasty and affordable! Though the food may get slightly salty, so best to get plain rice to accompany the dishes!

Check them out at 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square # 01-31, S189649. They have both aircon and outdoor seats! Do make a reservation for indoor air con seats to avoid disappointment!

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Chose bu Jian Tian char siew and siew yoke.

Egg was done well, chili was standard. BJT char siew was stellar, super gelatinous from the fats, flavourful, and tender. Not greasy though. What stands out is their sexy sweet glaze with supreme smokiness. It's not greasy but the ends were too fatty for me

Siew yoke was utterly magnificent as well. On the lean side, about 80% meat but it's got a good bite and was reasonably tender, very unexpected for such a leanness. They say their pork is very high quality and that's why their skin is so good, but I really doubt it's only because of the quality of the pork. Why's that? Their skin is shatteringly crisp like suckling pig, as well as paper thin. Quite unlike anything I've had. The roasted pork flavour was strong too

Both were of excellent quality, must try at this price

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Went to Tittle Tattle for brunch yesterday and had their Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($22) and a Iced Latte ($7)!😇 Also tried the Tittle Wings ($12) and the Chicken Steak ($18)🤣 Came here through eatigo to get 50% off the bill hence its pretty worth it imo!

Overall ratings 7.5/10! Fish, chicken and the tittle wings were pretty good but the fries were abit stale. Drinks was also pricey and average😅 Staff were friendly and ambience was retro and chill. Would visit again with eatigo for the fish!

This is an add-on to our set meal because we wanted some soup and also to try their wanton. The soup has a very nice taste. Wanton was smooth and soft.

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We wanted some spicy dish so we have this. Generous portion for 2 person and you could really enjoy the sambal spiciness in every pieces of the sotong.

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This vegetable dish is definitely worth getting. They are fried with salted egg. You could enjoy the salted egg in every bites.

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At the revamped Elias Building at the corner of Selegie and Middle Road, Roasted Story is currently the only new restaurant opened in this building.

Serving their signature roasted meat dishes and they have a set meal catered to different size of group or individual here.

The 2 pax set meal comes with triple roast combo, seafood, vegetable or egg and 2 staple.

The triple roast combo you can choose from duck, pork or chicken. Unfortunately we came very late at night and they only left with pork items.

So we gotten their char siew, roasted bu jian tian char siew and roasted pork belly. the char siew all seasoned very well with the sweet sauce. Very juicy especially the bu jian tian. While the roasted pork belly is super crispy on top. They are pair well with the chilli sauce provided.

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Their signature Fire Bu Jian Tian Char Siew ($21.80) is a recipe perfected over the years, made using the “bu jian tian” cut of the meat that has a good ratio of fats to lean meat. When served, the meat is enhanced with the sweetness and flavour by the torched mixture of brandy and lemon extract. Additionally, you can pair your noodle or rice with the Triple Roast Meat Platter ($21.80), which you can get a combination of their Firewood Roasted Duck, Crispy Pork Belly and Char Siew.

In addition to their roast meats, they have an extensive menu of zichar dishes that we have sampled, including the Signature Beancurd ($13.80) which comes bubbling in a claypot, filled with ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, snow pea and roasted pork. For a balanced meal, the Trio Egg Spinach ($13.80) is a great complement together with the Salted Egg Prawns ($18.80) that is always a great addition to the meal.
✨ Roasted Story
📍 264 Middle Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188990
🌐 https://www.roastedstory.com/
🍴 [Media Invite]

Between this and the other popular brand over at Far East Plaza, I will prefer the version here as the salted egg sauce has a good balance of sweet and savoury while not being too watery in terms of the consistency. The dish even comes with a few pieces of cracker for that extra crunch factor.
✨ 3 Meals A Day
📍 1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, Unit 02-01, Singapore 188504
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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Wok hei soy-flavoured Kway Teow drowned in starchy eggy flavourful gravy. Comes with various seafood and vegetables. Its a slurp of tastisfying goodness.