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Complemented by the modern European innovative dishes imagined by Chef de Cuisine, Davide Bizzarri and his team.
💕Veal Tartare (Table 65's signature dish) pair with Wine: Movia Lunar 2017
💕Rainbow Trout, Quinoa, Cauliflower, Tomato pair with Movia Veliko Belo White 2016 / 2017
💕Wild Squid, Tatsoi, Chilli, Potato pair with Movia Sivi Pinot Grigio Ambra 2021.
💕Foie, Apple, Hazelnut Crumble, Citrus pair with Movia Lunar 2017
💕Berkshire Pork Cheek, Polenta, Fava Beans, Pickled Mustard pair with Movia Carbenet Sauvignon 2020
💕Blood Orange, “Clementini” Sorbet Pearls, Raspberry pair with Movia Puro 2016/2017.

The overall experience was excellent.
All dishes well executed, the flavour balance and delicate, and the pairing is complement the flavour of every dish, and the service was amazing.
My fav dishes will be the wild squid and the Berkshire pork cheek.
Sautéed Fresh wild-caught squid, marinated in white balsamic, yuzu zest and fresh
Italian parsley, served with wild puffed rice, sauteéd tatsoi leaves and chilli strips.
This dish looks simple but has very complex flavour and texture, but all balanced well.
Meanwhile for the Pork cheek, it’s really tender and juicy, using black pork from Berkshire that brines overnight, served with the au jus that prepped 3 days in advance and 2 ways cooked polenta

💰$476++ per person

8 Sentosa Gateway #01-104/105

USDA Prime, Illinois Corn Fed, Aged 21 Days

Honestly, the food is underwhelming for the price, though the service is Top notch

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Honestly, the food is underwhelming for the price, though the service is Top notch

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Yeah this was pretty good, the banana cream was strong

Overall, some dishes were good but nothing was great, not very innovative nor was it very Korean even and way too overpriced for the quality. Yes I know they have good reviews but that's before they got their first star and the prices skyrocketed

Makgeolli bread

Nothing special, tasted like Chinese fermented alcohol cake

Corn crisps w corn cream was alright, the crisp lingers in your mouth too long

The main dessert was corn ice cream, caramel, popcorn which was light, raw Hokkaido white corn and corn custard. White corn was juicy and overall it was pleasant

Beetroot w finger lime, beetroot sorbet w shiso

The earthiness of beetroot is strong but the strength of the citrus and the shiso rounded everything nicely. Overall pretty surprising execution and you can sense the thought that went into balancing the flavours

Eggplant puree and burdock rice were both way too buttery

The lamb from Western Australia was utterly tender though. The most tender I've had, it's similar to tenderloin actl. Nice crisp on top as well. Crisp disappears quickly though so you don't have time to waste.

The leaf dumpling w mushroom Ragu was impactful, w the herbaceousness as well as the heat in the mushroom.

Overall pretty good lamb, the sides were weak

Beef tendon/shank was v tender and almost melts in your mouth.

The noodles had a fantastic bite, it's quite chewy and the sauce was nutty even tho no nuts were used. The gochujang and the creaminess were really balanced impeccably and it's a very satisfying bowl of noodles which I wolfed down very quickly