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PSA they updated their menu and REMOVED their pizzas. Average pasta so really, given how ulu it is, there's no reason to visit

Ckn and honestly quite flat as well

Prawns were meaty, not crystal and there's a slight brininess in the cream sauce. But the sauce was otherwise somewhat flat, not particularly good

Homemade but too dense, and portion is way too huge for 2 pax.

Balsamic was quality though, very intense. Olive oil wasn't anywhere near as strong

Thats raw chili so go easy. Cucumbers had a bit of heat, pretty interesting.

The braised pork was passable, which is more than can be said for most places, but definitely not worth travelling for

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Dry version and very thick texture of sauce, but lacks umami

Chili was spicy and pretty decent

The highlight is the squid. If you must come here, add a lot of squid, it's perfectly cooked

For just $4, it's a pocket-friendly feast that's almost too good to be true in this day and age. But trust me, it's real 🀀

The sheer abundance of ingredients - from the crsipy chicken cutlet to the flavourful ngoh hiang and fried wantons - crowning the noodles is seriously generous, especially at this price point. πŸ’²β€οΈ If you're on the hunt for affordable, soul-satisfying comfort food, don't miss out on this hidden gem.

πŸ“86 區青 Lor Mee - Golden Mile Food Center, #01-86

Super rich & strong black sesame taste, live up to its name of intense!πŸ’― It's triple black sesame with black sesame oatmilk, black sesame powder & black sesame seed topping, a must try for black sesame loversπŸ˜‹

Brownie is rich, firm & moist inside; sprinkled with some salt at the top, which helps to balance out the richness, not too sweet, served warm..

Huge piece of shredded potatoes which are lightly fried to crisp outside while soft & moist inside; opted for smoked pork bratwurst which are firm & juicy; with a sunny side up & a thick & creamy cream cheese at the side..

Al-dente pasta tossed in flavorful sambal laksa sauce; sauce is creamy & rich with medley of spices, yet not surfeiting; aromatic with hint of smoky taste; came with 5 pieces of crunchy prawn & topped with alfalfa sprouts; 1 of the better laksa pasta I've tried..

Sourdough is crispy outside, soft & fluffy at centre; topped with creamy avocado, smoked salmon & poached egg; poached egg slightly overcooked; drizzled with creamy hollandaise sauce; squeeze some lemon for some zest; came with fresh greens at the side..

Value set for Braised Pork ($6.80) included marinated cucumber, soft boiled egg and popcorn chicken. Braised Pork is nt that salty or dry, moist gravy and flavour taste. Popcorn Chicken really so good as crispy and crunchy texture that they really outdone it.

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