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Espresso Blend 2 [4/5]
Sage Scone [2/5]
Dirty Genmaicha Latte [2/5]

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Tripe was super tender.

Mutton was tender too and well marinated. Though it's not as incredible as people make it out to be(maybe standards have dipped abit after covid)

The chicken was what stunned me. It's crispy(crispier than the mutton)

Peanut sauce could have been a lot thicker

This stall is definitely worth a try

Preserved veg w pork. Quite mild, didn't leave an impression. Pork was reasonably tender

There isn't too much meat on the bones, whatever was there was alright but not spectacular. You're here mainly for the marrow and the sweet spicy sauce which tastes exactly like it looks.

Tbh pretty ex if you ask me since there's no meat but it's pretty decent. Don't see this around too often

Get a chopstick to scoop out the marrow onto the bread, and ladle some red sauce on top. Enjoy

Bread is pretty average, not crispy, quite light and just enough integrity to hold the sauce.

The mutton soup is pretty full bodied, quite a few chunks of mutton and they were all reasonably tender.

Very enjoyable and well executed, nothing over the top

Saw a long queue the previous time I was at GMFC, this time round, queue wasn't so long, thus decided to give it a try.

Had the $5 portion.

The sambal-like chilli sauce was quite spicy, almost explosive.

Pork ribs were soft and tender

Prawns were crunchy.

Overall quite solid, it is worth the long queue in my opinion.

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Really liked the Umami Mentaiko Smoked Salmon toast from @evanskitch! The various ingredients such as mentaiko, smoked salmon, chicken floss came together really well and made for a wonderfully cohesive dish, where each bite was creamy, umami, with some tanginess from the picked Japanese cucumber. Thank you @burpple for the invite and @evanskitch for the hospitality.

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Came here for lunch. Ordered the Gyu Don v2.0 ($16), Yummy Tiger Prawn Pasta ($20) and Sweet Potato Caramel Latte ($6).

Gyu Don v2.0: Thinly Sliced USA Beef Shortplate cooked in Aromatic Reduction & Caramelized Onions, Tempura Onions, Japanese Pearl Rice, Onsen Lava Egg. Beef slices were well marinated and tender. Tempura onion on the other hand was disappointing. Soft and unseasoned.

Yummy Tiger Prawn Pasta: Linguine, Creamy Tom Yum Sauce, Tiger Prawns, Cherry Tomatoes, Kaffir Lime. The tomyum flavour was not bad. The prawns however do seem a little small and somehow I feel that using fresh prawns would be better for this dish.

The sweet potato caramel latte was excellent. Milky, creamy, sweet and delicious. Highly recommend getting this drink. Service was not bad. Servers were attentive enough to top up our water.

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Someone got this for me from Golden Mile Complex (it is within the Thai Supermarket) and they packaged this in a ventilated container with foil; the heat was hence preserved well.

These were a sticky, chewy and fragrant delight. I didn't expect myself to like them as much as I did! In fact I will probably go back for more the next time I'm close by.

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If you're seeking out the lighter side of life & just looking for munchies, there are options here too. We nibbled through these dishes on the small bites menu:
🔸 Asian Chili Chicken Karaage ($12++)
🔸 Seasonal Fresh Truffles Parmesan Cheese Fries ($16++)

Had some teas (both cold brewed & hot ones) while we made a toast to good health:
🔸 Amint Tea ($6.50++)
🔸 Empire Citrus Tea ($7.50++)

& ended off with some sweet treats:
🔸 Aburi Pandan Coconut Cheese Cake ($12++)
🔸 Strawberries Bread Pudding & Vanilla Ice Cream ($11++)

Thanks Burpple for the invite, & Evan's Kitch + Chef Evan for the hospitality! 💕

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🖥 Accepts reservations on Chope & Quandoo
🍽 Burpple Beyond Partner
📶 Free WiFi available


This may sound like an odd combination, but it works! The yam paste wasn't too sweet and retains a light yam fragrance that complements the savoury floss. Mochi adds a nice chewy texture as well. I haven't been a big fan of mochi buns, but this has been the most acceptable for me so far. That said, would have liked a variation of yam and pork floss without the mochi 😬

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The braised duck here is soft and tender.

The sauce is those waterly type, with a subtle hint of herbal-ness.

The chilli sauce is the vinegar style type. Which I felt was quite good, but I preferred those with sambal style chilli.

The 2nd generation stall owner is very friendly.

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