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Went to Simple Cafe 2 weeks ago and ordered their Iced White ($6) and an Iced Uji Matcha Latte ($6.50)! Overall ratings 7/10! Drinks were okay, I preferred the Iced White over the Iced Matcha🀣 Ambience was nice and cozy too! Would recommend visiting if you want a peaceful weekend cafe to chat😁

From Butter Bread
Sweet perfection!
Tiny but mighty 4-inch mango cheese tart, packed with flavor and value.
Buttery crust, creamy cheese, and sweet mango harmony.
Quality ingredients shine through.
Worth every bite and buck!


From Butter Bread
Heavenly delight!
Rich, velvety chocolate madeleine, meticulously handcrafted with premium ingredients.
Moist, buttery, and utterly indulgent.
A masterclass in texture and flavor.
Worth savoring every bite!

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- Sweet and pleasant aroma with a nutty, toasty flavour that ended with chocolatey notes!
- More popular for their coffees here but this took me by surprise and @madyums preferred this to her strong black too πŸ˜› [8.5/10]

- Coated with maple glaze that gave a little crisp to the top without being too sugary 🍁
- Came with light cream, and red miso butter that added a balanced savouriness to the sweet dessert!!
- Buttery, crumbly and fluffy soft yet not dry πŸ˜‹ [8/10]

Once a hawker has mastered a dish, they don’t really need to sell anything else. Every customer can be seen devouring a bowl of ππ€πŠ π‚π‡πŽπ‘ πŒπ„π„ ($πŸ–/𝟏𝟎/𝟏𝟐/πŸπŸ“).

I initially thought it was quite pricey, but portions are generoussssπŸ™‚β€β†•οΈ The pork liver is also the softest and least pungent I've ever had. Would prefer the chilli to be spicier but I can see why this earned 1 Michelin star!🌟

Fails on all 3 levels. Skin cmi, soup not umami enough, worst is there's cubed ginger in the filling. Who wants to chew on ginger?

Come on

The skin is different from the usual. It's abit transculent and the bite is pretty decent, better than your average nonsense

Filling was alright also

Overall it's a passable dumpling and quite above average

Garlic Toast ($1.50) was decent. Had the Hazelnut Lava and Portugese tart for breakfast the next day and they were also alright (after heating up, of course). The hazelnut lava was pretty substantial and the baguette base was surprising and complimented the lava quite well. Portugese tart was meh.

Recent cravings for Peranakan food led me to this slightly hidden stall at Golden Mile Food Centre, and boy was this a good find. Blunt but friendly aunty serving customers and even helping to clear their plates. The Ayam Rendang ($8) came in a sharing portion of chicken and potatoes in a superb aromatic and slightly spicy gravy; and the best part is that the chicken pieces are boneless! The Chapchai ($5) was also really good and in a sizeable portion. Two plates of rice completed the meal for an additional $0.50 a plate. Don't forget to ask for their (very potent) chilli too! Overall, fantastic and homely peranakan fare at a very affordable price. Would definitely return and also wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come by too!

From a Malay stall along a middle row. Good because freshly fried!

I've been patronising this stall since young. Excellent bananas.