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Feature :
Alma’s new degustation menu, only available for dinner only.
💕First course - Beurre Blanc
the classic French sauce in ice cream form, paired with the salty and nutty notes of the Fine de Claire oysters,caviar, pumpernickel bread with the light, frothy texture of the hazelnut milk foam
💕Second course - Parfum de Siam
doused over butter-poached Australian rock lobster served with Inaniwa Udon, mini zucchini, and tempura zucchini flower and Thai inspired green curry cream sauce
💕Fifth course - Moutai “Flying Fairy” Ice Cream.
Ice cream Made from Moutai Flying Fairy baijiu, snow nest, strawberry air, and a crisp Haw flake for texture.

Will share the mains at next post.


📍Alma by Juan Amador.
22 Scotts Road

I’ve only ever had @liaofanhawkerchan at one of their restaurant outlets before, and while I thought the soya sauce chicken was decent enough, it sure as hell didn’t deserve a Michelin star. This time, while wandering through Chinatown Complex, I noticed that the OG, original stall had a queue of three as opposed to the usual queue of fifty three. Well, it was a no brainer then, it was time to inspect how and why Liao Fan earned that coveted Michelin star.⠀

At six dollars & fifty cents flat for this plate of soya sauce chicken drumstick with an additional soya sauce wing, it certainly is an economical meal in a Singapore suffering from eight percent GST (not success). Not only is it an economical meal, it’s an excellent meal too. Compared to the more upscale outlets islandwide, the original Liao Fan’s chicken was superior in every way. ⠀

The skin was noticeably smoother and a darker shade of brown, and it could qualify as a work of art. The meat was markedly moister and softer, with even the breast part of the wing being suitably slippery. And the flavours, oh boy. The meat & skin were supremely savoury and sweet from the honey glaze brushed onto the skin post simmering, and were far more alluring with unmistakable aromas of hua tiao chiew (Shaoxing rice wine). All the flavours that the chicken from the outlet had were multiplied by a factor of five at the original stall, and topped off with that stupendously sapid soy sauce poured over the chicken? Yes, oh yes, this is one of the best birds this side of Chinatown.⠀

So, did Liao Fan ever deserve their Michelin star? Based solely off the chicken alone, I’m gonna be generous and say that yeah, Liao Fan/Hawker Chan deserved that Michelin star before they decided to chase the bag.


Summer Palace's 蜜汁叉烧包 Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns ($9.00++)

Location: Summer Palace, Regent Singapore, Cuscaden Road, Level 3, Singapore 249715

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solid dim sum served here!! love the molten custard paus.

Steamed Pork, Shrimp & Mushroom Dumpling ‘Siew Mai’

The 48-seat restaurant boasts stellar service and a carefully curated beverage list that serves to elevate the experience of dining in this iconic venue

Feature :
2 Seafood dishes from set lunch Creation, pairs with sake from JFOODO.
💕Hamaguri paired with Suehiro Densho Yamahai Junmai Ginjo.
Meaty bouncy Hamaguri, served with creamy clams sauce. The Suehiro is well rounded and smooth to cleanse the butter and the cream from clams gravy, it leaves a delicate sweetness of tangy citrus and sweet rice.
💕Shima Aji paired with Yamashiroya Zen.
Delicate Shima aji paired with Yamashiroya. It elevates the umami flavour from fish,perfect to balance the fattiness from fish.
its start with tingling and end with taste sweet,clean and dry

Whitegrass is one of the participating restaurants in JFOODO’s Seafood Loves Sake campaign, (Total 21 restaurants ).
The campaign start from 27 Jan to 05 March 2023)

💰$188 per pax, top up $128 for Sommelier’s Pairing Experience.

For more details about the sake experience, can ask more information with the Sommelier at Whitegrass.

30 Victoria St, #01-26/27
Singapore, 187996.

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Have you experienced seafood pairing with Sake? JFOODO has launched a sake pairing campaign “SEAFOOD LOVES SAKE” with 21 participating restaurants that runs from 27 Jan to 5 Mar 2023.

Whitegrass, the Michelin one-star restaurant helmed by Head Chef Takuya Yamashita, showcases cases French fare with a Japanese touch. The Sake with Seafood pairing features

Suehiro Densho Yamahai Junmai Gingo x Hamaguri

The Suehiro is a yamahai style sake that is smooth and very well rounded. It leaves a gentle sweetness of tangy citrus and sweet rice. Perfectly matched with Japanese fish, especially one served in a creamy sauce