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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Normal sweetness is still abit sweet, but this is quite thick. Not too bad

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Not too bad, both the coffee and the choc comes through and it's only slightly too sweet. Abit too melted though, we had it immediately no less

Not sure why but the 1L one is so diluted. Terrible

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Tbh I'm traumatised by Oatly cos normally it sucks esp when drinks containing it are never sweet but this is really good.

The underlying layers of flavour from the oatmilk really come through, and chocolate still dominates as it should.

I was hooked tbh and kept stealing sips

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Surprised how thick the coconut was, the taro taste was pretty decent too. A good rendition

Always thought their stuff is abit ex but wow it's well justified.

This is rlly good, it was rich and creamy as they advertised, and very different from the run of the mill soy milk. It's got an impressive depth of flavour and supreme silkiness. Must try!

They call themselves the best and I'm not sure if that's indubitably true but they're definitely top tier

Finally got to engage the hype

It's not a surprise they're popular, theirs is creamier than most. There's bits of coconut inside too for texture, and it's slightly tougher which works well in the shake

Quite a decent version, the creaminess comes from frothed milk so it didn't rlly affect the body which was somewhat light. Not too sweet too. Can try if you're at L4 for SIA

Got it from chope vouchers for 335chope dollars, can redeem 2 every month

It's not bad at all, still abit sweet to me but it's reasonable

D24 but damn. Just call it durian shake cos that's what it was, so rich and filled with durian pulp. You can't taste the avocado at all and I love it.

This is zero sugar and alr taste like the best durian shake, pls don't add more sugar to it

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Would travel for food

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