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The chee Cheong fun is somewhat smooth and very soft, not everyone will like the texture but I don't mind it, but there's no reason to put it on a pedestal either

Waiting time was reasonable on a weekday evening, once I ordered I queued for something else and got my ccf within 10mins

Char siew was firmly the sweet kind which I didn't like, it's alright. Pork liver was creamy but not that impressive either

Overall not bad at all, if it's not too crowded it's worth a try

Previously it was disaster, had it this time during dinner so it's better, at least it's not cold

The char siew glaze was great as before, there's a bite, it's not the super tender kind but the texture was pleasant

Siobak was slightly crispy, but still quite greasy even tho it's not as bad as it was before(I requested for a less fatty part)

Rice was nice, it's got a mild umami

Overall pretty decent this time, worth a try if you're in the area

Get in line & wait for your turn to order a bowl of up-rev'd bak chor mee from Minced Pork Bros. As expected, there was a queue of ~10 people when I arrived at 1:30PM on a Saturday. Turnover was fairly quick, & I didn't feel that the wait was unpleasant in any way.

They have a couple of options on their menu:
🔹 Classic Minced Pork Noodles ($3/$4 nett)
🔹 Teochew Modern Pork Noodles ($6 nett)
🔹 Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup ($5.50 nett)

I ordered the Seafood Minced Pork Noodles ($6 nett), as I love both meat & seafood + am all about equality. This bowl has the usual minced pork, pork slices & chunky lard bits in traditional BCM. The seafood additions are a prawn, scallop, her kiao (fish dumpling) & ikura.

I was intrigued by the ikura, which gave a nice pop of umami with the savoury noodles. It's like a burst of the ocean in some of your bites - I liked that.

The noodles themselves have a firm texture, with the spicy sauce & oil coating your mouth when you slurp on it. The soup was pretty good too; I wish there were more of it (but that’s just me being greedy).

Portion-wise, it's good for 1 pax, & felt quite satisfied at the end of my meal. Good noodle-to-ingredients ratio, as well.

While I wouldn’t purposely make the journey to Old Airport Road for this again, I'm glad I finally gave Minced Pork Bros a try after seeing all the hype. Next time, I'd like to give their Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup a shot!

📍 Old Airport Road Hawker Center

Would you wake up early enough to have some breakfast here? Most of the stalls here only open early in the morning and sold out by lunch time.

They mostly catered to those people who buying something from the fresh market beside, or those who live around.

There’s this only one stall that served prawn noodle and carrot cake. Good enough to have it as your breakfast for the day. The black sauce was a bit too overwhelming for me, but generous ingredients especially the egg.

Came to eat their fish & beef horfun but found out they don't sell it anymore.

Had to order slice fish bee hoon soup and was told need to top up $1 for XO sauce if I wanted it.

The soup is very salty but fish slices quite fresh. However its not worth the long wait and gruff service. I wont visit this stall again since I cant get the hor fun and since I can get similar fish soup elsewhere.

A standard bowl of Hei Mee. Flavourful broth with springy yellow noodles, a classic no frills hawker dish done well. Prawns were fresh too.

Not too long of a queue and wait on a weekday morning, which was nice as we were hungry!

Unkai is where you get some Japanese foods at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, serving bento set, udon and hotplate.

I was looking forward to the meal here but a bit disappointed with it instead. The dory fish was much harder than the usual soft meat you could expect.

The last time I sampled @mincedpork.bros bak chor mee, I was suitably impressed by the fantastic flavours of the Teochew Modern Pork Noodles, but was distinctly unimpressed by the puny portion. However, I am very pleased to announce that Minced Pork Bros take feedback seriously, and they upped their portion size to a truly respectable level.⠀

That’s right, this six dollar bowl of noodles now comes in super satisfying size, while retaining the same levels of sapidity that first won me over. The vivaciously vinegary sauce flavoured everything in the bowl, from the al dente meepok (thin flat noodles), to the minced pork, to the abalone. Tack on some crunchy lard cubes to this bad boy, and we’ve got a winner.⠀

Even though prices and inflation are going through the bloody roof, Minced Pork Bros have not cut quality or portion satisfaction. I respect that, bro. Respect.

It was one of the best shao rou that I have ever had in SG! Had expectation because of the rave reviews I had from people but it was as good as I have imagined it to be! The char siew was on the sweet side, the caramelisation was amazinggg

When you just looking for something comfortable and not too much at night, this stall so open at night.

I’m actually surprised by the amount of ingredients given. Is literally pig organ pieces in every spoons I dig in.

And they also added the youtiao in every order of the porridge. So definitely worth it.

From YiJi Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
This is the big portion offered from the stall.
Loved the sliced abalone.
Not bad indeed.


The former is a fancy version of the bak chor mee, elevated with ikura, prawn, scallop and homemade herh giao that has one of the chewiest skin texture with a filling of fresh pork and a unique seasoning blend.

Between the two, my pick will the Signature Mee Pok Tar with Superior Soup as what stole the show for me is that bowl of gao-ness maximus of a soup. Each slurp of that comforting broth warms the heart and soul, with the generous amount of pork slices, minced pork and the addition of the vegetables that gave it a nice crunch texture and sweetness to the flavour.
🍴 Minced Pork Bros
📍 51 Old Airport Road, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Unit 01-113, Singapore 390051