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It looks so good but one must appreciate coconut to like this dessert. I liked it!

This platter was awesome for 4 of us! We added hummus and huge balloon bread to go with. Unforgettable! Just go again!

Use Burpple Beyond and experience the flavours of Mavi Restaurant and Grill, a Neapolitan gem offering an enticing 1-for-1 deal on Main dishes, Main with Soup, Main with Dessert, or Main with a Drink.

Dig into their mains like the Shish Kebab, the chicken is exquisitely marinated with aromatic herbs and spices, then grilled to perfection for that irresistible smokiness. Each plate comes with fragrant rice, crisp vegetables, and a side of fluffy flatbread.

Photo by Burppler Russell Leong

The Sucuklu Pide is an open-faced flatbread topped with beef salami, cheese and egg; and baked till the flatbread was crusty and pillowy soft. It was still piping hot that each bite was oh so delicious.

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The combination of creamy and nutty hummus with aromatic spiced lamb mince was simply amazing. Enjoyed with Lavash, a fluffy and crispy balloon bread, it was a flavourful start. The Falafel were fluffy and light; and packed with herbs and spices.

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Quite crispy and the honey and milk were on point, only problem is that the centre is very stretchy, so it's hard to separate and eat. But taste was good


Srsly their mixed grill for 2 feeds 4 well, pls be very very careful when you order. We see a lot of tables of 2 ordering some starter, the mixed grill, and drinks, and leaving a large chunk of the grill untouched

When it comes to the food tho, the ckn wings were pretty good, well grilled. The beef chunks had some very tough pieces. Ckn pieces were slightly dry

Ckn and mutton skewers were both tender. Rice was fluffy

Overall decent and portion was super generous

Not v crispy, and quite bland. You rlly mainly just taste mozz and nothing much else, the mushroom taste is nonexistent

Hummus was thick, the minced lamb was surprisingly decent despite how meh it looks

The bread was decent too, with good chew despite the thinness, and crispy at the bottom

This one of the mezzes. It wasn't too oily. The cauliflower is abit salty and sourish. It is more on the softer side rather than crunchy. Their top recommendation was Aubergine but i would recommend this as well.

Ordered their set lunch. This is one of the dips. The pita bread was hot and fluffy. It was very good. The sauce was abit sour but it makes it appetising. Would recommend to get this again