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Food is acceptable, standard BKT nothing to shout about.

Service is pretty bad, staff don't know how about burpple and act blur.

For desserts, we decided to try something more mainstream and we went for a chocolate-based dessert, which was served in a container. There are actually quite a few layers to this dessert - the top and bottom layers are cookie crumbs, these are each accompanied by a layer of fresh cream! In the middle, you have a layer of dark chocolate cake and a layer of chocolate mousse. We liked the mousse as it was a little light, and we also liked the hazelnut taste in it. However, the dark chocolate layer above it was a little too rich and the two of us were unable to finish it! We accompanied each of the layers with some of the cookie crumbs as we liked a little crunch to go with each bite of our dessert.

Overall, while we liked the diversity of tastes in this dessert, we felt it was a little too much for two to finish! It might be easier to share this between three of four persons instead. However, given it's size, it is very worth it since it is priced at only $9.50.

Surprisingly, The Forage Cafe wasn't exceptionally crowded for lunch on a Sunday, but we still made a reservation nonetheless as we wanted to be safe! ๐Ÿ˜

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We love the waffle sandwiches at The Forage Cafe and we are back today to try their beef ragu sandwich! To be honest, we were shocked at the amount of items on the plate when the dish was served - you get to experience the full waffle sandwich with minced beef in it; it is topped with a sunny side up and served with salad (with balsamic vinegar) plus a generous serving of tortilla chips! For $18.90++, it was a really huge serving and we were full after the meal!

The highlight was the waffle sandwich of course, and we like their fluffly waffles as usual! Add the honey served at the side for some sweetness on your waffles, although we felt that it was a little strange having honey together with beef ragu (and it's tomato base) in the same bite. While the tomato base used for the beef ragu went pretty well with the waffle sandwiches, we actually like the waffles with chilli cheese chicken better as we felt that the waffles were more yummy with a slab of fried chicken thigh!

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Legit thai food. Pad thai kway teow was flavourful and seafood were fresh and tender. Green curry was spicy with tender chicken. Ordered the fried stuffed chicken wing which was packed with ingredients. Pandan chicken was also tender. Thai milk tea and coconut milkshake also were good! The best part was the boss gave us a free marble cake because it was Mother's day. Just nice to celebrate Mother's day and really made my day since we didn't expect it. Good food and an unexpected cake. Wow ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

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Havenโ€™t been here for so long! This was pricey but the portion was also quite big (wouldโ€™ve been great if they offered a smaller portion at a lower price), took me quite awhile to finish this. Came with fresh salad, truffled juicy mushrooms and honey! The sweet honey was a nice accompaniment to the savoury; waffles were still crisp and fluffy. (The iced flat white was also in a huge honey jar!)

Small restaurant but ample space between tables. Fish was fresh and the sushi rice was unconventional ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Cost 17.10.

Second time trying the same restaurant. The wagyu beef is a disappointment today. Not juicy and the side was quite burned.

The pork cheek was ok but it was not as melth in the mouth as last time.

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The dough is chewy inside and crunchy on the outside. They made their own bread that is worth trying too!

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do you see those flower petals๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ can i just say how THICK the sashimi cubes were omg. okay but they missed out my tamago wtf. & the rice was literally a THIN LAYER, enough to cover the bottom of the bowl

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salmon skin was SO crispyyy but teriyaki sauce was too sweet. added Cheese Mentai ($3) & no regretss it was so creamy.

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For herbal based bak kut teh, Soon Huat serves it simmering in a claypot. Ingredients include pork ribs, liver, enoki mushrooms, and tau kee. Broth was decently flavourful and thick. Burpple Beyond entitles you to a Medium sized claypot, and a free side dish โ€” everything is good for sharing up to 2 pax!


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Minced meat tofu was soft and silky, gravy was decent. A good complement to your bak kut teh meal.

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