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From the Burpple community

Ordered roasted pistachio and blood orange. The latter was quite a refreshing taste!

Only can choose from :
Milk and cookies ( without cookies)
Milk chico
And one more

Stated can claim “ premium “ but the merchant disallowed so.

Good ice cream . Dark chocolate worth a try

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Didn’t try the ube but the bf said it was very Tammy, but also very sweet. Can try once but not something to go back for. The kaya chendol was not bad, it’s sweet but it’s true to its name, I liked it! Texture for both is like their usual standard, pretty thick. We used the burpple 1-4-1 deal for this so it was only $2.50 per scoop!

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Strawberry basil was quite refreshing, the basil was quite strong and lent a herby flavour to the strawberry base. It’s interesting and quite pleasant, but I wouldn’t reorder. The pistachio was lightly nutty and on the milkier side, we prefer a more intensely nutty one (like dawn’s / dopa’s) as we usually share our gelatos and it doesn’t get too cloying. But this one we could probably eat a full scoop by ourselves as it’s light! So I guess it depends on what your preference is.

The cones was alright, thin and crisp but quite fragile. Can try!

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Burpple’s 141 only lets you pick between 4 flavours — stracciatella, black sesame, ube and honeycomb.

you would not think twice to order a cone, which is their claim to fame. turns out, my biggest gripe is exactly the lacklustre cone. it’s very fragile 😩 and the once-crispy cone turned soggy really fast. while the ice cream is decent, i would not have visited if it wasn’t for Beyond.

there is another ice cream place within immediate vicinity which we very much prefer and frequent as the gelato offers more depth in flavor. both places are dog friendly, and are willing to offer Yoshi a cup of water too.