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Recommended lists of Burpple Guides in Kuala Lumpur
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Kuala Lumpur: November 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Kuala Lumpur: November 2017 We kept an eye out for new openings in November and pared it down to these 10 places you should get enthusiastic about! Get started with baked eggs for breakfast at Sri Hartamas, then move along to Sunway for hearty rice bowls and for dinner, hit up this city-centre bistro for elevated Southeast Asian flavours.
Best Cheap And Good Meals Under RM15 In Kuala Lumpur
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Best Cheap And Good Meals Under RM15 In Kuala Lumpur With affordable prices and uncompromising quality in mind, we scoured the city to find the best cheap and good meals under RM15. This year's guide for the budget conscious Burppler brings us to Bangsar for comforting Melaka Portuguese eats, Aman Suria for nasi kerabu and two kinds of Kampua noodles, and Taman Desa for super affordable ramen!
Best Places To Eat In Kelana Jaya
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In Kelana Jaya Kelana Jaya may be a small neighbourhood, but it's plenty big enough to boast a good number of great restaurants. We sized up the area to suss out these eight that fared best, from poached chicken rice to luxe seafood noodles and cheap and good Western food!
Best Places For Indian Food In Kuala Lumpur
Burpple Guides, Indian Best Places For Indian Food In Kuala Lumpur Deepavali may be over, but the celebratory Indian feasts don't have to be — this guide will make sure of it. From places for comforting chapati in KL city to Keralan curries in TTDI and roti canai along Jalan Gasing, here are our best finds for the next time you need to dhal up your Indian food game.

Top 10 Places for Burpple Guides

Top 10 places for Burpple Guides

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Mac ‘n’ cheese is everybody’s classic comfort food and turning them into crunchy breadcrumb coated croquettes takes it to another level of deliciousness. Served with mushroom, rocket, and pepper chutney.

Sitka is one of our favourite eateries in town. They've changed a lot over the past year or two, with increasingly inventive and assured dishes flying out from the capable crew. While we'll get to their new menu (well, new at the point of tasting) in an upcoming post, this blog post is a short lookback at our experience at Kim's Sitka Takeover (link in bio).
Excerpt on the review for the custard buns (pictured): "Stupid custard bun, how are you so tasty? Look at that ample, liberally, generously grated foie gras on top. Right on top of the best damn custard buns I've ever have. The crust? Perfect. The filling? Oozing, hot custard. And all the seemingly straightforward components come together for an eruption of pleasure that spits and snarls inside the mouth. What a treat. What a delicious, delicate treat."
For more, go to the link in our bio! GO!
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A dense, soft, classic chocolate pudding hidden like a treasure under a sea of coconut custard sago topped with a dab of coconut foam. Take all the layers in one bite for the ultimate experience. You will appreciate the texture and flavours that paired so well together. Rm19

Al dente ribbon shaped pasta drenched in a thick spicy seafood sauce served with fresh prawns and chicken cutlets. Rm32

This is like a healthier, tastier and juicier 'double zinger burger' from McD. The chicken breast is lightly battered and fried to golden brown perfection while its meat still retain its succulence. It is then sandwiched between 2 lightly fried 'Man Tao' (Chinese Bun) garnished with mustard and Vietnamese sauce for that zingy kick. Rm24

It was good. It was very, very good. From beef tongue and rillette in robust tiny taco shells to burnt cabbage (paired with briny, savoury, faintly sweet sauce thanks to the clams and moss beurre blanc) to the unforgettable custard buns with very liberally shaved foie gras on top, we had 10 plates of the most delicious food. All the juicy, succulent, market-fresh details in an upcoming blog post.
Pictured here, however, is the wagyu brisket char siew. One of the standout dishes, this. The charred crust on the outside is ridiculously good. Burnt in the most beautiful way, it's like crunching into the essence of smokiness without any acrid bitterness of over-burnt charcoal. And it's not overly sweet and sticky either. Bite further in though and you sink slowly into the warm, tender, fat-rich flesh inside. It just...feels right. And we cling to that memory as the end of this extra-long weekend draws ever closer. .
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While Sitka’s ramen was the centerpiece of my dining experience, their dumpling-heavy starters were treats that should not be skipped too. I highly recommend their Prawn Wanton in Thai Butter Sauce. These slippery morsels are chewy and so delicious, with a tom yum and butter sauce that sparks fireworks. Let’s agree that everything tastes better with butter!

The newly minted menu at Sitka is pretty impressive, if not better from when it first opened in 2014. Bringing an all mod-asian menu to our bellies with everything from handmade dumplings and hearty sharing plates to noodles with flavours that pack a mighty punch. It’s better than good and priced so reasonably well for its location.
Simple does it best every time and it is proven here with their RM9 ramen with x.o sauce. Topped with some minced meat stuff that reminds me of Yang Kee’s dry beef ball noodle dish, but with a bit more spice. Damn, Sitka really nailed this one. Try not to leave without ordering this.