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Recommended lists of Newly Opened in Kuala Lumpur
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: April 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: April 2017 Take your friends out for wanton noodles in a snazzy bar, tuck into comforting chargrilled chicken rice in a mall and beat the heat with ice cream-topped Belgian waffles. We've tried and tested all the new places so that this April, you'll know where to have a guaranteed good time. Pack your appetite for the all-new eats in this list!
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: March 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: March 2017 Bring your family for fine Hainanese delights in the city, enjoy fresh poke bowls alfresco and devour delicious biryani in a busy building. We're marching into the month with these 10 new places that you should get to know!
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: February 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: February 2017 As of now, we are two months into the new year and 10 new restaurants into Kuala Lumpur! This means fresh date destinations and new places to lunch with your colleagues. Whet your appetite with this list that includes venues for classy Japanese food, authentic Indian street fare, and exciting Southeast Asian eats with a twist!
New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: January 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafés And Bars in KL: January 2017 We like to think that the new year comes with renewed appetites (and tummy space), so there's no better time to explore these new restaurants with old friends, family and more. Check out a fancy pizza place, a really cool bao bar and a modern space for classic Chinese food, among other spanking spots in this guide!

Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened
For long weekend!!!

💰: RM8.90

Original Cake

I seriously don't get why people would queue up for this. Maybe it was just a hype. Taste wise, it is very disappointing. It tasted like cardboard and trust me, I have accidentally eaten cardboard once and that tasted even better than this. It is fluffy that is for sure but in terms of flavour .........what flavour ?

Go buy a '鸡蛋糕/Ji Dan Gao' from pasar malam : cheaper, no queue and taste better too !


A clear broth with various cut from beef. I do wish the soup is hotter so the herbs can be more flavorful in the soup.

Wonderful brunch last Saturday.

Love the ambiance and space, not to forget the chillax music and warm greetings by the staff.
🍚: (top) Salmon Mentaiko, RM26.
🍚: (bottom) Oyako Don, RM26.
Highly recommended! Yum yum~ i will pay another visit real soon! .
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For A Modern Chinese Noodle Bar

Apart from its decor — a tongue-shaped neon fixture and whimsical comic-strewn walls, among others, the lively ambience is the other thing you'll notice at Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar. Groups of friends looking to have a fun dinner will have a field day here! The joint's mainstay is its delectable Hong Kong-style duck egg noodles, cooked to a stringy, al-dente texture. Between the sweet-saltish dark sauce or the 'white' house recipe dressing, we liked the latter better for its light body and piquant flavour. Get the Namyu Zha Yuk Mee (RM17.80), featuring deep-fried nam yu pork alongside a creamy dipping paste made from black fungus — a clever remake of home-style braised pork with black fungus. All mains come with a herbal-marinated soft boiled egg, as well as boiled wantons in a sterling scallop soup. Desserts and drinks are the underdogs here. The Milo Pie (RM20.80) that pairs Milo with Ping Pong chocolate, salted ganache and vanilla ice cream is a dream, while the Sake With Chrystanthemum & Pu Er Syrup (RM18.80) is refreshingly delicious.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

For A Great Breakfast Cafe In Bangsar

This month sees champ cafe VCR breaking out of their city centre bubble to hit Bangsar's Jalan Telawi 3, and we are thrilled! This new outlet exudes the same laidback vibes, so you no longer have to go out of your way for the early morning stop. Make a date with your partner or a close friend to begin your day here with good coffee and a solid breakfast. Start with coffee — filter options are favoured, alongside a foolproof Flat White (RM11). A handful of new additions join the menu, and topping the list is the VCR Hotcakes (RM25). Crumbly on the outside but moist within, the blueberry hotcake comes with a beautiful mess of seeds, berries and fig yoghurt cream. To load up on protein, go for Pennsylvania's Soul (RM25). Their signature potato waffle is featured here with spiced fried chicken, basil leaves and pomegranate. Unlike the classic Southern chicken and waffles, this one sees tender chicken thigh pieces fried without batter. But trust us, it's scrumptious enough to make you forget all about the lack of crunch.
Avg price per person: RM35
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Calie Tang

For Contemporary Comfort Food

Fans of this bakery restaurant in Taman Desa will rejoice to know that their new outlet opens this month at the much more accessible The Starling mall. This space is much bigger, with lots of natural light and potted plants for a tranquil vibe. The large wooden tables are great for families while those dining alone may enjoy some company at the communal marble table. Red Kettle is known for comfort food — you can fill up on a Porky Bowl (RM19) with rice, roast pork and runny egg, or turn to their freshly baked Bread Basket (RM16). Order our newfound favourite, the Chicken Bakar N Rice (RM21). Redolent of galangal and lemongrass, the chargrilled chicken leg hits the spot with flavoured rice and a green chili dip. Save the adventurous spirit for dessert — a Bacon Cheesecake (RM16) topped with salted caramel sauce presents a pleasant sweet-savoury surprise. The restaurant is also working on a chic coffee bar, where one will be able to customise their own blend of roasted beans for a cuppa.
Avg price per person: RM30