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[Melaka, Malaysia 🇲🇾]

Catered Buffet Dinner
Long queue for the main buffet line so I didn’t manage to take any photos.
Since it was such a big group, it would be better to split into 2 queues for the buffet line.
Overall the dishes were mostly spicy. Not kid friendly.

Enoki Fritter
Green Papaya Salad
Seafood Tom Yam Soup

Green Curry Chicken
Thai Style Steamed Fish
Kailan with Mushroom
Braised Chicken

Assorted Cakes
Mango Sticky Rice
Assorted Cut Fruit

Fruit Punch

Cheng Ho Restaurant
Address 🛖 : Level 3 Imperial Heritage Hotel, No 1, Jalan Merdeka 1, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Website 🕸️ : https://www.imperialheritage.com.my

A Taiwanese restaurant in KL that has expanded their business to a few outlets across the city, specialising with their famous chew-chew noodles that is handmade.

Sadly, although the Chinese name 销魂 means it will be a taste to remember and like, I find it too bland for me. Perhaps I’m expecting too much for the taste of the noodles. But the texture is okay for me.

However, the crispy chicken chop wasn’t crispy enough for me, and the pepper sauce not even elevate the taste enough. Which truly a disappointing Taiwanese meal for me.

Most importantly, the meal was served not warm enough, and the soup gets cold pretty fast.

An old school Chinese desert place in Pudu famous for their smooth texture of the black sesame paste.

There’s a few mixture that you can go with such as this Cha Wu, a mix with peanut paste.

And interestingly every orders they will create some drawing on the top.

Something to enjoy if you are in Pudu after meal.

This famous Hainanese restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants you can find in KL, and they continue to serve their authentic and traditional Hainanese cuisine in the city.

I decided to come here early morning to grab some breakfast with this Hailam Noodles, which is a noodle dish of noodles braised in soy sauce.

Of course they also offered other Hainanese foods that worth trying as well.

Since I’m staying in Chow Kit, then I shouldn’t miss the chance to grab my breakfast here at this original chili pan mee place.

Open as early as 7am in the morning, yes I guess you would probably ask who will wake up so early for a bowl of pan mee that mixed with chili flakes.

But you did find people start coming in from 7am to have their breakfast here.

You should be familiar with this name, Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee gained some exposure few years back when they opened an outlet in Singapore along Macpherson Road.

Basically a bowl of tasty pan mee topped with lots of ingredients. Then you need to add as many chili flakes as you can bear with. I must warn you that it can get very spicy as you add more.

Every dry chili pan mee with accompanied by a bowl of hot soup that goes well with the noodle.

One of the best pairings of soup and rice is the salted vegetables soup with a bowl of braised yam rice. The version at Hon Kei Food Corner is done very well with the soup having a refreshing tangy flavour with the addition of minced pork and pork balls. The tomatoes also added a nice sweetness, all pairing well with the accompanying yam rice. The best kind of foods that you will want to eat when the weather turns cold.

One of the popular seafood restaurants you can find in Jelutong, Penang.

You can ask for their recommendations when making order, they are much willing to share with you.

Here we have the cereal prawn, deep fried sotong, Teochew style steamed fish and sweet potato leaves.

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Bird nest egg tart is nice, egg tart is still warm! Coconut jelly was quite sweet though.

Bao Teck Prawn Dumpling 》RM14.90
Bao Teck Siew Mai 》RM12.90
Golden Sesame Ball 》RM13.90