Recommended lists for Local Delights

Recommended lists of Local Delights in Kuala Lumpur
Best Places For Local Breakfasts In KL
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Breakfast & Brunch Best Places For Local Breakfasts In KL A good breakfast could be as simple as kaya toast and wobbly soft-boiled eggs, or as splendid as nasi lemak with fried chicken. To curate the best of the best local breakfasts, we’ve scoured kopitiams, mamaks and roadside stalls across Pudu, Damansara and Petaling Street. Here are 8 places for the greatest morning hits!
Best Places To Eat In PJ Old Town
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In PJ Old Town There is no doubt — this oldie neighbourhood is a goodie for foodies. Follow our tasty trail into PJ Old Town and sniff out local secret spots for lip-smacking banana leaf, piping-hot claypot chicken rice and chilly cendol in a glass!
Best Places To Eat In SS15, Subang Jaya
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In SS15, Subang Jaya We revisited SS15 to find that the neighbourhood still rocks its reputation for reliably good food at even better prices. Check out these places new and old for oozy egg fried rice, streetside rojak, and British-style fish and chips! 
Best Places To Eat In Puchong
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In Puchong Major township Puchong's most popular trait has got to be its traffic. But be brave, Burpplers, for the neighbourhood is also a goldmine for hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Arm yourselves with this list for a delicious adventure in Puchong!

Top 10 Places for Local Delights

Top 10 places for Local Delights

Latest Reviews for Local Delights

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Local Delights
Nasi 7 Benua

They have this 7 interesting colours of rice made from natural colouring and flavours. Among this 7 types are White Rice, Nasi Lemak, Tomato Rice, Herbed Rice, Peanut Rice, Buttered Rice and Spicy Buttered Rice. This plate of rice cost RM2, you can add-on with their dishes like fried chicken and more.

Pleasantly surprised by the satay here!

Juicy, succulent, beautifully caramelised beef satay (unlike the generally drier jerky-textured beef satay back home!); tender & smokey chicken satay; the pork satay wasn't bad or anything, just pales in comparison to the others 😜 •

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#toastandroast charsiu hakka mee review.

The char siu here is like nothing else I've ever tasted and I mean it in the BEST way possible. It's so tender and juicy with literal melt-in-your mouth thin layer of fat underneath the meat 🍖 . Their pork belly was all sold out when I was eating there for dinner but their char siu does not disappoint! The hakka noodles were springy and firm while not being hard and the pork lard sprinkles was a tasty touch. Their roast chicken and fried sui kow(dumplings) are also freaking amazing. The price is really reasonable too and I don't think it was more than RM10 for my dish. 10/10 definitely come here to taste their unique char siu and other meats and you will be hooked.
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Keng Swee Cafe.

If you are eating at the main Medan Selera (food court), there are two things you need to be aware of.
Firstly, do not sit too far inside, it is really hot and I mean really sweaty hot. Try to find a place near the entrance to the left which is much cooler.
Secondly, you will not be able to order from tea or coffee from the famous Ah Weng Koh Hainan Coffee & Tea. Thankfully, Keng Swee Cafe, which used to be located beside Ah Weng Koh in the old Imbi market, is now located inside the main Medan Selera. The coffee is almost as good as Ah Weng Koh's. There is a lady near the stall who will even help you find seats. Superb service!
Although you may not be able to order coffee from Ah Weng Koh, you can order food from that section. We had the Sisters Crispy Popiah. Loved the crispy bits. Yummy!
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Finally got to try this famous lotus soup (after standing in line for 30 mins).

😇 It was well worth the wait, though!

Soup was super flavourful and packed with a generous helping of meat, innards and lotus root. 😂 There was so much meat it was almost like bak kut teh! #TrooperWorthy


Lat jiu pan mee
The mushroom pork side dish is to die for a great addition to your pan mee !

Average per person rm 15