Recommended lists for Local Delights

Recommended lists of Local Delights in Kuala Lumpur
Best Places To Eat In USJ
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In USJ A place where families reside to bring up their kids, and small businesses thrive in their low-rent offices, USJ's list of long-standing favourites has fed the locals for years. Venture into this unassuming neighbourhood to discover the time-honoured secrets of Subang Jaya, whether it's first-class roti canai, slippery smooth Hainanese chicken or charcoal-grilled toasts!
Best Places To Eat In Sri Petaling
Hidden Gem, Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In Sri Petaling Not too long ago, Sri Petaling was an undeveloped land resigned to become a rubbish dump. Today, it has evolved into a bustling residential and an easily accessible food hub, well-known for its time-honoured hawker fare, reliable morning chee cheong fun and super fresh steamed fish. Set off to Sri Petaling with this list in hand!
Best Places To Eat In Kepong
Burpple Guides, Local Delights Best Places To Eat In Kepong A little further up north in KL lies Kepong, an old neighbourhood bursting with hidden gems. We came up with this list of the 10 best places to eat in Kepong, from celebrity-approved chicken wings to satiating nasi lemak and specialty claypot dishes. That's 10 reasons to venture into the vicinity and trust us, the drive is gonna be worthwhile!
10 Best Traditional Snacks In KL
Burpple Guides, Local Delights, Cheap & Good 10 Best Traditional Snacks In KL After devoting himself to hunting down his 10 favourite traditional kuihs and pastries, Tastemaker Ben Gee was dubbed the 'Kuih-nossieur' by the Burpple community and rightfully so. Let the Kuih King show you the way to discover the kuih of your dreams with his top 10 list, from steaming red bean pau to colourful ang ku kuih and yummy lo mai chi. He's even uncovered two snacking spots for you folks in Kuala Selangor and Kajang!

Top 10 Places for Local Delights

Top 10 places for Local Delights

Latest Reviews for Local Delights

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Local Delights
We were too hungry so we quickly settled with the nearest eating place for early dinner earlier on.

Turns out not bad, food was quite homely! (RM62.30 w/ 3 rice & 2 drinks) #igdaily #malaysia #kualalumpur #bakkutteh #food #foodmsia #foodie #foodreview #foodmemo #qiangxuantravelogue #qiangxxuan #travelog #travelogue #dinner #latergram #burpple

Taking a break...

after walking for almost 3hrs... #qiangxuantravelogue #qiangxxuan #oldtownwhitecoffee #centralmarket #kualalumpur #malaysia #igdaily #coffeebreak #burpple #travelog #travelogue

Breakfast before breakfast.

Lol!! 🔹🔹
Duck noodles and a plate of innards. Of course... not forgetting the traditional kopi kau kau.

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Ipoh Chicken Rice

When you're in Ipoh we eat Ipoh food. Restaurant Ong Kee, What else can I say 😊👍 Chicken is smooth and tender, crunchy bean sprout mixed with nice bowl of hot noodle (Hor Fun) just made my day. Burp 😜👅

After hours of driving, finally reached Malacca.

Our first meal. Definitely the chicken rice.
Very very teeny chicken rice balls. We ordered a whole chicken which was quite small cos it is a kampong chicken. Flesh was alittle firmer and tougher. The chilli sauce had quite a power packed fiery heat. 🔸🔸
We demolished this within minutes because we were just too famished. First of many more good eats to come. Be right back!! #chickenrice #malacca #hungrygowhere #burpple #openricesg #8dayseat #tripadvisor #sgbloggers #sgfoodies #sgbloggers #instafollowers #thediscoverer

Braised Pork With Red Yeast Rice (RM23)

I came to visit this humble Hakka restaurant for dinner. Located in the quiet part of Puchong, we are greeted with the owner’s wife warm welcome. This restaurant is owned by a Hakka chef, so the food in here is packed with 100% authentic Hakka goodness! The owner’s wife recommended to order the popular abacus yam dish, but I choose to differ XD

In the end I ordered Braised Pork Meat with Red Yeast Rice (RM23/small) that come with a soft, fluffy, warm homemade bun (pau). I don’t usually fancy eating too much pork meat chunks in one go, but this one is irresistible! The meat are supposed to be eaten with the pau, so you’ll have to stuff the meat (don’t forget the sauce! that is the bomb!) into the pau and savour! Meat are very tender, some of them still have the juicy layer of fats but that’s what make the whole dish savoury. The red yeast rice is added to give out the rich umami taste. Topped with dried sotong stripes, this dish is definitely what you should order other than the (mainstream) abacus yam! 😄 (tip: the meat is great with bowl of warm rice too! remember to drizzle the sauce all over your rice though!!)

Another dish I order was the Spicy XO Taufu ( RM17/small). The taufu portion is quite decent for a small serving. It’s basically deep fried tofu topped with spicy XO sauce (taste more like udang belacan to me, but it’s really good too!), served with stir fried french beans in the middle. I would say the tofu was kinda oily to my liking, but the oiliness is not major that it disturbed the taste.

They also serves homemade desserts such as red bean tongsui, chestnut tongsui, etc. I decided to order one bowl of the cooling chestnut tongsui (RM4.8), which is served with chestnut chunks and silky egg strings. It’s kinda weird for me to eat cold tongsui with egg at first, but actually I can’t really taste the egg taste in the end and it was really cooling and refreshing!

Overall: will definitely come back for their Hakka food!
Payment: cash & credit card accepted
Children friendly: yes
Smoking: no
Airconditioned: yes
Parking: easy

For Superb Noodles Options Under One Roof

This two-lot coffeeshop at USJ14 is known for its variety of stellar hawker eats under one roof. The seats are indoors, the space is hygienic and service is speedy — perfect for a reliable lunch with a friend or even the whole family. Noodles are what to come for. Order the slurp-worthy Kolo Mee (from RM5.50), well-oiled curly noodles topped with chunky minced pork, lean char siew and a sprinkling of crispy fried garlic and pork lard bits. The Kuching-born aunty who runs this stall is a stickler for quality, so you can count on goodness in every bowl. The same goes for their delicious Sarawak Laksa (RM7), rice vermicelli steeped in piping-hot broth made from pungent Sarawakian sambal paste. Apart from East Malaysian eats, Meisek also houses a top-notch Char Kuey Teow stall. At RM5.50 a plate, this wok hei-packed plate is easily our favourite in the area. Portions present value and it comes with an abundance of cockles, prawns and fish cakes. Come nightfall, the restaurant turns into a prized spot for an Ipoh-style chicken hor fun dinner!
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Justin Lim