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Last not not least, you have to grab some apom from this stall outside the coffee shop as well.

Sai Ram is so popular that their orders constantly coming in, with people either wait around the stall for takeaway, or waiting patiently inside the coffee shop.

Their apom with a egg on the top is the most popular item.

Or you may grab this from Roti Babi stall as well, which the dough is house made and stuffed with generous pork meat inside.

Another stall that you should try would be this stall called the Roti Babi. One of the signature item would be this one.

Pork meat stuffed in between bread and fried it with oil. Making it crispy bites with the pork meat inside.

One of the popular coffee shop you can find in Pulau Tikus, for the various food stalls available here in the early morning.

Ah Mei Hokkien Mee is one of them and you could get a decent bowl of Hokkien Mee with the ingredients such as the prawn, egg and sliced pork.

Located within the coffee shop along the quiet street in the morning, many locals would come here to grab a bowl of curry mee in the morning before going to work.

The chilli paste really made the kick as you mix it with the curry, savouring the taste of everything with all the ingredients.

Very popular among the locals for the nasi campur from Kedai Makanan Lidiana in this food court.

Which you should passby when on the way to Batu Ferringhi, just located opposite the floating mosque at Tanjung Bungah.

Lots of choice to choose from, which you can pick anything you want. Don’t miss out trying their ayam kicap (fried chicken in dark sauce).

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This street already start getting busy as the sun rise up, with people swarming this street to grab their breakfast.

Lot of options already start opening in the morning, and one of them would be this standalone porridge shop called the Chok Kee.

Chok Kee sell pork intestine, peanut and century egg version of porridges. If you acceptable for pork intestines, you would love their fried one on the top.

Generous ingredients in the porridge and full of taste.

Quite nice but can get gelat as it’s quite oily and there’s lots of lard.
Nevertheless it was our first time to try nutmeg drink and so far seems it’s the best!

Petai prawns and stir fry turnip are good (I’m not fan of turnip)

Best koay teow Thng According to my husband. We like every ingredients in the bowl including eel Fish ball, meat slice, etc.

Bird nest egg tart is nice, egg tart is still warm! Coconut jelly was quite sweet though.