Recommended lists for Desserts

Recommended lists of Desserts in Kuala Lumpur
Burpple Guides, Desserts Best Desserts in KL There's nothing quite as divine as the sweet satisfaction of a good dessert to make things all better. Here are 10 places in town for decadent delights when your sweet tooth acts up. Ready to indulge in moist, airy souffles, Chinese desserts rich in heritage and history, and exceptional French pastries!
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Burpple Guides, Desserts Top 10 Dessert Places in Damansara Uptown This week, we've collaborated with KL-based blogger Spicy Sharon to bring you her top 10 dessert spots in Damansara Uptown PJ.
Desserts, Japanese, Cafes & Coffee, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars in KL: November 2015 MORE Shibuya honey toasts are here this month alongside cheap and good lunches, a new ramen place serving you the most tender kakuni in town, and more!

Top 10 Places for Desserts

Top 10 places for Desserts

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Desserts

This photo isn't the best but their salted egg croissant and mocha are! Despite being slightly smaller in size for its price, it is 💯 worth its price - the croissant was crispy and you can ((actually)) taste the texture of salted egg yolk in their sauce! Not thinking that it was funny, we ordered all 3 of their mocha: milk, dark chocolate and extra dark chocolate. They were sweet enough to my liking (not sweet at all to most people, lol). Definitely the best mochas I've ever had.😌 Their big breakfast(?) is delicious as well! The environment of this cafe was lovely as well, aesthetic.😍🍂 Gosh, I'm already wanting to visit them again for brunch🤤

Mocha - RM10/cup
Big breakfast(?) - RM23
Salted Egg Croissant - RM7.50 (i think)

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There's nothing better than a bowl of cold dessert to refresh the body. See Guo Tng (四果汤) is my favourite. This dessert contains snow fungus (optional), longan, sweet potato, ginkgo seeds, red beans and more. The syrup has a nice sugar cane sweetness, and it’s not too sweet 😋. Definitely a must try when you’re here 👍🏻
Dessert from RM4
Where to dine?
Dessert Old Time Delight Shop
78, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Alone then are each RM15.90.

Their hot chocolate has a distinct taste. But bad!

Their Iced Matcha Latte tasted slightly diluted. BUT I believe that the Hot version would be better. Next time then.

We got this as a buy 1 free 1 set.
Every Tuesday to Friday 1.30pm - 6.30pm excluding Public Holidays.

Hojicha is Roasted Green Tea. In their soft serve, you could really taste the Roasted Flavours.

The upstairs cafe is tucked away in busy SS2. Their environment is quiet and cozy.

This is the best ever putu piring I ever had. One piece of putu piring is only cost RM1.20. The ingredient of putu piring is rice, coconut and Malacca brown sugar.
The taste is really super good.

Nothing like a hot bowl of French Onion Soup and slices of freshly made Sourdough on a cold, rainy day.
I enjoyed my bowl of soup to the very last drop, as it boasts a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness from the onions. I admit I was never a fan of the soup, especially in Malaysia. Some seem too bland to taste and some tasted like Ajinomoto water. But this surprised me as the sourdough that came with the soup mopped up every last drop.
The cafe's menu also includes an extended list of fillings (especially cheese, loads of cheese!) to come with the star of the house (hint hint, sourdough). Would certainly come back again to give their sandwiches a try!
French Onion Soup with Sourdough: RM15


It’s raining 23 degree but I’m still craving for a bowl of Milo Kakigōri ! 🍧

Always start your day with coffee, cause if you don’t, I don’t know what else jolts you awake the way caffeine does.
@vcrlovesyou’s Cold Brew does just that without being too overbearing especially for those who are not used to non-milk based coffees. •

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I’ve tried this twice and I still find it under season. Acme change their menu or add new items every season. This pasta feels slightly Christmassy with homemade parsley beef meatballs, Brussel sprouts tossed with dried cranberries and anchovies tapenade. RM35 per serving,

One of the dishes I enjoyed the most in Acme. This mushroom soup is creamy yet light. For those who doesn’t like their soup too liquid, you can find chunky bits of roasted Shimeji, Button mushrooms and pesto croutons in this comfort bowl. That drizzles of truffle oil makes it even palatable. RM27 per bowl.