Ho Chiak in Penang

Ho Chiak in Penang

Foods are literally everywhere around the streets in Penang. Gear up your foot to explore some of theses foods around Penang.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Finally get the chance to visit this popular vegetarian restaurant in Penang, just a short walk from Queensbay Mall.

Went for their curry mee, which you can choose the type of noodle with either pumpkin or spinach.

The curry was so rich and tasty. Not too spicy for me.

Comes with beancurd, long bean and mushroom.

Also known as Indian rojak, this dish can be commonly found in Penang.

While many tourists would try it at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, there’s also some popular stalls that locals like to visit.

Particularly this roadside stall at Beach Street, located along Union Street. Kareem Pasembur has been selling for many years, catering to those who working around.

Firstly you need to choose some of the fried items to go with. Many people would recommend you the prawn fritter.

Then they will cut them into pieces and topped with sweet chili sauce and some veggie.

Kopi Hitam of course not just serving coffee, but also cakes that they made in house.

This basil lime cake is particularly popular among the orders for its delicious taste.

Although Penang Hill is mainly a tourist attraction, but it also a good hiking peak for many locals.

If you are looking for a good place to sit down and chill with the nature, you may consider heading to Kopi Hutan.

A 20 minutes walk is expected from the upper funicular station, but you also can hire a driver to send you there.

Housed within the monkey cup garden, where you could get to enjoy a cup of coffee surrounding by nature.

For many tourists to Penang, Penang Hill is always on their list to visit here.

Up at the top of the hill, where you get a panoramic view of Penang island. And you definitely don’t want to miss out getting some dessert after exploring this area.

There’s a few stalls here selling Ice Kacang, and particularly this stall named the Lily has been here serving since 1986.

The ABC Ice Kacang is the most comprehensive dessert you can find, coming with all the ingredients and vanilla ice cream to complete this Ice Kacang.

A cozy spot you can find in George Town for some decent coffee. Located just directly opposite the Esplanade field.

They offered complimentary alternative option of milk with oat here.

One thing to take note that the mobile signal here is pretty bad and they don’t offer WiFi unfortunately.

Many Singaporeans are familiar with this coffee shop that off the main road, but still attracting many of us coming for some decent Penang foods.

Outside the coffee shop you would find this famous stall that sell char koay kak.

The Penang style of carrot cake that fry wok hey enough and mixed with lots of cai po and black sauce.

Most importantly, this stall also gotten their recognition on Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand last year. Proving this is one stop you definitely must visit here in Penang.

While this coffee shop has a few food stalls, you would find many people coming here for particularly for one stall.

Everyone would patiently waiting at their own table after making their order from this char koay teow stall.

Many said it is one of the best char koay teow you can find in Penang, and the wait could be up to half an hour.

You would enjoy the wok hey taste with 2 pieces of prawn there. Close to the airport, making it a perfect stop for brunch before flying off.

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Last not not least, you have to grab some apom from this stall outside the coffee shop as well.

Sai Ram is so popular that their orders constantly coming in, with people either wait around the stall for takeaway, or waiting patiently inside the coffee shop.

Their apom with a egg on the top is the most popular item.

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Or you may grab this from Roti Babi stall as well, which the dough is house made and stuffed with generous pork meat inside.

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Another stall that you should try would be this stall called the Roti Babi. One of the signature item would be this one.

Pork meat stuffed in between bread and fried it with oil. Making it crispy bites with the pork meat inside.

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One of the popular coffee shop you can find in Pulau Tikus, for the various food stalls available here in the early morning.

Ah Mei Hokkien Mee is one of them and you could get a decent bowl of Hokkien Mee with the ingredients such as the prawn, egg and sliced pork.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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