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(Continued from previous post)

(4) The curries served alongside the prata were very watery, & so was the coffee.

(5) Everything was operationally messy & chaotic.. Even the billing took a while, & they asked us for the plastic billing card - despite them having taken it away from us after we ordered. Seems like the SOPs aren’t clearly established here; which makes it very confusing for the customers.

I’m unlikely to return here again. I do wish this had been a better experience, but it is what it is. Do not recommend having a meal here unless you are absolutely starving or something.

(Continued from previous post)

(3) The quantities & delivery of our food messed up majorly. Unsure if the root cause is an error on the ordering waiter’s part, or the kitchen’s, or both. (Regardless, that was really off-putting to me, because we were strangely denied the opportunity to key in our own orders electronically.)

- Ordered 2 egg & cheese pratas, but 3 were served. Told the boss about it, & he said that the orders are directly sent to the kitchen. Don’t know what kind of a non-response that was, but I couldn’t be bothered to remind him that WE weren’t the ones who keyed in the order. We offered to, but he told us not to, several times.

- The tissue prata that we were looking forward to never arrived. Several other tables that ordered later than us got theirs first. We eventually cancelled it because we were unimpressed by the other dishes we had already consumed.

Extremely sub-par experience here. So many odd things that happened, & food didn’t match up to the 4.3 stars shown on google maps.

Appreciate the effort of the boss (I assumed that’s who he is) to serve us & take us through the menu, but ultimately the quality of food & experience fell flat.

(1) We had already keyed in our entire order using our phone/QR code, but was asked not to submit it (after many bewildering rounds of clarifications). Instead, we told to pass our phone to the server for him to refer to, & manually take down our order to submit to the kitchen. Very inefficient & strange, especially since we had already done all the keying in work.

(2) The Chicken Masala was heavily pushed to us; apparently tourists from China especially enjoy it. It was at best just okay (with the context that in our home country, we have this cuisine readily available).

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Day & Night (ABV. 6%)
Sake, Peach, Yuzu, Lemon (U.P. RM26)

Haiboru (ABV. 19%)
Whisky, Sage, Oolong, Earl Grey, Honey, Ginger Ale (U.P. RM30)

2 Cocktails 》RM40 (Happy Hour / 5 - 8pm)

Kat Chai Fizz (ABV. 9%)
Volka, Calamansi, Keffir Lime, Salted Plum (U.P. RM27)

Lychee Lust (ABV. 14%)
White Wine, Tequila, Lychee, Dill, Lime (U.P. RM28)

2 Cocktails 》RM40 (Happy Hour / 5 - 8pm)

📍 TAP TAP - Cocktails on Tap

Cheese stuffed croquettes topped with poached eggs glazed in TRH's hollandaise sauce. Served with mesclun salad, grilled zucchini with balsamic reduction dressing 》RM21.80

A full satisfying breakfast of buttered sourdough toast, souffle omelette, beef bacon, chicken bratwurst, sautéed mushroom, avocado, hash brown & mesclun salad 》RM36. 80

Cappuccino 》RM13 (Sugar Daddy)
Mocha 》RM15 (Sugar Daddy) + RM4 Oat Milk

\\ Brew & Bread

Fried chicken wings coated with southern hot sauce done La Chica style 》RM29

Crisp tortilla chips gratinated with cheese & topped with jalapeños, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo 》RM28