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Operating well before 2017, this well-loved stall is known for their generous portions and wallet-friendly prices.
Offering a colourful and appealing rendition, their dessert has soft tender juicy springy textures and bright fruity floral zesty sour honeyed earthy sweet flavours. Nicely filling, great for sharing.
Honey Sea Coconut And Nata De Coco
Keng Huat Cold & Hot Dessert
@ Eunos Crescent Market And Food Centre, 4A Eunos Crescent #01-23
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The noodles were not unpleasant despite being yellow, the gravy is mildy sweet but very good, it's incredibly warm and addictive, and it has a strong garlic edge. Pork was well marinated but a little bit tough

One of the best for sure

Back loin ribs seasoned with secret dry rub and mopped with homemade bbq sauce then smoked in-house with a blend of mesquite and hickory wood chips imported from the US.

This restaurant with old-school bar vibes serves really good hickory-smoked pork ribs with sweet-smoky BBQ sauce. The ribs were tender and fall off the bone. My order came with two sides and I chose fries and (real) onion rings to go along with my ribs $33 ½ Slab + $3 Onion Rings

We’ve heard about Tomo Cafe for quite some time and finally dropped by their outlet at Joo Chiat to check it out! We came after lunch so we just got some drinks and a dessert to share:

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This featured honeycomb in milk with an espresso shot that was aromatic and on point. The drink was really aesthetic but it was a little too much honeycomb for us. It had a tendency to stick to your teeth too. Nevertheless, we loved how changing to oat milk does not require a top up!

A substantial cup of houjicha goma latte, you’d be hit by strong umami notes which tasted almost like seaweed but in a good way. The goma cream was nutty and delicious, while houjicha flavours were decently rich and not too thin. This was a good and safe choice!

We were initially quite surprised by the size of this dessert. There was a thin layer of pannacotta, topped with cinnamon crumble, generous honeycomb, and vanilla ice cream. The pannacotta was creamy and fragrant, went well with the texture of the cinnamon crumble and the sticky crunchy texture of the honeycomb. The vanilla ice cream was an icy refreshing contrast to the dessert.
Tomo Cafe is very popular, especially on the weekends. They have a dining time limit of 90 minutes too - so don’t forget to make a reservation in advance. We’d be back for their drinks and to try their mains!

Went to VeganBurg last month and had the Mini meal (slider, fries, cranberry juice) and it was $9.90!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! To my surprise, the soy patty was actually quite good, and the fries were crispy😄 It also comes with 2 pieces of broccoli which was very well seasoned! Will definitely be back one day👍🏻

They have amazing suckling pig but this appetiser …. 🤪

Creme Brulee with an Asian twist
Topped with diced cemepdak chunks
The diced cempedak chunks added a nice meatiness textue and flavour to the overall creamy creme brulee

Tried the mint coffee (kohito) and dark choc drink for $7.5 total with burpple. Dark choc was not sweet (good for those who prefer non sweet drinks), but did not taste very chocolatey to me too? Mint coffee was rly bad imo, sour coffee + toothpaste.

What put me off the most was the service. The ordering place has 2 windows, one connected to the road outside and one connected to indoor seats. When my buzzer rang, i tried collecting from the window connected to the indoor seats since that made the most sense? But the staff told me I hav to exit the cafe to go outside to collect. When they could have literally grab my drink, turn their body n pass to me. The booth they were in was rly tiny btw. And when leaving the place i thot i was alr kind to clear my own cups, i placed them at the window connected to indoor again cos there were no dustbins. The staff then told me to exit the cafe n throw in the green bin outside. Uhh ok. Then can someone tell me whats the window connected to the indoor cafe for?

Quite big portion of fish and chips. I also tried the cake, recommended to check this cafe out!