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Prawns were very good. Pasta had a pretty decent texture. But bottarga sucked. Bitter with terrible flavour, I couldn't bring myself to even finish half of it

Not to mention they charge the same as a CBD pasta wth


Also I saw the pizzas, the dough looks limp so definitely no reason to visit

Established in 1955, this brand has a legitimate claim to the Katong Laksa name, as owner George Ng adheres closely to his father's recipe, passed down from the legendary laksa originator, Janggut.
Their fiery broth is thick and grainy creamy with coconut milk and laksa leaves, yet balanced enough not to be cloying, with savoury milky spice sweet flavour. Their spice paste is still freshly ground by hand.
The smooth thick rice vermicelli noodles carry grainy sweet notes, the crisp bean sprouts carry vegetal sweet flavour, while the springy fish cake carries sweet savoury notes.
Their juicy blood cockles with briny salty mineral flavour are blanched medium rare, continuing to cook in the rich broth as it's served. Pieces of crunchy deshelled halved prawns with sweet savoury flavour complete.
Katong Laksa (George's)
@ 307 Changi Road
More details:

My first time trying George’s laksa, and I understand why they’re distinct from the other competitors with the same name. The broth here was much lighter, less milky, and also less spicy, catering to the people who want a nice balance to their laksa. It is also not as thick nor lemak as elsewhere, but their broth with a thinner consistency was still rich. I did think that they could afford to give more noodles and cockles for paying $5!


From Ipoh Hand Made Pau
Handmade Pau (Steamed Buns with filling) from this neighborhood coffee shop near the train station is delightful.
The Big Meat Pau ($2) boasts a juicy, flavorful filling, while the Char Siu Pau ($1) offers a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.
Both are generously stuffed and freshly steamed, making them an excellent choice for a quick, satisfying snack.

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randomly saw a few posts of this casual heartland waffles shop near Eunos Mrt 🚆 which is near my workplace ✌️ so went down to check out the hype!

looks like an old school bakery with an automated order machine😉 serving classic pandan waffles, some old school packed bakes and neighbourhood style bbt 🧋at affordable prices!

you can mix and match your pandan waffles spread flavors up to 2 and what’s surprisingly is the options available! they have other trendy flavors like durian and goma as well‼️💯

went for their matcha and strawberry milk which adds up to $3 ( quite 🆗 still cheaper than if it was in some cafe or cbd😂) and 💯 for amount of cream spread ✨ i love the strawberry milk! it tastes like the korean cream spread type which is great!

will definitely go back and get them again, not to mention the waffles are fluffy yet crisp on the side too 👍 worth the hype! #notsponsored

Cafe Natsu's finer attention to detail is most evident in their wagyu hamburg don.

Their wagyu hamburg patty was thick, tender and juicy, well-seasoned and grilled to perfection. It is topped with an onsen egg yolk and sits on top of a bed of oroshi or grated daikon radish which lends a fresh subtly sweet contrast to the beefy and rich wagyu patty and creamy luxurious onsen egg yolk.

My favourite part of this dish is the aromatic and perfectly balanced chestnut mushroom rice and crunchy white kimchi which comes paired with the wagyu patty. The rice and kimchi are flavourful on their own but serves to elevate the wagyu patty to the next level. I loved how Cafe Natsu melded all these flavours to create a harmonious and balanced dish.

As mentioned previously, Cafe Natsu is indeed pricey but when viewed in the lens of 'finer' dining, it may well be justified!


Operating well before 2017, this well-loved stall is known for their generous portions and wallet-friendly prices.
Offering a refreshing rendition, their dessert has wobbly aiyu jelly, smooth shaved ice, a splash of lime juice, and juicy fruit cocktail (peach, pear, green grapes, pineapple, cherry, nata de coco), combined for floral fruity zesty tangy sour sweet flavour. Nice.
Ice Jelly Fruit Cocktail
Keng Huat Cold & Hot Dessert
@ Eunos Crescent Market And Food Centre, 4A Eunos Crescent #01-23
More details:

At $26+++, Cafe Natsu's pork katsu Sando is indeed pricier than most sandos which cost below $20+++. The burning question is therefore whether the higher price tag is justified.

I liked how the sando is nicely and neatly layered to maximise the contrast both texture and flavours-wise. The thick, crispy and tender pork katsu is sandwiched between two slices of fluffy bread, crunchy lettuce, diced onions and stripes of green apple. The pork did not taste gamey and I loved how the tartness of the green apple and diced onion brought out the subtle sweetness of the pork.

For those who prefer a 'messy' sandwich, the cafe provides a doubanjiang aioli on the side with gives a strong bold umami filled flavour boost to the sandwich if you like a stronger flavour. I though preferred to use it as a dip for the crispy fries (which we really loved) which came with the sando! To be honest, how do you dip a sandwich into the sauce?!?

I have read several reviews about Cafe Natsu and their prices and I do think it's a matter of perspective. Yes, it's pricey compared to other cafes. However, if you pay attention to how they have tried to elevate dishes like the pork katsu sando with their attention to detail (the immaculate layering of the sandwich to ensure a constant mouth feel and flavour profile and the gorgeous plating) and treat it as a form of 'finer' dining, the price becomes much easier to justify.

That said, if I am asked as to whether I would pay 30% to 50% more for Cafe Natsu's food, my answer is probably no though I would for a special occasion or as a nice treat to myself.

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From VeganBurg
Indulge in this scrumptious burger, featuring a savory grilled soy patty paired with an array of fresh and flavorful ingredients, including creamy avocado, sweet beetroot, crisp lettuce, nutty alfalfa, tangy Aussie onion, and juicy Creole tomato.
All of these delicious components are cleverly sandwiched between two stack of lettuce leaves, making for a truly satisfying and healthy burger experience!

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Cafe Natsu is a Japanese-inspired brunch cafe in the Joo Chiat area. The cafe's interior is an interior designer's dream with beautiful elegant lines and spaces.

Each of the dishes served were beautifully and artistically plated. Their kani croquette was shattering crisp on the outside and rich and creamy on the inside. In particular, we loved the black vinegar butter sauce which served as a dip on the side. It was rich, acidic, luscious and tangy, and paired beautifully with the croquette (and their fries too)!

The prices here though are a little steep... The food is good and the ambience lovely but $16 for a starter is really hard to justify if there isn't an occasion!

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this tasted like mango pomelo sago!!!🥭🥭 so yummy and i swear the oat milk (+$1) made it better. can't taste the coffee though but this kept me UP